Thursday, August 11, 2011

Crazy For You

I started this a while back, and I needed to get some writing done, so I tried to pick it back up* I hope it doesn't sound too much like crap! LOL
Gabby looked up from her book. It was almost seven o’clock and she had no plans. It was lame to be sitting at home, reading a cheesy romance novel on a Friday night, wasn’t it? Noticing she wasn’t alone like she had been when she got home after work, she turned to her companion.
“Well Max, what are we going to do tonight?”
When she got no response she slid her foot along the couch cushions and used it to nudge the sleeping form at the opposite end. Still no response.
“Hey! Maximus! I’m talking to you!”
Finally, one eye opened and there was a huff of breath before Max stretched and yawned. Then, being the lovable tabby that he was, her furry little friend made his way over and pawed at her leg until she moved her book so he could curl up in her lap.
They stayed relaxing like that until her phone buzzed on the side table. Reaching for it, she swiped her thumb over the screen in a star pattern to unlock it. Then she stared at the new message. It was Nikki. Gabby sighed and tapped the message.
We need to talk.

Once again, she was being plagued by this woman and her delusions of grandeur.
She debated ignoring it, just pretending like she didn’t receive the message. Maybe she could say that she was in the shower and Max knocked her phone into the cushions, so she never heard it. That probably wouldn’t work. How had it come to this, being her confidant?
Oh yes, that’s right… Two months ago Nikki had decided that she needed something more. And she went after Anthony.
Now, Anthony wasn’t a bad guy. He was smart, talented, sexy as hell… and he made more money than Nikki’s husband Matt. And therein was the main problem. Nikki was married. And she could sit there and express her love for her husband, while she was texting her new lover.
And Gabby was caught in the middle of it.
Because she had been Matt’s friend forever… and she’d caught Nikki and Tony ‘in the middle of it.’
Nikki had said to be at her house at seven. They would go out and have dinner, check out a bar or two. Matt was out of town and so they were going to have a girl’s night out. And when Gabby pulled into the driveway, she’d seen the strange car. But that wasn’t weird. People were always parking out in front of the house. She’d grabbed her purse and knocked on the door.
No answer, door unlocked… she did what she normally did, opened the door and stepped inside. Only this time she didn’t have to holler for Nikki. No, this time she turned to set down her purse and saw her friend bent over the sofa, taking it from behind from a long, tall slice of sexy.
They didn’t talk about it that night.
It had taken three days for her to get over the anger and betrayal at Nikki’s hands. She wanted to march over there and tell Matt everything she’d seen. But Nikki would no doubt lie and make up some ludicrous story about Gabby being jealous. And would Matt even believe her?
So, instead, Gabby had promised not to say anything, it wasn’t her battle to fight… but it was getting more and more ridiculous each day.
And now Nikki was going to add something else to the mix. Probably going to say she was pregnant with Tony’s child or something insane like that. It seemed like every early afternoon she called or texted and had something new to add to her ever-growing web of deceit. Gabby typed a quick message.
What’s up?
The response was simple.
I need to talk about this in person. It’s about… him…
Him as in Matt? Or him as in Anthony?
You wanna come over here? I’ll make some tea.
Be over in fifteen.
And sure enough, fifteen minutes later her doorbell rang. Taking the kettle off the burner, Gabby snatched two cups from the cupboard and placed them on the table, setting the hot teapot out as well on a trivet. She hollered for Nikki to just come on in. She’d just picked up the sugar bowl when she turned.
Standing there in her doorway… it wasn’t Nikki. It was Matt.
He looked like he had been crying ad she instantly wanted to go wrap him in her arms. She hadn’t liked hiding things from him. But it wasn’t her fight. It was theirs. Looked like she was about to be thrown into the web of deceit even more.
Fucking hell… Well, should’ve known he’d show up sooner or later.
“Who. Is. Anthony.”
“Who. Is. Anthony.”
Matt stood there, surprised that he hadn’t collapsed already. His brain felt like it was going to explode. His heart didn’t hurt though. It probably should. But perhaps it was because with one text, Gabrielle had ripped his heart out completely.
When he’d seen the phone laying there… it was no use.
