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It's STAAL Good

Okay, okay... I know, cheesy title. But it will make sense when you read it*
And yes, it's completely Staal related... And very dirty. WARNING!

Julia sat in her Roman history class, wondering how this professor could possibly know what the ancient Romans had done in their spare time. So what if there were writings stating the different parties and festivals people had attended or hosted. Those could have been made up. And like that many people actually took part in orgies and things of that nature!
"A lot of the threesomes and groups that are here in this book are often a man and his wife, and then his younger brothers. He was, in a sense, helping them into manhood. They would share a deeper bond, be better to one another hopefully."
Julia sat up a little straighter at that comment. Her mind focused on what her professor had just said. Now that brought back some memories of her own. Not too long ago she, and her boyfriend Jordan, had partied a little too hard. It wasn't until the next morning that she had realized how much they drank. And it was also that very morning that she realized she was in bed with two very similar looking men!

6 weeks ago…
"Hey Jules!"
Eric bounded into the room and grabbed her up in a big hug. He was her favorite of Jordan's brothers. Marc and Jarrod were nice, but Eric was by far the funniest and most like her man. He was also the only one who used the nickname Jordan gave her.
It was a little thing, but it made her feel more welcome in the huge family. As he finally set her down, after twirling her around the living room, Jordan walked in.
"Hey bro, you getting frisky with my woman?" They both laughed and hugged as brothers do. Eric turned and looked at her, sizing her up.
"Of course I am. She's smoking! Who wouldn't wanna get frisky with her?"
He followed it up with a blatant wink and Jules laughed at him. But a part of her got a little thrill at the way his eyes had sized her up. She felt like a prime piece of meat, and wasn't all that upset about it.
"So what's on the agenda for this visit Eric?"
She needed to get her mind out of the gutter. Besides, she was happy with Jordan. But it certainly didn't hurt to have more eye candy walking around the house for a few days. Maybe if she was lucky they'd work out together, or she'd pass him in the hallway after he took a shower. There were always...
She glanced up and realized that they were both staring at her! "Sorry, what?" she asked, wondering if either brother knew what had been going through her head just now!
"I said that I was hoping for a test run of the Staal Brothers Drinking Game since we'll be watching Jordy here take on Marc! He told me that you guys have a pretty well stocked cabinet, and I'm sure we can find something to turn into a game! Other than that, I just wanna spend some time relaxing before the second half of the season really kicks in."
"Well, let's get you settled into the guest room and we'll go from there."
She grabbed the smaller of his two bags and started towards the stairs. Jordan stopped her for a quick kiss and then he headed off to the kitchen to figure out dinner. Jules turned to Eric after he'd left and asked him if he had any preferences.
"You on a silver platter would suit me fine darlin'."
She blushed and smacked his arm,
"Aren't you in a playful mood today?"
He just laughed and told her to lead the way to his room so he could take a nap.
After making sure he had everything he needed, Jules turned to go back downstairs. Eric, who had been resting on the edge of the bed, stopped her with his next words.
"I wasn't joking before Jules."
She turned in the doorway to face him, leaning against the frame.
"You're married and I'm happy with Jordan. So, anything that you might have going on in that brain of yours needs to stop because it would never happen."
He stood up and came over to her in three steps.
"You don't think I could make you happy? Who do you think Jordan learned all his moves from?"
With that, he lunged forward, wrapping an arm around her and sealing his lips to hers before she could mutter another word. In shock, Julia did nothing at first. But after the shock wore off she opened her mouth to tell him to stop. He took it as a `go ahead' though and slid his tongue in, tasting her, and the hand not wrapped around her waist came up to cup the side of her face.
It was very similar to kissing Jordan, but with a little more forcefulness. Jules tried to block out the good sensations though, and pushed at Eric's chest. Her hands met hard muscle though, and he pushed her back against the open door, leaving no space between them. He felt her cave in and changed the angle of his mouth when he heard her moan.
