Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Massage

Okay ladies... this is a little different from what I normally post. I hope that you will enjoy it. It's been consuming my flippin' brain ever since a conversation between Mere and myself! I don't even remember what started it, but once the idea was there, I couldn't get it out of my head!! So, this is the other reason there's been no new update of A Lucky Shot... I'm sorry! But I'm hoping you'll like this, and I promise that I'm writing ALS!!!!
She stood in the doorway to the suite. Should she just follow him in? Should she leave before he got the wrong idea? Fuck that. She knew what he thought about her already. Knew what had been said in the locker room before the game. He thought she was a whore. She wasn't. Well, she got paid, but not because she slept with the men. She didn't always. And because the time spent working out the kinks in their muscles gave her visions as to what else they'd like her to rub down, sometimes she got carried away.
Most of the time she really did just give them the massage and then leave, but if they asked her to stay, if they put their hands on her and looked up at her with those burning eyes… well, she couldn't say no. She would let them have their way with her, and she would walk away feeling refreshed and sated. She didn't do it because they asked and she didn't do it because sometimes they demanded it. She did what she did because she loved it.

The feel of a man's arms holding her in place as he used her body for his own pleasure, the times when a bead of sweat would roll down their face and drip onto her over-heated skin and the way they played her body like a well-tuned instrument instead of just getting off after a loss -those were the moments she relished in. That, and the pleasure that always came from the punishments.
These men, these behemoths; they were strong, had stamina, but for all their on ice violence, they had never caused her any kind of harm. Sure, they would say things sometimes, call her names. But it was never meant to actually hurt her. And yes, she'd walked away the next morning with her fair share of bite marks and a few finger bruises on her hips, but she'd never actually been scared.