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Tasty Treats*

Okay, so while riding on the train to Philly today (Nice 7 hours trip!!) I got through some of the stories that I had started and never finished* This is one of them!
I will be posting the other two after this!!
"Hey Dust! You want the usual?"
Dustin Jeffery, professional hockey player, stood in the entrance to the little `mom & pop' ice cream shop with his hands in his pockets. He nodded his head, unable to even muster a simple monosyllabic word. Deryk, one of his partners in crime, came in the store with a jingle of the bell and ran into him.
"Dude, move forward or I'll just run you over… Hey Jenn! Can I have a scoop of whatever's new this week?"
"It's a good thing you aren't allergic to anything. And that you burn off this stuff with like two laps of fast-skating! I'm still surprised your coach lets you guys come in here."
Deryk kept on talking with her, and Dustin clenched a fist, wishing he could just jump into a conversation like that with her. But every time he came in and saw her, his tongue got all tangled up in his mouth, his palms got sweaty and he was sure that he had the creepiest smile on his face.

She was just so darn cute though. A bubbly personality wrapped up in a pint-sized, curvy body. With a red pair of glasses that would've looked stupid on anyone else and a mass of shiny brunette curls that never seemed to want to stay in place. Each week, he'd come in and she'd tuck it behind her hair time and time again.
And she was always dressed in something bright and cheery. Today for instance, she was just wearing a Wilkes-Barre tee. But the apron she wore was a mixture of stripes and polka dots, in vibrant shades of color. It just made her smile seem brighter.
As she turned to grab the scooper his eyes widened as he noticed the name on her shirzee. His name. She bought my shirzee. He was so ecstatic that he didn't notice she'd turned around until Deryk elbowed him in the ribs.
"Jenna was talking to you."
"Oh, sorry," he said as he blushed. Damn, she's going to think I'm an idiot. "What did you say," he asked, his gaze settling on Jenna's face which was alight with laughter.
"I said thanks for the shirzee. Deryk brought it by yesterday. Said you couldn't stop by but that you'd be in today. So I thought you'd like the support. How's the season going so far?"
"Ummm… it, it hasn't been too bad. Mostly wins and a f-few losses…"
"Awesome! Hopefully I'll get to make it to a couple games this year! Possibly for my birthday."
"Oh yeah… well, when is your birthday?"
"The first of November. They said you have a game that day. So we'll see."
"Is-is it a really special occasion?"
"Oh yes, the big 2-1!"
She started giggling again, tucking that loose strand of hair behind her ear once more and Dustin itched to twirl the tresses in his fingers. He looked around, noticing that he and D were the only two customers in the store now, and Deryk was sitting at a table, his cookies `n' cream in a waffle cone.
"So… you don't already have plans?"
"Nope. It would probably just be me and two of my friends anyway. No need to worry about reservations or anything that way."
Jenna handed him his bowl of ice cream and sent him over to the table. He watched her dig a scoop of sherbet out of the freezer before lifting the counter to come join them.
"Ask her out for her birthday," D whispered to him. That would be perfect. They did have a game that day, but then a few days off.
"We could throw a party after the game," he whispered back, watching his buddy smile at the thought of a party. They both shoved a spoonful of ice cream in their mouths at Jenna sat down at the table.
"Are you two plotting something," she asked and they both shook their head quickly. She laughed but he could tell that she didn't believe them. Dustin swallowed the glob of chocolate peanut butter puddles and gathered all the courage he could find within himself.
"What if… what if you and those friends did come to the game? And then went out with us afterward?"
"That would be awesome! Shelia and Dana are huge hockey fans too! They're the reason I learned about the sport. Before hockey, I only watched baseball!"
"So you're a big fan of it now too?"
"Well… I understand most of it. There are a couple things that keep confusing me… I think if I had a teacher, that would do it!"