He slid his hand down her neck, down her chest, until it came to the hem of her shirt. He pushed it up and she felt his fingers find their way along her skin to her bra. He caressed her breast and Jules gasped against his lips. As he moved his mouth to her neck he moved his fingers to her nipple, giving it a pinch, and she moaned again. Eric brought his mouth back to hers for one more quick, hard kiss and then he released her.
"Is that how Jordan does it too?"
Jules just stared at him as she tried to form a coherent thought after what he'd just done. Yes, she had been thinking about him in a sexual way earlier. But she never thought that he thought about her like that, nor did she ever think he would make a move on her! Before she could answer him though, the man he'd been questioning her about called to her from the foot of the steps.
"Did you find out what he wants for dinner babe?"
Eric's gaze bore into hers and he gave her a predatory smile.
"No, she didn't. But I think that steak sounds good. You wanna eat in or go out?"
Jules finally came to her senses and chirped in about wanting to go out for food. Jordan walked up the stairs and then met them in the hallway.
"Well, why don't we all get changed into something a little classier and we'll head down the street to The Steakhouse. If we get there soon we'll beat the rush."
They all agreed and Jules and Jordan headed into their bedroom, leaving Eric to change in private.
"Will you wear the purple dress tonight babe," Jordan asked as he pulled up his pants.
Oh the purple dress.
She knew how much he loved that one. It was the dress she'd worn the night she'd met him. With thin spaghetti straps and a flowing knee-length bottom, it had been just right to catch his eye. The material had sparkled under the lights of the club and the front gave off a healthy portion of cleavage to make and man look twice. Lord knows what kind of trouble she could stir up tonight with that thing on! She looked over at him from her closet.
"Anything for you dear."
He chuckled and went back to buttoning up his shirt. After finding the dress she grabbed her silver shoes and black undies. As she walked towards the bathroom she grabbed her purple stones ring and the matching necklace. Ten minutes later she emerged from the bathroom looking like she'd been getting ready for a couple of hours. Jordan whistled and she twirled around once, giggling as he grabbed her arm to haul her in for a kiss.
As soon as his lips were on hers though, she pictured Eric as the one kissing her. The lips were different, but it was creepily similar to the doorway kiss from Eric. But this wasn't Eric, this was Jordan. Jordan was the one she was with, Jordan was the one who made her heart do little flips. Eric wasn't like that, he was the one who made it stop completely… and not in the "love" way.
She opened her eyes to make sure she was still in Jordan's arms and she saw Eric in the doorway behind them. He was staring intently at the two of them, and she could see desire in his eyes. She pulled her mouth from Jordan's and motioned for him to turn around and see the audience they had acquired.
"Having some fun there, eh little brother?"
Jordan wrapped his arms around her before looking towards Eric.
"Well, I was until you ruined it."
"Sorry, but I'm getting hungry. Let's head out. You two have plenty of time for that later."
He turned and started down the hall. Jordan and Jules followed suit and about ten minutes later they were at the door to the restaurant.
A couple of hours later they were headed back towards Jordan's and Jules was feeling the effects of her before, during, and after dinner beverage. Normally she didn't have more than two, but her nerves were wound really tight tonight so she'd had a couple more than usually. Five more than normal to be exact. She stumbled up the steps to the door and Jordan handed her to Eric as he fought with the key.
She leaned into him, inhaling his cologne as she stayed pressed against him. He smelled so good tonight. Her hand came up to his face and she turned him towards her.
"You smell wonderful Eric."
"Thanks Jules."
She smiled and passed out.
He looked towards Jordan, who had stopped turning the key.
"Dude, she's hammered. Don't worry about it. She'd be telling you the same thing if you were the one holding her up."
Jordan just nodded and pushed open the door, letting Eric lift her up and carry her inside.
"Just take her into the bedroom. I'll be up in a second," Jordan stated as he walked into the kitchen.
Eric turned to the staircase and glanced down at the woman in his arms, wondering how much he would have to convince his little brother to share his favorite possession. After climbing the stairs and turning into the room, he laid Jules onto the bed and prepared to walk out. But she grabbed him before he could go.