His curiosity and pride got the best of him. He snooped. When he couldn’t find anyone in there that shouldn’t be, he’d done the next best thing. He’d texted their one mutual friend… His best friend. It was low. He knew that. He wasn’t proud of it. But she had confirmed his fears.
He hadn’t been in love with Nikki for awhile now. Sure he loved her… but in love... was he ever in love with her? No matter what, it stung that instead of calling it quits on their failed marriage… like he’d been thinking of doing… she’d gone behind his back, and was having an affair. And Gabby had known about it. And she knew everything. He was sure of it.
“Matt… wh-what are you doing here?”
“Don’t bullshit me Gabs. Who the fuck is Anthony? Is he the lover?”
Please don’t try and defend her. I can handle her betrayal. Don’t do this to me Gabby. Tell me the truth.
He willed her to listen to his words and tell him what he wanted to hear. What he needed to hear. She set down some little bowl and slowly walked over to him. When she was right in front of him, she stopped and laid a hand on his chest. Was she trying to see if his heart was still beating? It wasn’t. It was sitting on the floor in his living room.
“I’m sorry… I’m so sorry Matt…”
“I don’t want your pity.”
“No pity. Come on, just have some tea. I could lace it with whiskey.”
“Can we just do whiskey?”
She nodded and turned, walking back toward the table. He followed and pulled out one of the chairs, took off his coat, and plopped down on the seat. He was staring at the steam rising from the kettle when she turned, holding two highball glasses and a bottle.
“You’re going to drink whiskey,” he asked with a snort. He could never get anything past Nikki’s lips unless it had some fruity name… or smell. “Where are your little wine coolers?”
“Matt… we’ve known each other forever, and before you married Nikki. When have you ever seen me drink fru-fru beverages?”
He smiled and thought back to the first time he’d met Gabby. She had been sitting at a bar in the town where he had been playing minor league hockey. The puck had walked off his stick in the last minute of a 2-1 game and their team had missed the playoffs. By one point.
Gabby had been the one to listen to his drunken sob story. She’d been the one to tell him that everything would be okay.
She’d been the one who had made him breakfast the next morning in his apartment… in just his dress shirt.
It was the only time that they had been together… intimately. But they had become friends and stayed close through the next few years. Through his ups and downs of the minors, marrying Nikki, getting the call up that had placed him here, in Dallas, for the last couple years…
She was the one constant in his life.
He closed his eyes, not able to look at her while he said his piece.
“I need the truth from you Gabs. I don’t want it sugar-coated. I don’t want you to only give me bits and pieces. I want it all. Lay it out on the table. Is Nikki sleeping with someone else?”
She didn’t answer him. Matt opened his eyes and saw hers filled with tears. One slipped down her cheek and he knew what her answer was. He nodded and picked up the whiskey she’d poured. He eyed the glass and then tossed it back in one gulp. Then he put the glass down and tapped it, asking for another.
“Matt, maybe you should wait to drink until I’ve said everyth…”
“Give me another drink Gabrielle.” She filled the glass, higher this time. “Now. Who’s Anthony?”
“Romo? Who the… TONY ROMO?!”
He watched her nod and he muttered a curse before tossing back his new drink.
Matt tapped his glass again, and pointed at hers as well. If I’m getting trashed tonight, I need a drinking buddy. She met him shot for shot until they’d put a decent dent in the bottle and he’d cried a couple times. It wasn’t manly, but he didn’t care. He was hurting right now. He let Gabby lead him to her spare bedroom. Then she turned to go.
“Don’t leave Gabs.”
“Don’t ask me to stay Matt. We would both regret it in the morning.”
He nodded and pressed his lips to her forehead. Then he collapsed on the bed and heard the door shut softly behind him. When he woke up the next morning his head hurt and there was a note on his pillow.
Going grocery shopping and to lunch with my mother. If you want anything specific from your house, send me a text because I’ll be near there. I’m guessing you’re staying with me until you decide what to do. Love you, Gabs
He checked his phone. There was one missed call. When he tapped the screen to bring it up, the word glared at him… WIFE.
“Honey, what’s wrong? You haven’t touched your food… at all. That is not like you. You love that burger!”