Jenna held her breath as she waited for his response. She was 95% sure he was just going to offer to buy her a book or have Deryk give her a few pointers. Dustin was so cute, but maybe he'd been hit in the head one too many times. She didn't know what else she could do to try and get his attention.
Maybe the signals he kept throwing her way were being misread. Perhaps he just liked talking to her, and ice cream. Then D had shown up with the shirt yesterday, claiming it was from Dustin himself. But the look on his face when she'd said thanks had said it all.
"I could go over it with you… if you wanted to I mean…"
Peering up at Dustin through her glasses, Jenn held back the sigh and smile that were threatening to bloom. Calm, try and keep calm.
"That would be great! Do you have anything special planned for… I don't know… tonight?"
Crossing her fingers of her right hand, hidden under the table, she prayed that he wasn't busy.
"Th-that would be fine. We have an afternoon practice tomorrow so we don't have to be up quite as early."
"D and I, we live together. So if you came over then…"
"Oh! Well, would that be okay with you," she asked as she turned to Deryk. He popped a spoonful of ice cream in his mouth and pretended to think about it. After he swallowed he gave her a 100-watt smile.
"Actually, I won't be there tonight… I made plans with… Thiess… and we're going… to see a movie and hang out… so I wouldn't even be there. No bother at all on my end. One condition."
"Can you bring a pint of this with you?"
Jenna laughed and nodded enthusiastically. She promised Dustin some of his favorite, and mentally reminded herself to gather everything before she closed down for the night. Living only a few blocks from the shop, the guys had given her directions to their apartment complex… her apartment complex. She still couldn't believe that they lived in the same place and she'd never seen them over the past fourteen months.
After the guys left she had messaged Dana to make sure her dad wouldn't mind if she took a couple pints home. Jenn told her why and to tell him to take it out of her pay if he wanted. The message she got back had her laughing as she wiped down the milkshake machine.
Dad says that if you can keep those guys coming in on a weekly basis, maybe add a couple more, then you can have all the ice cream you want! They've been great for business!
Jenn smiled and placed her phone on the counter before turning up the radio. Joe Nichols was singing through the speakers and she found herself humming along as she started the nightly clean-up. By the end of the song she was belting out the chorus with him and she turned to see Dustin in the doorway, staring her down.
"Oh god, how long have you been standing there?!"
"You have a nice voice." Dustin watched as she blushed and tucked that curl behind her ear again. "Why do you do that," he nearly groaned.
"Do what?"
"Why do you tuck that curl back behind your ear? It never wants to stay. You should just leave it. I… I like it when it frames your face."
He stopped talking, not believing that he'd gotten all of that out of his mouth without turning and running from the shop. He watched Jenna as she looked him up and down. He'd gone home and changed to clean when he realized he'd forgotten his wallet by the cash register. So, there he stood, in an Under Armor shirt and basketball shorts.
"Did you need something else?" Her voice reminded him of the warm, melted chocolate she used to pile over ice cream for sundaes. He wondered if it had to be hot, or if it was just creamy no matter what. That would have potential if…
"What? Oh… yeah, I forgot my wallet. You didn't let me pay and I had it on the counter." He walked over and snatched it up, slipping it in the pocket of his shorts. He was just standing there, his eyes taking in her flushed cheeks, still red from being caught singing. He wanted to kiss her. Right now. I bet she still tastes like rainbow sherbet.
"Dustin… what are you staring at? Do I have something on my face?"
"No! You, you just look…"
"What… I just look…"
"You're beautiful."
She smiled shyly and tucked that damn hair behind her ear. Then she looked up at him, her eyes bright with emotion as she lifted the counter and came to a stop in front of him. Placing a hand on his rapidly beating heart, Dustin stood completely still as Jenna stood on her tip toes and gave him a quick kiss.
"Thank you," she whispered against his lips as she dropped back down on her feet. "Now get out of here and let me finish up. I'll be done in like fifteen minutes and then I'll be over, okay?"
"I… I could just wait for you. Then you don't have to walk by yourself. If you want..."
