Friday, August 26, 2011

It's STAAL Good

Okay, okay... I know, cheesy title. But it will make sense when you read it*
And yes, it's completely Staal related... And very dirty. WARNING!

Julia sat in her Roman history class, wondering how this professor could possibly know what the ancient Romans had done in their spare time. So what if there were writings stating the different parties and festivals people had attended or hosted. Those could have been made up. And like that many people actually took part in orgies and things of that nature!
"A lot of the threesomes and groups that are here in this book are often a man and his wife, and then his younger brothers. He was, in a sense, helping them into manhood. They would share a deeper bond, be better to one another hopefully."
Julia sat up a little straighter at that comment. Her mind focused on what her professor had just said. Now that brought back some memories of her own. Not too long ago she, and her boyfriend Jordan, had partied a little too hard. It wasn't until the next morning that she had realized how much they drank. And it was also that very morning that she realized she was in bed with two very similar looking men!

Felt Good On My Lips

Here's story 2 out of three that I finished on the train*
There will be a note at the bottom of this!
"Why are we going to this bar though?"
"It's supposed to be a good time."
"All bars are a good time!"
Loui listened to his fellow countrymen. They were bickering back and forth, as the foursome got out of the cab and stood in front of the building. You could hear Spanish music coming through the windows and there were strands of lights that looked like lemons, limes and chili peppers. Staring at the others, he let out a disgruntled snort as he paid the cabbie and turned to enter the bar.

Tasty Treats*

Okay, so while riding on the train to Philly today (Nice 7 hours trip!!) I got through some of the stories that I had started and never finished* This is one of them!
I will be posting the other two after this!!
"Hey Dust! You want the usual?"
Dustin Jeffery, professional hockey player, stood in the entrance to the little `mom & pop' ice cream shop with his hands in his pockets. He nodded his head, unable to even muster a simple monosyllabic word. Deryk, one of his partners in crime, came in the store with a jingle of the bell and ran into him.
"Dude, move forward or I'll just run you over… Hey Jenn! Can I have a scoop of whatever's new this week?"
"It's a good thing you aren't allergic to anything. And that you burn off this stuff with like two laps of fast-skating! I'm still surprised your coach lets you guys come in here."
Deryk kept on talking with her, and Dustin clenched a fist, wishing he could just jump into a conversation like that with her. But every time he came in and saw her, his tongue got all tangled up in his mouth, his palms got sweaty and he was sure that he had the creepiest smile on his face.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Come Back To Bed

***Okay, so yesterday I was talking to a friend about a certain someone. This is what happens to late night conversations and my brain! I hope that the other couple fonts come through this properly!!***
She opened her eyes with a start as she ran through the pictures from the dream through her head. They gave her a great vision for the end of her latest story. And she needed to go write them down before they left her head. Twisting her head, she stared at the sleeping form of the man beside her. He looked so peaceful. Hopefully her movements and the small light from her desk wouldn’t wake him.
Sliding slowly from the bed, she then tip-toed over to her desk while throwing her robe over her naked body. The clock on her nightstand said it was late. Sometimes she hated when ideas struck her in the dark. It always seemed to take forever to wake up.
Just type out the dream Fiona. Then you can crawl back into bed with that delicious piece of man!
Smiling to herself, Fiona booted up the small netbook that she kept separate for writing alone. It loaded quickly and she opened a new document before furiously typing all of the information she could remember from the vivid images of the dream she’d woken from just moments before.
She pulled the sash of the robe up and bit down on it, chewing subconsciously as more and more words began to fill the space. She didn’t hear the sheets rustle as he sat up and leaned against the headboard. She didn’t see him watching her with lusty eyes. And she didn’t see him push the sheet down farther so his rapidly growing length was standing at attention in his lap.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Birthday Present

I had started this after Max went to Philly, but then... life got in the way, writing got put on the back burner, Max made me want to cry... But I promised someone this a while back, so enjoy!!!
“What do you want for your birthday?”
“Max not to be leaving.”
“I have no control over that.”
“You are the captain of this team. You are Sidney Crosby. You are The Next One. You could do anything you wanted.”
“He’s signed a legal contract.”
“Kidnap him and let him live in the basement.”
“Alivia… I know you two were close but…”
“Sid, he’s my best friend.”
“I thought I was your best friend.”
“No, you’re my boyfriend.”
“I can’t be both??”
“I can’t have this conversation with you right now. I’m going to Max’s to help him pack.”
Sid heard the click and sighed as he set his phone down on the table. He knew this would hit her harder than any other person, fan or player. She had met Max the first time he ever came to Pittsburgh. And the friendship they had made him jealous.
She world never admit to it, but he knew that she had slept with his friend before they had gotten together. Max had told him one night. Told him that if he ever hurt her, he’d steal Liv away faster than a Chara slapper.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Crazy For You

I started this a while back, and I needed to get some writing done, so I tried to pick it back up* I hope it doesn't sound too much like crap! LOL
Gabby looked up from her book. It was almost seven o’clock and she had no plans. It was lame to be sitting at home, reading a cheesy romance novel on a Friday night, wasn’t it? Noticing she wasn’t alone like she had been when she got home after work, she turned to her companion.
“Well Max, what are we going to do tonight?”
When she got no response she slid her foot along the couch cushions and used it to nudge the sleeping form at the opposite end. Still no response.
“Hey! Maximus! I’m talking to you!”
Finally, one eye opened and there was a huff of breath before Max stretched and yawned. Then, being the lovable tabby that he was, her furry little friend made his way over and pawed at her leg until she moved her book so he could curl up in her lap.
They stayed relaxing like that until her phone buzzed on the side table. Reaching for it, she swiped her thumb over the screen in a star pattern to unlock it. Then she stared at the new message. It was Nikki. Gabby sighed and tapped the message.
We need to talk.