Gabby stared from her plate to her mom, and then back again. She did love this burger. And it was cooked to perfection. But she was mulling over what she’d done last night. Or, more to the point, what she hadn’t done. But she had made the right decision, hadn’t she?
“Gabs, talk to me sweetie.”
“It’s Matt.”
“Did you two have a fight? I know that it’s hard to have a male friend, who is married, when you’re single. Nikki hasn’t been giving you or him grief has she?”
“Oh Mom… I don’t even know where to begin.”
“It’s usually best to start at the beginning dear.”
Gabby laughed took a drink of her water. Then, for the next twenty minutes she explained everything she’d wanted to say to Matt, everything she knew, everything she felt. And when she was done, she took another drink while looking at her mother expectantly.
“Well my dear, I think there’s only one thing you can do.”
“Be there for him?”
“Seduce him.”
She couldn’t have heard her right. There was no way her mother had just told her to seduce her best friend, right?
“What did you say?”
“Oh please, you heard me the first time. I said you need to seduce him.”
“It’s obvious you two want to be together.”
“Is not!”
“Gabrielle, you are not twelve. Do not argue like that with me. You know I’m right.”
“I care about him, of course, but he’s just a friend.”
“Yes, and the moon is made of cheese.”
“You’re seeing things that aren’t there,” she grumbled.
“You’re not looking at things that you should be. So he’s married. He’s not happily married. He doesn’t even love her. And she’s cheating on him.”
“So it’s okay for me to sleep with him?! What, just even the score? I don’t… I don’t want to be someone he uses to get over her!”
“Then what do you want?”
“I want to be her!”
Gabby brought her hand up to her mouth. The shock on her face had to be evident. She couldn’t believe she’d just said that. What was she thinking?!
“There, now that wasn’t too difficult, right? It’s okay to admit your feelings. You two are very close. And I think this is a logical ending, or beginning for you.”
“But how do I… what do we… Unless he splits from Nikki, it doesn’t matter.”
“Oh honey, do you honestly think he’s going to stay with her?”
She didn’t know. He was a pretty stand-up guy. Good morals, most of the time… and until last night’s ‘almost incident,’ Gabby had been certain that he wasn’t even capable of infidelity.
“Even so, that doesn’t mean we could make something work.”
“When you brought him over at Thanksgiving, we could tell… your father and I… that it was just a matter of time before the two of you opened your eyes to what’s right in front of you.”
“What about his job?”
“What, hockey? It’s what he loves. Who wouldn’t be proud to call him their son-in-law?”
“Wow, way to put the cart before the horse Mom.”
Her mother laughed and leaned in to pat her cheek.
“Go talk to him.”
“What if he got traded?”
“Well, then you pick up and go with him.”
“I’ve lived here my entire life!”
“If he asked you, and it meant the two of you could be happy… just think about it… and GO TALK TO HIM!”
With a kiss on the cheek, she listened to her mom and headed back to her house to see what Matt had to say about all of these thoughts tumbling in her brain.
Matt stared at the clock on the nightstand. The red numbers glared back at him. It was after lunch. He wondered if Gabby would come right back to the house. He thought about texting her and having her stop by his house like she’s offered. But that was a coward’s way of thinking. He’d made his mind up on his own, and he needed to go through with it himself.
Throwing on his pants, he ran down the stairs and scribbled a quick note on her fridge’s dry erase board.
Stay here. Have to take care of something. We need to talk. –M
It was vague, but it would have to do. He’d spent the entire morning thinking about his life and where he was at now, what he wanted to do. He believed in his marriage vows. His wife didn’t. That didn’t leave them any maneuvering room.
He hopped in his car and drove off toward his house. Dialing his phone, he waited for her to pick up.
“Hey baby, you didn’t come home last night.”
“Yeah… sorry… I didn’t think.”
“I just figured you went out with the guys and forgot to text. Are you on your way home now?”
“Yeah. I’ll be there in like ten minutes.”
“Okay, see you soon. Love you boo.”
“See you soon.”
Matt hit END and felt the bile as it rose up. He couldn’t repeat the declaration of love. Running a hand through his hair, he groaned and finished his drive. A few minutes later he pulled into the driveway of the house that he and Nikki had bought. He opened the door and walked in.
“Nikki, where are you?”
