Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Night at the County Fair

So, a while back I wrote a story that wasn't hockey related... and a bunch of you seemed to enjoy it... Well... I've been trying to work out some epilogues and things, but they aren't agreeing with my brain, so I managed to pull this out as a stress reliever* Hope you like a new installment of Maddie and Johnny!!!
Maddie sat in the grandstands, her hair parted down the center and braided in two strands. She tipped back her cowboy hat and sucked another long drink of her lemon shake. Best thing about the fair. Freshly pressed lemon juice, with sugar water, over ice. Pretty much just lemonade, but they always called it a ‘shake’ and it was refreshing. Especially on a hot day like today.
She propped on leg up, watching the guy at the end of her aisle as he stared at her. And who wouldn’t? She was definitely rockin’ the western wear tonight. Yesterday, for the rodeo, she’d worn the paisley sundress and flats, hair falling freely down her back. But tonight was the truck pull, and she was decked out in her aqua-colored cowboy boots, dark denim shorts and a plaid shirt that complimented her footwear. With a stark white cami underneath, she had snapped the shirt up to her breasts and then let the ladies stand out, encased in the country clothing.
John would love it.

This summer had been spent with inventing new ways to turn his brain into mush. Or at least turn him on so he’d make love to her over and over. They’d done it in his pool, in his truck, in the back of his truck, in the barn, on a horse… that one had been difficult, but worth it in the end!
Her phone buzzed beside her and she figured it was his response as to when he would be gracing her with his presence. He worked at the fair and so he had a camper here, no real necessities other than an air mattress and a couple pillows, but there were always fires at different camping spots and the board had agreed a few years back to build a shower area. She tapped her phone and instantly squeezed her legs together at the sight of his text.
Running up to the showers. See you soon sweetheart.
She bit the inside of her cheek as she thought about the last time he’d called her sweetheart. It had been right before she came from his oral ministrations. She grabbed her cup and took another long pull of the tart liquid to help her suddenly dry mouth. And the showers… she could see the water cascading down his body.
He had an athletic build, honed in from years of working on a farm. Not a ‘muscle-head’ in any way, but he had strength in spades and she could trace the outline of a six pack with her tongue. Shuddering slightly from the images in her head, she silently began thinking of all the ways she could make him call her name. She had just reached way number forty-six when a voice started whispering into her ear.
“What’s going on in that pretty little head of yours Maddie?”
Literally biting back a moan, she turned to see her lover leaning beside her. His mouth split into a wide smile and he then immediately leaned in, pressing his lips to hers. She gasped out a small giggle as her hand came up, toying with the still wet shaggy hair he was growing out. It was over far too quickly and Maddie found herself leaning toward him as he settled into the space next to her, his arm going around her and resting on the back of the grandstand row.
They sat back and watched the trucks and tractors in companionable silence for awhile until he heard her sucking the last of her beverage from the cup. She didn’t even need to ask before Johnny stood up and held out the reusable container. She smiled brightly and gave it up.
He was back ten minutes later with not only a drink but food as well. He wolfed down a bucket of hot wings while she enjoyed her shoestring fries with vinegar and the biggest corndog she’d ever seen. She watched him out of the corner of her eye as she took her first bite. Eyes wide as saucers, he blinked a couple times before shaking his head with a rueful laugh.
“I should’ve gotten you something else. This is going to be torture.”
Maddie snorted and turned away to take another bite. But to fuck with him, she let her free hand rest on his thigh and stroked it gently. By the time she was finished, his face was an impassive mask, but the vein along his neck looked extremely pronounced. She wiped her fingers off and set all her trash beneath her seat before turning back to him and taking a long pull of her revived drink.
“God woman, you sure know how to try my patience, don’t you?”
With an innocent smile, she wrapped her tongue around the straw and sipped once more. Johnny just groaned and placed his arm back around her, his thumb pressing against the top of her spine before moving slowly up and down in a soothing motion. The only thing it provided though was an electric pulse that was constantly traveling straight to her clit.
“I can’t watch much more of this Johnny,” she moaned into his ear.