He let his voice trail off as he glanced out the window. He hadn't been able to tell what she tasted like, but he was certain that, had they done more than that quick peck, she'd be fruity and delicious.
"That'd be nice. You better let D know, or he's not going to `clean' anything else."
He laughed and nodded his head, whipping his phone out and calling his roommate as Jenna slid back behind the counter and finished wiping down the glass over the different flavors of the week. She was doing the last of the dishes when she turned and threw a towel at him.
"Go make yourself useful and wipe down those couple tables for me. I just have to empty the sinks and get us that ice cream and we can lock up."
I kissed him. Why did I kiss him? Jenn listened, hearing him shuffle around the room as he ran the towel over the sleek surfaces. They're sturdy. Smooth. Perfect if you wanted to…
"Ow! Sonifabi…"
"What's wrong," Dustin asked as he came over to the counter. She was still facing away from him, but she could tell from his voice that he had a concerned look on his face. As she lifted her hand to take a look though, she could see the blood running down her finger. Two drops into the water and she felt a little lightheaded. "Jenn? Jenna?"
"Fi-first aid kit, hanging on the wall in the back. Could you please…"
She turned and before she even asked him to come behind the counter he'd jumped over it and was grabbing the kit off the back wall. He had it open, on the prep table, and had his hand out. He clearly wanted to see how bad it was, but she couldn't seem to move.
"Babe, I need to see your hand or I can't bandage you up," Dustin said in a quiet voice. Jenna placed her hand in his and stifled the gasp on her lips. For a big, tough hockey player his hands were surprisingly gentle. He ran his fingers over her palm, his touch soothing over her wound as he got her to unclench her fist. "This doesn't look too bad, no need for stitches or anything. Where's your band-aids and stuff?"
He turned and grabbed an alcohol square, some ointment, a band-aid and a little gauze. Her mind was still reeling from the fact that he called her `babe' and she didn't notice him open the little packet. She just felt the cool burn of the alcohol pad.
"This may sting," Dustin announced after the fact and proceeded to gently scrub the area around the wound, making sure to clean it as best as he could. He held her hand close to his face and, using a clean towel, he dabbed it over the split skin to try and dry it before he bandaged her up. When the rough edge of the towel ran over her palm she hissed and sucked in a breath, barely managing not to rip her hand away from him. "Sorry," he murmured.
"It's ok."
Grabbing the tube he twisted off the cap and put a squirt directly on the cut. Then he rubbed it gently to make sure it covered the whole area. She watched him wipe his hands on the towel and reach for the bandages. After peeling the covers off and placing them over the wound, he took the gauze and wrapped it around the palm of her hand a few times. She opened her eyes and found him looking up at her, expectantly.
"Oh, ummm… there's bound to be medical tape in there if you want. I probably would've been fine with just the band-aid," she said with a small smile.
He nodded and leaned back to rifle through the box of band-aids and things. She stifled a laugh as he taped her up like an injured player, using enough tape for a wound that's like three times the size of hers.
"There we go. Good as new."
"Thank you," she murmured and finally took her hand away. Using her good hand to pull the drains on the sinks, Jenna finishes up her cleaning. Crap, I need to rewash that stupid knife but I can't use my right hand. "Ummm, do you think you could wash that knife for me? I'll scoop out our ice cream and give you that too. Please?"
He nodded and turned to the sink, putting the now clean utensils on the drying rack. She'd just about finished with the three flavors when she felt him looking her.
"Stop staring at my ass your perv," Jenna said with a smile. She heard the strangled groan and chuckle that followed. Still smiling, she placed the lid on her ice cream and spun around, handing him the scoop. He cleaned it with the small amount of soapy water left on the wash rag before rinsing it and placing it with everything else.
Jenna flipped the breaker bar in the back, knocking out all of the lights but the very front two. Slipping off her apron and throwing her jacket over her arm, she headed back out to the main room. Dustin had shoved their ice cream in a bag around his wrist and he was holding up the counter. As she passed by she runs a hand over his stomach, feeling his muscles quiver as he growled.
