Friday, August 26, 2011

Felt Good On My Lips

Here's story 2 out of three that I finished on the train*
There will be a note at the bottom of this!
"Why are we going to this bar though?"
"It's supposed to be a good time."
"All bars are a good time!"
Loui listened to his fellow countrymen. They were bickering back and forth, as the foursome got out of the cab and stood in front of the building. You could hear Spanish music coming through the windows and there were strands of lights that looked like lemons, limes and chili peppers. Staring at the others, he let out a disgruntled snort as he paid the cabbie and turned to enter the bar.

"Alrighty ladies, I will see you in the morn—OOFF!!"
Turning her face from the chest she was plastered against, she stared up at the man he had pretty much assaulted. Actually, with the force of her hit, she couldn't figure out why they weren't on the ground by now. Then she felt the two hands that were on her arms. Strong hands.
"I'm so sorry! I didn't see you there and… whoa…"
She let the last word hang on her lips. Strong cheekbones. That was the first thing she noticed. Then the hair that was tousled. She bet it wasn't styled to look that way, but it was honestly just how his hair fell. And his eyes. They were intense. Especially since his brow was furrowed in concern. Or was it annoyance. She hoped it wasn't the latter.
"Are you alright miss?"
Oh, and an accent. May-day may-day… woman down!
She tried to shut up her brain, tried to answer his question, but she was afraid if she actually opened her mouth to say something again, she was going to invite him back to her hotel room. Which was where she'd been headed. Before she ran into tall, dark and handsome. He was looking at her, like he wanted an answer, so she finally just nodded her head, wondering if she looked like one of those little bobble-head dogs you see in the back windows of El Caminos. The intense gaze softened some and his lips curled into a lazy smile.
Fuck me... that's even better than the intense gaze.
"Well good. You should be more careful… Had I not grabbed hold of you, you might've bounced right off me."
"Yes, well you do seem pretty hard... I mean.. oh fuck…"
She heard him chuckle and then he asked if he could buy her a drink.
What the hell, he seems harmless enough.
God she is gorgeous.
He tried to glance nonchalantly once more at the beauty beside him.
She was shorter than him, even with knee-high spiky-heeled boots. And her hair was long and wavy. And thick. He imagined it would be sturdy if he wrapped it around his hand so he could move her mouth…
Stop it. You don't do things like that.
"Loui, who is your friend?"
He turned toward his group. Both the Sedin boys were staring, Nic seemed indifferent, but it was Henrik that worried him. The look in his eyes was almost predatory. On a reflex action, he curled his arm around the woman beside him.
"This is…" he let out a startled laugh. I don't know her name. Looking down into her sparkling eyes, Loui didn't care what her name was.
"Maggie. My name is Maggie," she said with a smile. "And Loui here was just about to take me inside and buy me a drink."
I will buy you the fucking moon if you look up at me with those eyes again.
"Please sweetheart, let me take care of that."
He heard Lundy say the words, knew what he was about to do… and he didn't move as the goalie swooped in and literally stole her out of his grasp. He was already whispering in her ear by the time Loui turned around and watched them walk through the doors. Clenching his fists at his sides, he glared at the laughing twins and stormed through after Maggie.
"Umm, I'm sorry, but I would appreciate it if you would get your hand off my ass."
Maggie glared at the good-looking, well-dressed man in front of her. He knew how sexy he was, and he flaunted it. She wanted to kick him in the knee.Who does this guy think he is?
"But why waste your time with a boy… when you could be with a man like me?"
"If you don't get your hands off me and let me find Loui, I will go straight for your groin… and not in a pleasant way."
She pulled her arm free from his hand and turned to leave. He spun her back around so puick that her head was swimming.
"No one turns me down. No one says no. Not unless I ask them if they want me to stop. So don't think for a minute that I don't see through this charade you have going on."
Maggie winced as his fingers clamped down harder on her forearm and then she heard a distinct primal growl behind her. She twisted her head and saw Loui, those red-headed twins and an older blonde man. Loui looked like he would rip them man in half who was holding her. The older man stepped forward.
"Henrik, you need to release this woman now. You're an All-Star… start acting like it. I don't know how they do things in New York… but you will not embarrass us here."
Looking around, Maggie noticed that even though there was almost a Mexican standoff happening, with her in the middle, no one else at the bar seemed to take note of it. The grip tightened and she couldn't help the small whimper that escaped her lips.
