Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Birthday Present

I had started this after Max went to Philly, but then... life got in the way, writing got put on the back burner, Max made me want to cry... But I promised someone this a while back, so enjoy!!!
“What do you want for your birthday?”
“Max not to be leaving.”
“I have no control over that.”
“You are the captain of this team. You are Sidney Crosby. You are The Next One. You could do anything you wanted.”
“He’s signed a legal contract.”
“Kidnap him and let him live in the basement.”
“Alivia… I know you two were close but…”
“Sid, he’s my best friend.”
“I thought I was your best friend.”
“No, you’re my boyfriend.”
“I can’t be both??”
“I can’t have this conversation with you right now. I’m going to Max’s to help him pack.”
Sid heard the click and sighed as he set his phone down on the table. He knew this would hit her harder than any other person, fan or player. She had met Max the first time he ever came to Pittsburgh. And the friendship they had made him jealous.
She world never admit to it, but he knew that she had slept with his friend before they had gotten together. Max had told him one night. Told him that if he ever hurt her, he’d steal Liv away faster than a Chara slapper.

Ugh… this is not my fault though. Max told me what he was thinking would need to be done. Not the team he’d choose, but that he’d have to leave.
He was lost in thought when his phone went off again and he glanced at the caller id. Max. Sighing, Sid answered the call, waiting to get yelled at.
“What did you do mon ami?”
“Told her I couldn’t make you stay.”
His friend snorted into the phone and spoke rapidly in French to someone, he was guessing it was Liv. A muffled voice said something else and Max sighed.
“I am sorry she is being a pain in the ass.”
“She’s just going to miss you man. More than anyone else in the world… How about I come over there, bring some food, we’ll have dinner and pack and… whatever.”
Max agreed and forty-five minutes later Sid was knocking at the door, food in one hand, wine in the other.
She stared at the two of them sitting at the table. They were both such wonderful men. And both were excellent in bed. She had promised herself she’d never tell Sid about Max though. Sometimes she was sure he knew, positive that he had found out how well she knew his friend. But he’d never pressed the issue, and she hadn’t seen Max, outside of friendship, since Sid had come into the picture.
Watching the two of them now, eating pasta… Max sucked a noodle between his lips. She clenched her thighs together. Shifting her gaze to Sid, she watched as he swallowed and licked some sauce from the corner of his mouth. She practically moaned.
Somehow, without fainting or coming in her chair, she made it through dinner. She was rinsing off the dishes when she felt a solid body move up behind her.
“I want to take you home… right now….”
A spur of the moment thought hit her and she blurted it out to Sid before she had time to think it through.
“I know what I want for my birthday.”
“Name it.”
“You… and him.”
Sid stared at her, his eyes trying to see into her soul. She gulped as he bent down and put his lips to her ear.
“This is a one night offer. No one else hears about it. And you don’t continue to see him that way after.”
“Continue, Sid I’ve nev--”
“Alivia. Don’t lie to me.”
“It never happened once you came into the picture,” she whispered with a shaky breath.
“I know. And as long as we’re together, it won’t happen again. Agreed?”
He stood back to his full height and waited for her response. Was he serious, would he give this to her?
“One night, no strings.”
He nodded his head.
“You want to tell him, or should I?”
“Tell me what?”
They both turned to see Max leaning against the door frame. He arched one eyebrow at them and she looked to Sid. He flicked his eyes toward Max in agreement and she lifted on her tip toes to press a kiss to his cheek.
“Meet us in the bedroom,” she murmured before turning and walking toward Max.
“Sid just agreed to my present,” Liv said as she came to a stop in front of him.
“Alivia, I love you but I can’t jus--”
“My new present,” she stated as she cut him off.
“And what is this new present?”
“To spend the night and have a sleepover… with both of you.”
He tensed, his entire body freezing up. He shot a look in Sid’s direction and watched him nod his head. And then Liv took his hand and led him through the door and up the stairs toward his bedroom. She wasted no time, tearing her shirt over her head and unsnapping her shorts, letting them fall to the floor. His mouth watered at the sight of her in nothing but lingerie, in his room, just like she used to do.
“Just like old times,” he said into her hair as he pulled her against him.
“Except for the other man in your bed.”
“I can share Liv, don’t you worry about that.”