"Take me home?"
She asked him that as they walked through the door. She flipped the final light switch and used her key to lock up.
"Screw that. I'm taking you to bed!"
The words were there in his head, and he just blurted them out. Right in front of her. Oh, fuck my life. She's going to slap me. Dustin opened his eyes to find her staring at him. Then a very predatory smile broke out on her face.
"We better put that away first," she says as she pointed at the bag of frozen goodness. "If we don't, D is going to get pretty mad. He seemed to really like this week's special."
He watched her turn and started to walk toward the apartment complex. She didn't smack him. She didn't yell at him. She smiled and pretty much agreed to wind up in his bed. Dustin was trying to process all of this when she turned around and hollered at him.
"C'mon slowpoke! You're gonna melt all that if you don't get your butt in gear!"
Dustin laughed and jogged to catch up with her. He stood on her left and switched the bag to his left so he could slip his fingers between hers. They made the trek fairly quickly, pretty much speed walking their way to the complex. He called Deryk as the two made their way up to the front door. It opened and his roommate stood there, a stupid smile on his face.
"It's about time guys! Jesus, I was seriously craving more of tha--"
Dustin chucked the bag of ice cream at him and dragged Jenn through the door, pulling her toward his bedroom. He could hear D asking what was going on and Jenna was giggling as he detoured through the living room and tugged her up the stairs. Leaving no room for discussion on whether or not she was serious, he turned into his room and shut the door behind her.
He heard her start to ask something but he just growled and pulled her against him, covering her mouth with his. Her arms wrapped around his neck and her hips twisted against his as one of his hands slid around her waist and along her spine, keeping her tight against him.
Not wasting any time, Dustin's fingers moved effortlessly over the material of her shirt, tugging the ends up until he had to pull his lips from hers to whip the material over her head. Jenna did the same for him, her fingers running over his muscles after his shirt flew through the air. He licked his lips, tasting the hint of sherbet from her mouth and he wanted another taste.
Jenna obviously had other plans though. As he started to pull her into his arms again she shoved him against the door with a thud before dropping down to her knees, her tongue tracing a path down his chest until her lips rested at the waist band of his shorts. She pressed a quick kiss to his skin beneath his belly button and before the gasp had fully left his body she had his shorts down around his ankles and a hand wrapped around his cock.
"Fucking hell," Dustin hissed through his teeth as he felt, for the first time, those hands he'd been dreaming about for the past six months. Jenna was looking up at him through thick lashes, her eyes glowing in the streetlights through his windows. He didn't know how she liked to do this, didn't know if she liked when a guy took control or not.
Not knowing had him clenching both fists at his sides, wanting to twirl her hair in his hands, cup her cheek, anything. Her fingers were stroking over him, tugging until he felt like he could scream in frustration. Then she licked him and he jerked in her hands, a groan flowing forth as he listened to her breathy chuckle.
I want to drive him crazy. I want him to lose it.
As the thoughts flew through her mind, Jenna sucked him into her mouth. She slid her tongue along the underside of his cock, feeling the smooth skin pass her lips as she tilted her head. He slipped deeper and she gagged slightly before swallowing, hearing him moan her name as she took all of him between her lips.
She heard his fingers scrape against the door as he fought to keep from sliding down onto the floor. Setting a languid pace, Jenna applied more suction as she moved her lips up and down his length. Moving a little faster, she placed her hands on his hips, tracing the indents that led straight to the spot where her mouth was having so much fun..
A tentative hand came up, pulling the hair tie off and winding through the unruly tresses. He tugged gently and she moaned around his cock, hoping he would take it as permission to do it again and not as a sign of displeasure. He did it again, this time pulling her mouth off of him completely. She looked up at him curiously, wondering why he was stopping something that they both seemed to be enjoying.