Then Loui broke from between the twins and before she could react, he was in front of them and landing a solid right hook to Henrik's face. She felt him release her arm as he flew backwards and slid across an unoccupied table. Another man, who had seemed to pop up out of nowhere, grabbed his shirt and hauled him toward the door with a nod.
Loui pulled her against him and ran his fingers over her cheek and into her hair. He tilted her face up to his, those eyes searching hers for how she was doing.
"I'm fine. I promise. I sorry you had to hit your friend."
He snorted.
"He is an asshole. I am sorry that he hurt you. May I see?"
Loui reached down and cradled her arm in his hands. She felt tiny in his grasp. There were two fingerprint bruises already on the inside of her arm, but other than that… he couldn't believe that Lundy had just done that. And he couldn't believe that he'd responded the way he had. He wasn't a fighter. Not on the ice, and definitely not off the ice.
"If you wouldn't mind staying, I'd love to buy you that drink still."
She laughed and smiled up at him.
"Let's start over," she said with another small laugh. Then she held her hand out to him. "It's nice to meet you. I'm Maggie… Magdalena Suarez."
He enveloped her hand in his, fighting the urge to jerk at the sizzle that came from just shaking her hand. He decided to test her name. It sounded strange with his accent, but it felt good to say.
"Nice to meet you Magdalena. Loui. Loui Eriksson."
He waited for her to smile, to tell him she already knew that. Sure, he wasn't as well known as the twins, or Lidstrom… or Crosby and Ovechkin… but he was a pretty decent player. But she wasn't showing any recognition. None at all.
"And where are you from?? It's been driving me crazy!"
"Ahhh, I was close. I was thinking Finnish. Had an exchange student stay at my house in high school. She sounded kind of like you."
"So… you do not know who I am?"
"Should I? I'm sorry, I'm not from here."
"Oh," well that did help a little. "Where are you from?"
"Fort Worth. I'm up here for a friend's wedding."
"Fort… TEXAS?!"
"Is that not near Dallas??"
Maggie drew back at the intensity in his voice. He sounded almost angry.
"Loui, are you okay?"
"Surely you are playing a joke on me. Did Brad send you over to this bar? He knew this is where we were going."
"I don't know anyone here, save for the few girls I'd been out with earlier. I was just about to call it a night and head back to the hotel when I bumped into you. Oh, and yes, I'm about thirty miles from Dallas. Why?"
"Do you watch hockey?"
"Hockey?? No... too beastly for my tastes."
She didn't know if it was what she said, or the crinkling up of her face, but Loui let out a bark of laughter. He dropped the questioning for awhile and they joined back with his friends in a booth. She apologized again for ruining their night together. They all seemed like such nice men. After about an hour of sitting together she felt like a part of the group.
"I'm sure you guys don't get to all be together a lot, right?"
The older gentleman, Nic, quirked an eyebrow.
"What makes you say that? How do you know we don't see one another a lot?"
"Because I've been listening to you all talk and it clear that you don't live together. Loui is from the South, like me. You two," she pointed at the identical brothers that she still couldn't tell apart, " Are from a different city. And you sir, you are the ring leader of this but you don't live near them either. What do you all do?"
It was like she'd grown a second head or something. All but Loui stared at her, open-mouthed.
"What? Is there something in my teeth? What did I say?"
"Do you… you don't know who any of us are?"
Maggie shook her head. She was starting to wonder if she had offended them when finally Nic smiled and clapped his hands together.
"This is refreshing. You live so close to Loui and you don't even know who he is."
"I don't. And I do? Where do you live Loui?"
"And what do you do? Are you famous? Should I know who you are?"
Just then a couple guys came over to their table. One was wearing black, one white. They looked like jerseys or something, and had a star of some sort on them.
"Excuse us gentlemen… but could I get you to sign my jersey Mr. Eriksson??"
Loui blushed a little and murmured a quiet `of course' before uncapping a Sharpie and signing his name on the back of a jersey that had his named across the shoulders. The men smiled, said their thanks and left. Maggie turned and looked at Loui.
"Who are you?"
Blushing again, Loui twisted his fingers, cracking his knuckles.
"I play hockey for the Dallas Stars. For the National Hockey League."
Maggie look at him, then at the others.
"And you guys. Do you play too?"
Henrik and Daniel nodded simultaneously and one of them said `Vancouver' while Nic just smiled and replied `Detroit.' He looked at the shocked expression on her face. She opened her mouth, then closed it, then opened it again. The guys laughed and got ready to leave. Nic told her that she should come to the competition tomorrow, if she had time. Then they left and it was just him and Maggie.
