Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fiction Group Challenge, Part Two: What Happened Next, a Mike Green One Timer

Well, because some of you *COUGH MER COUGH* felt like there was some 'unfinished business' at the ned of my last one timer... This was what I came up with today. Hopefully it doesn't offend ya'll as much as the Ovi one!! ;)
Love you ladies, and I can't wait to get the feedback on this one!!!
Mike sat in the living room of his apartment. He was staring at the photo in his hands. Elle was sitting on his lap, a paper turkey on her head like a hat.
The Caps had gone to a couple schools before Thanksgiving. They were doing a reading program, blah blah blah. But Elle had insisted on going with him. The WAGs never really joined in on things like some other organizations. And he didn’t want her going.
Why? Not because he didn’t want her doing things with him. No, he didn’t want her going because the school that they would be at… it housed the living memory of a drunken one night stand from two months ago.
Crystal had been at the bar he’d gone to the night he and Elle had gotten into that huge fight. She’d told him he could fuck off and walked out of his apartment. So he’d gone out and gotten wasted. Completely wasted. And he’d woken up next to a blonde haired nightmare.
She wasn’t bad looking, but he couldn’t believe that he’d done that. He’d done the one thing he’d told Elle he’d never do. Cheat on her.
It had eaten away at him for days, but in the end… they were on a break that night, right? She’d left him. No worries in the end. Two days after that night, they’d gotten back together, work out their issues. No need to tell her what he did.
And then he’d walked into that school in October for the reading program and ran, literally, into Crystal. Awkward City! But they’d both danced around the issue nicely, considering the rock on her finger that night was still there. Obviously she hadn’t told her parent either.
So what had made him tell Elle, as they were driving back to the house, that the nice lady she’d talked with all morning had slept in their bed two months before??
“FUCK! I was such an idiot!”
“For what you did? Or for how long it took you to tell me?”
Mike’s head shot up and he stared at the woman in the doorway. Her hair was a mess, her clothes rumpled, and there was, if he wasn’t mistaken, bite marks on the one side of her neck.
I’ll fucking kill him.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Smut Challenge for my Fiction Group!! Enjoy ladies*

Smut challenge for my fanfic group, enjoy. And no, I don't harbor any feelings for this guy, but the challenge was to write about someone you never would've chosen... This is my contribution to said challenge.
“For the last time, I don’t want the drink. Give it back to him.” Take a fucking hint asshole.
Shoved the glass away once more, this time with more force, she watched as some of the liquid sloshed over the top and spilled onto her fingers. Turning a glare at the man who couldn’t seem to take no for an answer, she brought her fingers up to her lips, licking them each slowly and savoring the taste of the alcohol.
She watched his eyes the entire time. She knew what she did with those motions. Enjoy the show fucker, that’s the only thing you’ll see going in my mouth tonight. He had sent her four drinks in the past hour. He wasn’t bad looking in the dim light of the bar. Not that she didn’t know what he looked like already anyway.
She knew who he was. A fucking prick, both on and off the ice.
But she was so pissed that her boyfriend had cheated on her, she was willing to sink to his level this once, just to get back at him. She would bet money that this one... he had no idea that she was dating one of his fellow teammates. Arrogant prick.