Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Change in commenting!

Sooo, until recently, I hadn't realized that only registered users could comment! That's not fair to you who don't want to be known*
I just wanted to let you all know that I switched it so ANYONE can comment on the posts!
So, if there's anything you've wanted to write before, and you couldn't, feel free*
Just, please, no really mean stuff! :(

And p.s. I'm trying to work up some more for that Ovechkin story!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Alex the Great...

Can't sleep. Enjoy my slumber-deprived brain.


“Babe, we have no time,” he groaned.

She ignored his protests and dropped to her knees, practically ripping the fly of his pants down. He was hard and pushing against the fabric, so she didn’t believe for a moment that he would stop her. Popping the button as well, she fished her hand in and pulled his hard cock out of his briefs.

“Really, you do not have to… fuuuuccccck…”

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Untitled, a Sidney Crosby one-shot

I don't know what to call this. Other than probably some sort of sin. That will go to hell for. Whenever I die. Which will hopefully not be for a long time!
“What are we doing here,” he whispered as she turned the door knob. She held his hand as she led him inside the building and up the staircase that then opened into the sanctuary of her church. There was no one else around. There were no lights on. It was eerie. Keeping his hand in hers, she walked up the center aisle until they were sitting in the front row.
Sid tried to ask another question, but she placed a finger to his lips and shook her head. The moonlight, or maybe streetlights, made the stained glass bounce off of his white shirt. She loved that shirt. It was soft, stretchy, and very thin. And it had those three buttons at the top. Taking what she wanted, she flung one of her legs over him, settling herself in his lap.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Night at the County Fair

So, a while back I wrote a story that wasn't hockey related... and a bunch of you seemed to enjoy it... Well... I've been trying to work out some epilogues and things, but they aren't agreeing with my brain, so I managed to pull this out as a stress reliever* Hope you like a new installment of Maddie and Johnny!!!
Maddie sat in the grandstands, her hair parted down the center and braided in two strands. She tipped back her cowboy hat and sucked another long drink of her lemon shake. Best thing about the fair. Freshly pressed lemon juice, with sugar water, over ice. Pretty much just lemonade, but they always called it a ‘shake’ and it was refreshing. Especially on a hot day like today.
She propped on leg up, watching the guy at the end of her aisle as he stared at her. And who wouldn’t? She was definitely rockin’ the western wear tonight. Yesterday, for the rodeo, she’d worn the paisley sundress and flats, hair falling freely down her back. But tonight was the truck pull, and she was decked out in her aqua-colored cowboy boots, dark denim shorts and a plaid shirt that complimented her footwear. With a stark white cami underneath, she had snapped the shirt up to her breasts and then let the ladies stand out, encased in the country clothing.
John would love it.