"On your hands and knees," was all he said and she smiled as she turned around, pushing her ass out as she bent over and peeled her jeans and panties down. Then she kicked them away and made a show of dropping down onto her knees, look at him with a `come hither' look.
Jenna watched him sink down to her level as he ripped open a tiny foil package that he then threw to the floor. She heard him rolling it down of his cock and then she felt the slippery tip rub against her thigh before he poised himself for entrance into her honey pot. She let her eyes flicker closed and her fingers tried to grip the carpet.
"Do you want this? Let me hear you beg baby."
"Oh God Dustin, I want you to fuck me so bad. I want to feel you deep inside me. Give me what I want, please!"
One of hands flexed on her hip and she could picture the massive hand print that would be there in the morning. Just more proof to reme… All thoughts fled from her head as she felt him start to slide indie her.
"Yes, that's what I want baby."
It came out as more of a whimper than anything else, and she tried once again, in vain, to grab at the carpet. He pushed farther until she could feel his body pressed against hers. Jenna moaned and adjusted herself, dropping her upper body to get an even better angle. Dustin swore.
"Fucking perfect," he hissed. Dustin was positive that his cock was never going to leave the snug little hole it was currently residing in. She was almost painfully tight, yet he could tell how wet she had been, how ready for him she was.
Then she shifted and he saw spots of white. Taking a primal instinct, he pulled back and thrust hard into her again. She cried out and he paused to make sure she was alright.
"I will die if you don't do that again," she told him between clenched teeth.
Taking the initiative, seeing as how he really didn't want her dead right now, he placed both hands on her hips moved again. He started steady, severe pace that had her screaming in no time. She rocked her ass back against him, cried out for more. He was only too happy to oblige.
Jenna was gasping and moaning and he pounded into her, wanting to feel her come around him before he got off. But her noises were making it difficult for him to see anything past the red haze of complete and utter lust. Her next words made him painfully hard.
"God, I'm so close. Make me come Dustin."
Not one to let a lady down, he let loose his grip on one of her hips and let his hand weave down between the dark curls between her legs and rubbed over her clit. She let out a loud, keening cry that started out as his name and ended in gibberish.
He felt her body shake and he bit his lip to keep from moaning as her pussy clamped down on him. He thrust into her twice more before his eyes rolled back in his head and he grunted as he came. When he opened his eyes she was panting, her back arched as she rested her head on her hands. He jerkily pulled out and dropped down beside her.
Jenna cracked open on eye and dragged herself over to sprawl half on top of him. He scrubbed a hand over his face and let out a gasp as she traced one of his nipples with her finger, lazily drawing circles around it. Letting out a groan he brought a hand up to her chin, tilting her head toward his.
"I'm only human, sweetheart," he told her gruffly.
"Are you sure? That was a very… thorough… fucking."
His eyes widened, hearing her language and seeing the impish grin on her face. He was about to tell her just how her words could persuade him when there was a loud knock at his door.
"Dude! I'm glad you've finally grown a pair and all… But could you warn me next time? And not steal my fucking room!!"
Jenna looked up at Dustin in confusion. His room? What was Deryk talking about? She quirked an eyebrow at him. Dustin looked around and a look of shock crossed his face before he relaxed into an amused smile.
"Good thing we didn't make it to the bed I suppose," he said with a wry grin.
"Tell that to my knees," she retorted.
"Oh thank god you didn't fuck in my bed! I'll get you a couple ice packs Jenn! Come downstairs!"
Staring at Dustin with surprise, she started laughing as she listened to Deryk's footsteps fade. He snorted and made his way to his feet, holding out a hand to help her up. Then he went and rummaged through a dresser before throwing a pair of shorts her way.
"Should I really wear his shorts?!"
"Those are mine. Promise. Besides, you'll only need them long enough for me to fix you up. Then it'll be back to my bed, where I plan to keep you naked until morning!"
"Now that's a promise I expect you to keep Sir!"

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