“Upstairs,” came the throaty reply.
He took the stairs two at a time and headed down the hallway to their bedroom. He walked through the door and then stopped dead when he saw his wife lying on the bed in a frilly little number. Any other time he would’ve smiled and jumped in the bed. Not after last night.
“I’ve missed you baby. Why aren’t you naked and in this bed with me?”
Matt stepped over to the mattress and stared down into her eyes. She looked like a woman in love. If only it was him she was in love with. He sat on the edge of the mattress and waited as she crawled over beside him. Her fingers ran over his shoulders and neck.
“Nikki, we need to talk.”
“Mmmm, what about?”
Her fingers stilled and he heard her sharp intake of breath.
“Who’s Tony?”
“Don’t play me Nikki. I don’t like liars. You know that. And you’re cheating on me. I don’t even know how I can be in here with you right now. How long?”
“How long what?”
“How long has it been going on?”
“A… couple of months…”
“And what were you planning on doing now?”
She didn’t answer him for a long time. He finally looked at her. She was biting her lip and staring at the comforter.
“Nikki... What do you want?”
“I... I want a divorce.”
Her eyes bulged out of her head and her mouth opened and closed like a fish flopping out of the water. If it hadn’t been such a serious moment, he probably would’ve laughed.
“You won’t fight me?”
“I won’t fight you, you won’t try to take me to the cleaner’s. I know he makes more than I do, so it’s not like you’ll need it.”
Matt watched as she grabbed her robe off the floor and wrapped it around her. Then she was sitting beside him again.
“How did this happen to us Matty? I thought we were such a good match when this started out.”
“I tried to be a good husband.”
“You were a great husband. Even though we didn’t see one another a lot, you were great. I guess I needed more than that.”
“I’ll grab some essentials for now and get out of here.”
“It’s your house Matt.”
“No, it was ours. But you stay here. I’ll stay at Gabby’s.”
He watched a sad smile cross his wife’s face.
“She’ll make sure you’re okay. If nothing else, that girl loves you, and won’t let this bring you down. Maybe this is what you needed too.”
“What do you mean?”
Nikki just shook her head and patted his knee. While he was packing up a bag to take, he wondered at her words.
Gabby stared out the kitchen window as the rain fell down in hard, heavy sheets. She’d rushed home after lunch and wanted to talk to Matt. To tell him the conclusions she’d come to. To tell him that she was in love with him. And he wasn’t there.
He’s going to go back to her. He’s going to work things out. I should have taken my chance last night.
She picked up the marker and was just about to erase his words when she heard a knock at her back door. She turned and saw Matt standing there, looking through the window in the door, his hair dripping wet and his shirt plastered to his body.
“Oh geez! Hold on Matt!”
Sprinting into the downstairs bathroom, she snatched a towel from the rack and ran back to him. She turned the handle and flung the door open wide. He was drenched… everywhere. She might be in love with him, but she didn’t necessarily want him to drip over all her floors.
“Here, dry your hair, or your face, or… anything! You’re insane! Why didn’t you wait until the rain stopped before you came runn—“
She was caught mid-sentence as Matt took her by the arm and pulled her close, fitting his lips down against hers.
Sparks flew from one part of her brain to another. Her mouth parted in a surprised gasp and he took the opportunity to slip his tongue between her lips. Gabby pressed herself against the wet planes of his chest, her hands trailing up his arms and running through his short, dark hair. His right hand wrapped around her waist and his left hand dipped into her tresses, holding her head still as he plundered her mouth.
I swear, if he makes me melt into a puddle and then tells me he’s not leaving her… I’ll die. Right here. Right now.
“Mmmpgh… Matt, wait,” she said breathlessly as she finally pulled her mouth away from his. “What are we doing?”
“I’m doing what I always should’ve done. I’m going to take you upstairs, undress you and bury myself between your thighs until you forget your own name.”
“Wh… what about… Nikki?”
“She’s probably at the lawyer’s place right now, having divorce papers drawn up.”
“Are you sure that’s what you want?”
“I want… I want you…”
“You want me… what?”
“I want you Gabs. That’s it. It took me a long time to figure it out, and I’m laying myself out here… with no idea about how you feel about me… but it’s always been you. What do you say?”