"Mmmm, don't go baby. Let's play for a while. Eric won't even realize what we're doing."
Oh great, he thought, she thinks I'm Jordan.
"Jules, this is Eric. Open your eyes sweetie." She did, but he could tell things still weren't clicking. Maybe he could use this to his advantage. "Babe, what if Eric walks in on us?"
"Well, we could always ask him to join us. It's not like we haven't talked about that before."
He heard the floor creak and turned to see Jordan in the doorway. The two stared at one another for a moment and then Jordan nodded his head. Eric turned to Jules once more.
"Who am I Jules?"
He wanted her to know who she was talking to, and then to make her mind up.
"You're Eric silly. Who else would you be?"
"That's right, I have a question for you."
"Ok, what?"
She stared up at his face, a little bit of the fuzziness clearing up. She saw Jordan behind him and noticed the look in his eyes. Eric brought her attention back to him.
"Jules, do you find me attractive?"
She glanced at Jordan again who nodded slightly.
"Yes, I do."
"And you've talked about having me join in with you and Jordan, right?"
She nodded her head this time, and he could tell that she afraid that her voice would betray her. Eric turned to the doorway.
"Well, it looks like we're both going to have some fun tonight little brother."
Jordan just smiled and pulled his shirt from his pants, starting to unbutton it. Jules sat up a little straighter on the bed and stared as Eric lifted himself to stand by Jordan and started to undress as well. They both had their shirts off when he turned to her.
"Umm, you're a little over dressed Jules. I thought we were gonna play together."
Her brain finally kicked in and she chucked her shoes off into the corner and knelt on the bed, grabbing the hem of her dress and lifting it up, pull it over her head and tossing it towards her shoes. Eric paused at the button of his pants and looked from Jules to Jordan.
"Damn, you know how to pick `em Jord!"
Jordan just smiled and continued to strip, watching as his girlfriend got more comfortable on the bed. They really had talked about this before, when he'd asked her if she thought of any of his brothers in a sexual way. When he finally drew it out of her, he'd obsessed for days on how to make it happen for her.
Now here he was, getting ready to fuck her with his brother. He could tell that Jules was excited, and knew that Eric was read y to do this too. They had both dropped down to their briefs and both faced her as they pulled them down, revealing two very hard cocks that were ready to penetrate any hole she'd open for them.
Jules, now naked on the bed, motioned for them to join her. They both leaned onto the mattress and she felt it dip as they crawled toward her.
The look on her face seemed to say 'which one will be first' and Jordan smirked. They seemed to have that figured out already because Eric grabbed her head and pulled her toward him, angling her face down to his crotch. As her mouth made contact with his dick he moaned and thrust up gently.
He watched as she grabbed him and stuck her tongue out, licking up his shaft and back down. He let out another small moan and she smiled. Then she wrapped her hand around him and started stroking as she licked the head of his dick like a lollipop. He knew what that felt like, so he knew why Eric was speechless.
Jordan meanwhile had slid in behind her and licked his hand. He ran it over his cock a couple times and then lined it up with her pussy. He waited until she'd grabbed a breath and then he watched as Eric pulled her mouth down on him again. As he saw his cock disappear between her lips, he gripped her hips and slammed on home. She squealed and he watched Eric's face reach pure heaven.
His grip held tight to her hips as he slid in and out of her pussy. She was drenched because of the thought of having both of them and he wanted to make it come true for her. He could hear her muffled moan as he reached the deepest parts of her pussy and Eric groaned in response to the tongue bath she was giving him.
"Baby, show Eric that little thing that I love."
He heard her giggle and stayed still inside of her as she batted her eyes up at his brother. Eric had a fistful of her hair and his eyes went wide as she licked her lips and opened her mouth, swallowing him from tip to root. There was a muttered curse and Jordan reached around to toy with her clit, bringing another squeal from her throat.
"Fucking hell," Eric groaned again and ran both of his hands into Jules' hair before holding her in place. He felt her body buck as she choked with her mouth full and he resumed fucking her. He tapped a furious cadence on her pleasure button and bit his lip while he concentrated on not filling her with jizz as she tightened around him, her muscles rippling as she came.
