Saturday, January 29, 2011

Final chapter of A Lucky Shot coming up!

Dear loyal followers,
Thank you SOOOOOOOOO much for sticking around!
I just finished typing up the final chapter, and sent it off to me 'editor'*
Once she gets it back to me, I'll be posting it!

And to whoever just found the story and started following it, you are my hero, because it gave me 87 followers!
I think it was perfect that it got done, and the follower count... EPIC!

Hopefully I haven't let you down throughout the course of the chapters, and I hope that you'll all enjoy the way I play this out!

Two things I'd love to know from you all...

1. Do you want to have an epilogue, something to kind of show you where the story could lead in the future?
2. I'm going to be doing a Max story next. I've got a bunch of it written out already, and I was just curious... how many of you would be excited about that?

Even if you want to post as Anonymous, I'd really appreciate the feedback!!

Thanks again for the comments over the months that it's taken me to get this out!


Monday, January 3, 2011

WCSC: Ringing in the New Year

So, our group site held a Winter Classic Smutfest Challenge* LOL
And I have entered it with this piece* I hope you guys like it!
And I'm working on the next chapter of ALS as we speak!!


She brought her hand up and clutched at her forehead that had just been smacked with a door. The rush left her off balance and she started to fall. Flailing her arms and letting out a frantic scream she tried to keep herself upright but tumbled down. Instead of the pain of hitting the floor though, she felt two hands keep her from crumpling down onto the tiles. Opening her eyes, she stared up into a pair of bright and amused blue eyes. Eyes that had been flirting with hers all night.
“You should be more careful.”
“Fucking douche bags should not swing doors open wide when it’s fucking packed in here.”
“Such a dirty mouth,” he tsked. If only he knew what she was thinking right now. He’d probably smile and drag her away so she could put the fantasies in her head to the test.
“Got any of that Orbit stuff, I’m sure that would clean it right up.”
“Sadly, I do not. But how about a glass of champagne. It’s almost midnight you know.”
“I suppose that would work just as well. But is alcohol something I should drink with a possible head injury?”