“You’re getting a divorce from your wife… and you’re telling me you want to be with me. That you’ve always wanted to be with me?”
He looked so unsure of himself. But he looked her in the eye. There was a clarity there, she could see how truthful he was being.
“Can you handle the fact that I’m a writer and I sometimes keep strange hours because I have a deadline, or something just comes to me and I have to write it down immediately?”
“Can you deal with the fact that I’m just a hockey player? That I could get traded or injured and we’d have to pick up and move somewhere new?”
“I’ll go anywhere… as long as I’m with you… I… I love you Matt.”
“I love you Gabrielle. And… now that we’ve gotten that all settled…”
Gabby squealed as he lifted her in his arms. She wrapped her legs around his waist quickly and one arm held onto his shoulder. He groaned at the close proximity of their bodies and then started carrying her, wet clothes and all.
“Matt, you’re going to ruin my carpet!”
“Would you rather me drop you to the floor and fuck you here in the kitchen,” he asked her with a pointed look.
She bit her lip as she debated what he offered. It would be slow, sweet love in her bedroom… but it would be wild, hard sex on her kitchen floor. Making up her mind, Gabby took her free hand and slid it down, between them, running her fingers along the ridge of his jeans.
“I’ll take that as ‘Kitchen is fine Matt.’”
She snorted out a giggle and he spun around, took a couple steps, and placed her on the counter. She released her hold on him but he stayed pressed against her. She could feel him, how snug he was in his pants. She wanted to touch him… all of him. Gabby opened her mouth to tell him this but Matt just leaned in and crushed her lips with a kiss that seared her nerves and fried her brain.
His hands were splayed along both sides of her waist, his fingers digging in slightly as he moved his hips against her. She tore at the hem of his shirt, trying to pull it up and off of his body. He wasn’t being very helpful though. She made a mewling noise as she attempted, once again, to lift the material. When he refused to assist her, Gabby pulled her mouth away from his and nipped his lip.
“Why are you not being compliant?”
“Why am I not… why do you want my shirt off so badly?”
“Because I want to feel your skin. I want to run my fingers over your chest, lick my way down your stomach, see those wonderful muscles that you hide beneath the fabric.”
Whether it was her words, the look in her eyes, or the way she was tracing small circles along his bicep… he finally relented and with a quick pull he was shirtless. She stayed true to her word and started at his neck, moving slowly with her fingers and mouth down the planes of his chest. When she ran her fingers over his belly button she felt his muscles quiver and tense. Her hands were almost to his belt buckle when he stepped back.
“Stop… before you make me embarrass myself. How do you do it? How does just that slight touch drive me to madness?!”
“I believe you asked me one time before,” she said with a smile. Matt chuckled and did the same thing he’d done that last time. He whipped her shirt over her head and undid her bra quickly, pulling the cups away and leaning in to fasten his lips over one of her nipples.
When he heard her gasp and felt her fingers run through his hair, Matt smiled against her skin before biting down and tugging at the distended flesh. Gabby moaned his name and he looked up to see her eyes closed and her head resting against the cupboard.
As he nibbled on first one nipple, and then the other, he slipped her bra off completely and tossed it across the room. Pressing his tongue flat, he licked over the pebbled tips, eliciting another cry of pleasure from Gabby’s lips. He loved how responsive she was at the slight touch of his mouth and tongue.
And if I remember correctly…
Matt thrust his hand into her snug jeans and pushed past her panties, his fingers coming in contact with her slick folds. Moving quickly, he twisted his hand, and pressed one lone digit inside her moist little hole. Pushing just that one finger inside her brought back memories, reminded him of just how tight and sweet her body had been. How he’d rode her over and over, making her scream his name, making her beg for the pleasure to stop.
“Do you remember our night together,” he whispered against the skin of her stomach.
Dropping to his knees, Matt pulled his hand out and quickly, but clumsily, tore her pants off. He heard the scrap of lace or whatever it was rip as he pulled all the material down and off her legs. She was now completely naked, splayed out on her counter. Before she could protest, ask him to let her get down, he dove forward and pried her legs open, bringing his face flush with the sweetest tasting pussy he could remember feasting on.
“You still smell like delicious.”