“Bored Sugar?”
“No, I love these things. But I need to feel you inside me. Now.”
He shot off his seat like the fires of Hell were beneath him, grabbed her hand and tugged her up and toward the exit of the grandstand. She laughed as he bolted up the stairs and into the crowd strolling along the main drag of the fair. Instead of dragging her to his camper though, he wove in and out until they were standing in the line for the Ferris wheel.
“Johnny… I said I needed to..”
“I heard what you said. But you didn’t specify what part of me. Or where it had to be. So we’re going to have a little fun,” he whispered before licking along the shell of her ear and sending a shiver up her spine. Maddie gasped and grabbed tightly to the hem of his shirt as she leaned into him. She heard him chuckle and somehow resisted the urge to sink her teeth into his neck. Somehow.
They were standing in front of an open car a few minutes later and she watched as Johnny slid something to the controller. The man smirked and gave a little salute. Then they were being fastened in and taking off.
“What did you say to him,” she asked, scooting as close to him as she could as she basked in his warmth. It wasn’t cold out, far from it really. But feeling his body heat against her… it was a heady sensation.
“You’ll see,” he murmured into her hair.
As they slowly progressed toward the top spot of the ride, Maddie giggled and blushed as Johnny wrapped his arm around her waist and then kept her pressed to his side as he worked his fingers into her shorts and under her panties. She gasped out his name as one digit ran over her slick folds, moving back and forth over her clit.
“Johnny,” she gasped out loud.
Chuckling, he used his free hand to spin his ball cap backward and as his finger spread her wetness around he exhaled harshly into the crook of her neck before nipping at her skin. Attacking in more than one place made her heart start racing and she clutched at the safety bar while fighting back the urge to cry out. She didn’t realize anything was different until he flicked his tongue against her ear.
“It looks like we’re going to be stuck up here for a bit baby.”
Her eyes fluttering open, Maddie tried to comprehend his words but the only thing that came out was a muttered ‘huh?’ that made him smirk.
“Follow along Sweetheart. We seem to be stuck up here. Looks like the ride is broken. Whatever will we do to occupy our time?”
With that said, he shifted his body once more and pushed two fingers into her dripping center.
“Motherfucker,” she growled out, still trying to keep her voice down. She wanted to thrust her hips up, to feel him deeper inside of her body, but the rocking that would occur… that could be fun yet dangerous. Opting not to give the entire fair a show by flipping out of the car via orgasm, she brought one hand off the bar and held his hand over her pussy, grinding it against herself.
“What’s my hot little cowgirl want from me?”
“Tell me baby, tell me what you want..”
“Fuck me…”
“That will be a little difficult in this current location,” he smirked as he latched back onto her neck.
“God, then make me come,” she said breathlessly.
“That I can manage.”
The two fingers that had been dipping steadily into her snatch pulled out and she whimpered in protest. But he slid them over her clit, pinching the bundle of nerves between the digits and making her gasp. She was gushing with desire and fighting to buck against him, fearing they would tip. Clutching the bar again, gripping it so hard that her knuckles were completely white against her summer tan, Maddie let a moan slip from her lips.
“Everyone will know what we’re doing if you can’t be quiet,” she heard him murmur.
“Fuck that, fuck them and fuck you.” She bit out.
“Well, if that’s how you feel then I could just stop.”
“Please,” she whispered.
“Please, what?”
“Please don’t stop.”
He attacked her pleasure button with gusto once again, rubbing over it furiously as he bit down on her throat. He worked her over and over until she stiffened against him, her head tipping back and her mouth open in a silent scream.
Yes, yes, a million times yes!
When she finally opened her eyes and glanced at his face, Johnny was giving her a lazy smile. Then he slid his fingers from between her legs and licked them one by one. She groaned and leaned toward him, taking his kiss and tasting herself on his tongue. He groaned and pressed as close as he could, sucking her bottom lip as the ride started back up. They stepped down off the podium and Maddie found herself walking on shaky legs, one arm around Johnny’s waist.
“How are you walking normal,” she joked.
“I just keep reminding myself that as soon as I get you back to the camper, its game on,” he said with a low growl, biting her ear and sending a new shiver down her spine. Picturing what he might have in mind for her, Maddie grabbed his hand and tugged him a little faster toward the camp area.

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