Gasping at the feeling of being squeezed like that, Jordan bucked his hips and listened to the sweet smack of his hips against her ass as she moaned at Eric's treatment. He could feel himself getting close to the point of no return and brought his hand down on her cheek with a resounding smack.
"Time to flip around babygirl," he murmured.
She didn't want to move an inch. Eric was the perfect combination of rough and tender and she wanted to taste him. Wanted to feel each spurt in her mouth. And wanting that, while feeling Jordan ram himself into her… it was almost too much. Almost.
Feeling a second sting from his hand, she relented and let Eric fall from her lips before spinning on her knees. She arched her back, taunting both men with a shake of her ass and flick of her tongue. But as she brought her eyes up to Jordan's, he sent her a little wink. She was about to ask him what he was playing at when she felt two thick sets of fingers on her hips and she was flipped onto her back.
She squeaked in surprise and then moaned as Eric crawled on top of her, pressing her legs far apart and sinking into her slick folds. They both groaned and she tilted her head to see her boyfriend sit against the headboard, fisting his cock as he watched them.
"Come back over here," she moaned. Eric lifted her right leg and pressed farther inside her. He felt three times bigger that way and she forgot about Jordan for a moment as she brought both hands up to her current lover's shoulders and dug her nails in hard as he started to fuck her faster.
Dear sweet baby Jesus… no wonder Jordan is so talented in bed. It has to be a family trait.
If she hadn't been holding her breath as sparks of pleasure spread throughout her lower belly she would've said that out loud. As it was, she didn't think words would come out properly if she tried to talk. Instead, she just cried out as Eric started diddling her sensitive clit and making her buck up against him.
"Yes, yes, oh my god, yes!"
Stars burst across the ceiling, angels were singing on top of clouds above the bed and she stared straight into Jordan's eyes as her world ended in one of the hardest orgasms she'd ever had. As she lay useless on the bed in the aftermath of her pleasure she heard Eric groan while he continued to pump into her.
"I can't hold out Jordy, you better be ready over there."
"Grand finale, baby," Jordan crooned in her ear.
She moved to her knees as she watched the brothers stood on the mattress in front of her. Both were furiously stroking their cocks and she found herself running her fingers over her body as she watched them watch her.
Eric was the first to explode. He gave her a breathy warning and she turned her face toward him, her tongue sticking out of her open mouth. He groaned and she watched the first string of semen shoot out and splash against her breasts. He grunted and said her name as the next shot hit her tongue.
Before he was completely finished Jordan grabbed her shoulder and made her face him. He moaned her name as he came all over her face, mixing with what Eric had already done. He dropped down on top of the comforter when he was through, throwing an arm over his eyes as he gulped in air.
A warm washcloth appeared beside her face and she accepted it, wiping away the evidence of what had just happened. She was ready to slide from the mattress when Jordan's arms wrapped around her waist and tugged down. Eric ripped the cloth from her hand, tossed it toward the bathroom and then fell down beside her.
Jordan tucked her into his body and she stretched out contentedly against him. Peeking through one eye she reached out and traced the line of Eric's jaw. He took her hand in his, kissing her knuckles in a romantic manner different from the way he'd just ravished her.
"Wait, wait, wait Professor… are you actually trying to get us to believe that women would willingly sleep with two brothers?!"
Shaking her head to clear the memories, Julia looked around at her surroundings. She squirmed in her seat and felt her phone buzz. Pulling it from her pocket, she tapped the screen and saw a text from Jordan.
Eric's looking forward to our weekend trip to NC. We both have some ideas for those two nights. See you at home babe ;)
Tuning out the debate that was now going on, she quickly typed a response.
You better be naked when I walk through the door. Class made me think of that night, and I need you. Badly.
Ready and waiting.
Deciding she could get the notes from someone later, Jules stood and practically ran out of the room and home to her very willing boyfriend. And they started planning all the fun they would be having next weekend.

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