“Yes, but can he?”
Max chuckled and tilted her head up so he could give her a kiss. As his lips slid over hers he flashed back to the many times before when he had done this, never once thinking it would be the last time. Her mouth opened and he slipped his tongue inside, stroking hers, and letting his hands roam over the body he used to know so well.
He didn’t know how long he had her to himself, but he decided he wasn’t going to waste any time. Releasing her lips he quickly shucked his shirt and almost ripped his pants off. He moaned as her fingers wrapped around his dick through his briefs and he returned the favor, pressing against a lace covering her pussy, feeling the damp material slide against her.
She started to moan and he dipped his head for another kiss. Hearing her would undo him. He pulled the material away from her skin and slipped his fingers along her slit, rubbing over the initial wetness and feeling her gasp against his mouth. He spread her with two fingers and held her close as he pushed said fingers inside of her.
“Oh Max,” she whispered and he wrapped his other hand around her waist so she couldn’t escape. He stroked her core, moving quickly, his palm rubbing against her clit with each thrust and he felt her shudder with pleasure as her grip on him flexed.
“Does he know how you like it chere? Does he know how to make you come really quick like this?”
Max buried his face in her neck, his tongue licking along her flesh until he reached her ear. He nipped at her lobe, breathing heavy as he continued to bring her to the brink of insanity. He didn’t notice Sid enter the room, didn’t see him start to strip down.
“Does he fuck you like I used to? Does he give you what you need? What you crave?”
Her hands were at his shoulders, her fingers digging into him. He listened to her little mewling cries as she tried to keep from coming.
“Come on baby, let go for me. Don’t you want to come? I can feel how close you are. Come for me Alivia. Be a good girl and do what I say.”
“Not with your hand,” she moaned low in his ear. He growled and ripped the material away, satisfied with the sound and tossing the ruined panties across the room. Then he shoved his own underwear down and lifted her. Her legs wrapped around him and he slid home with a cry.
He watched, transfixed, as Max moved his hand inside her panties. He could see her shaking slightly, her cheeks pink and a sheen of sweat forming on her forehead. He couldn’t hear them though, didn’t know what they were saying. Then he heard the fabric tear and saw the material fly.
She’s never asked me to do that.
Sid stood there, hands on his fly, as he watched one of his best friends literally cover his girlfriend and bury his entire shaft in her with one thrust. He should have been angry, or sick to his stomach… but as he saw her legs come up around his waist, all Sid could think about were the noises that she was making. The cries coming from her mouth.
“Fuck Max! Yes! Harder!”
Her old lover stroked deep, his hips moving in slow repetition. There was a force behind each thrust though. It felt like he was punishing her every time he dipped inside of her. She let her fingers roam, running them lightly over his shoulders. She felt him tense at the feather light caresses.
“Give it to me baby, gimmie that cock. Make me remember,” she moaned into his neck.
Max thrust deep and held still, just long enough to reach down and grab her legs. With his hands around her calves, he gripped them firmly and spread her legs apart before bending them up, giving himself more access to her heat.
“Make me scream your name Maxime.”
It was a whispered plea, coupled with a nip at his earlobe. He knew that Sid hadn’t heard her, knew that she was saying things to make him lose his mind. But his dick took over control of his thinking and he relished the feel of her snug little hole as it sucked him in again and again. He bit his lip and began moving faster, riding her hard as his bed shook under the weight of his thrusts.
Snaking his hand between their bodies, he ran his thumb clockwise over the bundle of nerves above the area where they were joined and felt her try and squeeze the life out of him with her thighs as she bucks and cried out, his name leaving her lips as she came.
“Ahhh, such a good girl,” he murmured. Then, bringing his head down to her ear, he whispered his next statement. She choked on a sob and her nails dug into his shoulders. He watched her mull over the idea before she blushed a deep red and nodded. He pulled from her snugness with a wet plop and disentangled their lower bodies. Then she stood up on shaky legs and walked over to where Sid was standing, naked, his cock hard in his hand.
I must be crazy, that’s the only explanation for this.
She pulled Sid over to the bed by his dick. Her fingers wrapped tightly over his smooth length and she almost moaned out loud just from feeling him in her hand.
“Sit on the edge of the bed baby.”