"Have I been making a complete fool of myself, not knowing who you all were?"
"It really is kind of refreshing actually. You thought I was hot before you knew who I was and how much I'm worth," he said with a wink.
She laughed and punched him in the arm. He watched as she pulled a shiny tube from the pocket of her jeans and smeared something on her lips that made them sparkle. Then he smelled cherries. Fruit had never been a big deal to him before, but the combination of her laugh and the movement of her lips as she smacked them together… he felt his jeans get a little tighter.
Grabbing her and pulling her close, Loui bent his head to press his lips to those moist, pouty lips of hers. He watched her pupils dilate and felt her gasp. Before he could swoop down for the kill though, she shot out of the booth and told him she wanted to see if the DJ had a song that she loved. He chuckled to himself.
Run now sweetheart, the next time I'm that close. You aren't escaping.
"C'mon Loui! I tipped him to play my favorite song! Let's go dance for a bit before they close down for the night." She grabbed his sleeve and started toward the cluster of bar patrons.
"Then what?"
Maggie looked at him over her shoulder as she tried to pull him toward the dance floor. She furrowed her brow and shook her head, not understanding him. He pulled her close.
"What happens after we dance? Are you coming back to my room?" She gulped as his words registered in her head. She stared at him, shaking her head no. "You aren't?" He sounded almost incredulous. "Why not??"
"Because you have a roommate."
Not wasting any more time, she guided him out onto the dance floor and when the first few beats played through the speakers, she placed his hands on her hips and wrapped one hand back over his neck, keeping him close.
It was a Spanish song. Living down in Texas, it was hard not to like some ethnic music, and this one was a great little number. The tempo was fast. The bass rockin' strong. By the second chorus she could hear him murmuring along with the melody. He couldn't have known what it meant, but he was smiling as she stood there, grinding her ass against him.
They stayed out for a few more songs after that, and then she knew they had to take a break or she'd find herself bent over, hands on her calves while he shoved himself balls deep in the middle of a crowd of people.
"Drink," she pleaded and moaned as he growled and nibbled on her earlobe.
"I need to sit down now, like right now. You grab `em?"
Nodding, they parted ways and she felt his eyes on her as she made her way over to the bar. Two minutes later she was placing two drinks on their table and he was looking up at her skeptically.
"It's purple… or pink… I don't even know what color that is."
"It's got a shot of a little bit of everything."
"That's a yellow umbrella sticking out of it."
"It's got Mellow Yellow in it. Try it. You'll like it. I promise," she purred at him.
He stared at the glass a minute more and then picked it up, taking a quick sip. Then he licked his lips.
"Not bad. Tastes wonderful."
Watching him run his tongue over his lips again made her clench her thighs with a sudden burst of need. She suddenly felt parched and grabbed her own drink, taking a big gulp. It felt good on her lips.
I've got to kiss her, and I've got to kiss her now. Thank god we're still sitting on the same side of the booth.
Touching her face with his hand, he turned her toward him and tugged her against him as his mouth fit to hers. The combination of the drink and her cherry lip gloss was a heady mixture that had his cock jumping against his jeans again. Then he groaned as she slid her tongue into his mouth and tasted him.
They stayed that way, mouths together, tongues dueling, hands in each other's hair for what seemed like an eternity. He heard the bartenders holler last call. Even with his eyes closed he could tell that the lights had come on. He didn't want to move but at the same time he wanted to find a dark place to nail her against a wall.
"We're going to have to get out of here."
"Yes… we are. And I know the perfect spot."
"Your room?"
She nodded, running her finger over his bottom lip. His tongue snaked out and traced the same path. She made a noise in her throat that may have been a moan.
"Let's go get it on Mr. Hockey Man."
"Please tell me your hotel is close by."
"Turn right out of the door, three buildings down."
"I think I love you."
"Wait til you see this thing I do with my to…"
He was dragging her out of the bar before she could finish her sentence. It almost hurt to walk, but he tried to ignore the throb as he heard her giggle behind him. Tonight would be a fun night. And barring that her friend's wedding wasn't tomorrow, he'd drag her to the arena and get her to see just what he did for a living.
NOTE: No, I don't think that Lundqvist would be like this. Yes, I know that Loui is married... pretend for this story that he isn't. And yes, I know that I kind of left this hanging... but the song ends with them kissing, not with them boning* Sorry ladies!

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