Matt licked his lips and, with his hands on her thighs, kept her spread open as he started to feast on her snatch. The minute he started, Gabby let go of the counter with one hand and fisted it in his hair, keeping him firmly entrenched between her legs.
“Your tongue is amazing. It feels sooooo good.”
He groaned, not able to form any words. But her talk turned him on, made him painfully hard under his two layers. She kept up with the whimpers and comments and he made her come in moment. Slurping up her juices as the poured forth, he wondered how long before she’d ask him to stop. He was answered later, after she stopped shaking the second time. Her pleas were adorable.
“Oh Matt, you have to stop. It’s too much. Baby, your tongue is driving me crazy! Matt… Please… Oh god…”
Deciding to relent, Matt backed away and stood back up. His knees cracked at the sudden change, but he had to taste her mouth again. As his tongue pushed into her mouth, he felt her hands on his arms, her fingers digging into his muscles. She moaned as she tasted herself and she reached down, pushing, trying to get everything off and have him as naked as she was.
“If you try to push those down again, I may cry out because you’ll break me,” he laughed against her lips.
“Bullshit. You’re hard as steel. I’m surprised you haven’t just ripped out of those jeans!”
Matt chuckled again and hurriedly stripped down, kicking off his shoes, socks, pants… everything. Then he grabbed Gabby, pulled her off the counter, and then laid her out, as gently as possible, on the kitchen floor. He covered her, nestling himself between her legs, and dipped his dick, just the head, into her pussy.
“No teasing. You give it to me Matt, and you give it to me now.”
“I thought you’d want me to make sweet, sweet love to you.”
“I want to feel you so deep inside me that you’re in my stomach. I want to hear your balls slapping against my ass. I want you to hold me down and ride me like a wh—“
He couldn’t stand another word out of her mouth. Bracing himself, Matt bottomed out, burying his entire length into her tight little cunt. They both moaned. Gabby was clawing his back as he started pistoning in and out of her, her fingers dragging down his spine each time he thrust deep.
“Fuck Gabrielle. You’re so tight baby. So sweet. I could stay inside you forever. I’m not going to last as long as I’d like to… not this time. You want it hard?”
“Oh yes, give it to me. Give me all of it. Sweet Jesus… you feel amazing.”
Placing one hand beside her head, he used the other to palm her leg, moving it up and stretching it out over his shoulder. Then, in an almost push-up move, he switched hands, landing the previous hand to her opposite leg, and holding himself up with the second. He maneuvered her other leg up, literally almost bending her in half.
“Ready for the grand finale sweetheart?”
“Fuck me.”
Matt smiled down at her and breathed in and out once before delving deep and thrusting hard. With her legs over his shoulders, she didn’t have much movement. But the angle made him hit every spot she’d never known existed and as his body slammed into hers, Gabby started moaning and crying out. Her fingers clenched into fists and released like a cat that was being pet in all the right places.
He could feel her pussy tighten around him with each initial spasm of orgasm. Her cries grew louder, sharper, her words starting to jumble together. Focusing on making sure she came first, Matt ignored the tingling in his balls and hammered her to the floor repeatedly until her screams reached a fevered pitch and her body coiled up with the need for release.
“Come on baby. Spill that sweet nectar all over my cock and I’ll fill you up like I know we both want.”
With a garbled moan, Gabby slammed her fists on the floor and screamed his name once more. As she tightened around his throbbing member, Matt gripped her hips hard and shoved himself deep once more, letting loose torrent after torrent of liquid inside her.
He cried out as well, may have said her name or something stupid… he didn’t know, couldn’t hear over the roar of completion. But when he was finally done spasming inside her, he let Gabby’s legs down slowly. She just stayed there, spread out obscenely as he fought to hold himself up, not wanting to collapse on top of her with dead weight.
His arm strength finally gave out though and his body pressed hers into the floor. Staying inside her, Matt folded her into his embrace and rolled sideways some, attempting to take some of his weight off of her.
“I love you Gabrielle Foster.”
“I love you Matthew Niskanen.”
“We should get off your floor.”
“I cannot move… at all… besides, I just cleaned my floors yesterday morning!”
“You’re crazy.”
“Yeah… I am… Crazy for you.”

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