He did as she asked and she straddled him, working herself down onto him until she felt every inch stuffed into her pussy. Max was a little thicker, but Sid beat him in length. She felt him touch those places that no other man did and she wrapped her arms around his neck as she began to rock up and down on top of him.
“Did you like watching me Sidney? Did you like having your own personal skin flick laid out in front of you. Show him how you can make me feel, show him how you make me squeal when you’re all the way inside me.”
She worked herself up and down him quickly, her body still on fire from not getting a cool down after Max made her come. Sid’s big hands gripped her waist and he grunted as he started bucking his hips upward to give her more and more friction.
It didn’t take long before she was crying out again, her juices leaking out around his dick as she watched him bite his lip to keep from blowing his load inside of her. She was resting her head on his shoulder and bouncing slowly when she felt Max step behind her. He stroked her back and she arched into Sid, practically purring as she felt him line up at the entrance that he’d only gotten a few times before. Sid gasped.
Sid opened his eyes after fighting off the urge to fill Liv completely and saw Max standing on front of them, moving closer each second. He didn’t stop until he was almost pressed against her ass. Then the Frenchman requested Sid stop moving. Realizing what he planned to do, Sid brought his hands down and spread her ass cheeks. She leaned forward to bury her face in his neck and he felt her nip at his ear.
“Are you okay Sid,” he heard Max ask. He nodded and then felt Alivia tense up.
Max pushed slowly, dripping a dollop of lube somewhere he couldn’t see, obviously onto his cock. Then he heard Liv’s sharp breath and low moan. There was a pressure as her already tight hole got tighter because Max was steadily feeding his cock into her ass.
It was an amazing feeling. Sid didn’t move until he heard Max grunt out the command. Then he started slowly moving in and out of her pussy and Max moved opposite. The exquisite sensation twisting inside his gut made him groan and he brought one hand up, cupping her cheek and forcing her to look at him.
“Do you like this?”
She sobbed out a breath, then another, and nodded. It wasn’t good enough.
“Tell me you like it Alivia.”
“Oh. My. God… Yeeeessss, I fucking like it!”
“Tell us what you want.”
“Harder,” she practically growled. Sid pulled her down hard on his lap and pressed a hard kiss to her lips.
“As you wish baby.”
Max heard the exchange between the two and bit back a groan as Liv’s body was jerked down. Her body quivered on the edge of an epic orgasm and he knew that when it hit he was going to lose it too. Running his hands up her spine and over her arms, he hooked his underneath and pulled her back so she was sitting upright, arms bound and chest pushed out.
“Let’s finish this round sweetheart… then we’ll move on to even better things.”
She threw her head back against his shoulder and a keening wail spilled from her lips. Looking down, he watched as Sid twisted and tugged at her nipples. She bucked and ground down and Max leaned in, biting the flesh between her shoulder and neck to keep from yelling her name. She tensed up and he waited for her to lose control.
It happened seconds later when Sid bravely slid one hand down and toyed with the magic button between her legs. The scream that tore from her mouth was deafening and her fingers clawed for purchase on any of his skin that she could reach. Every muscle grew taut and he felt her squeeze him as she found release.
He mentally praised her and thrust deep once more before unleashing the fury of not having her for the past year and a half. Sid was buried to the hilt as well and Max heard him groan low and long as jet after jet filled her.
When he was sure there was nothing left to give, Max released her arms and gently lay her down on Sid’s spent form. He withdrew slowly and staggered backward to the closest object, the wall, and slid down until he was sitting and trying to regain his breath.
He looked up and watched Sid trace lazy circles over her back. He was whispering something but it couldn’t be heard as far away as he was. Then she let out a breathless giggle and said something that made his blood boil and his worn out body start to react in her favor.
“You know, my birthday isn’t over for a few more hours.”
Groaning and laughing, Sid sat them both up and carried her toward the bathroom. Max was debating whether or not to give her a short break from his presence when she called from the bathroom.
“Come on Maximus. I need your help washing my back… Sid’s too busy with the front right now!”
Max chuckled and managed to get to his feet knowing it was going to be a very exhausting night.

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  1. Looking for new Sid stories, there are so few anymore. I stumbled upon this, woooo hoooo. I missed your writing!! (Although, I could have done with it being Max-less, or seperate stories/guys....just saying)