Monday, September 19, 2011

Alex the Great...

Can't sleep. Enjoy my slumber-deprived brain.


“Babe, we have no time,” he groaned.

She ignored his protests and dropped to her knees, practically ripping the fly of his pants down. He was hard and pushing against the fabric, so she didn’t believe for a moment that he would stop her. Popping the button as well, she fished her hand in and pulled his hard cock out of his briefs.

“Really, you do not have to… fuuuuccccck…”

He stopped arguing with her as she wrapped her tongue around his head and then swallowed him. As he hit the back of her throat she gagged. He groaned and tunneled his fingers through her hair.

“I leave in fifteen minutes. You know what that means?”

She smiled as best as she could with her mouth full of cock, and he just chuckled before gripping her head in his hands and thrusting himself deep within her mouth. Humping her face, he guided her, pulling her to him until she choked, then pulling her closer.

With each gag, each choked sob, each tear that sprung from lack of oxygen… she heard him growl with pleasure, moan with satisfaction, hiss with need. He whispered obscenities, called her names, turned her on with his words.

“Yes, suck it little whore. Suck my dick and make me come. You gonna swallow like a good girl? Mmmm, I want to see you choke again… come on… take it all baby.”

She grabbed his thighs as he pressed harder. He popped into her throat, lodging himself there and holding her tight against him as she swallowed reflexively and her muscles rippled over his organ.

“Yes, suck me dry… my perfect little slut… later I’ll fill that tight pussy. Maybe even your ass. You want that? You want to feel all that cum in your asshole?”

Moaning again, she gurgled out what he thought was a ‘fuck yeah’ response and the vibrations make his ball pull up tight. When her tongue moved under him, he clenched her skull and rammed himself home a few more time before holding her head and unleashing torrents of jizz down her throat.

“Fuck yes… swallow it all… oh god baby… yes, every drop sweetheart.”

A shiver rocked up his spine as he pulled every inch from the warm confines of her mouth. A slim trail of white hung from her lip to the tip of his dick. He leaned forward and wiped it across her cheek. As it smeared, he chuckled.

Quickly tucking himself back into his underwear, he cleared his throat and caressed her un-sticky cheek. As he turned to leave she called out to him. When he turned back around she was toying with herself, two fingers pumping into that tight little snatch that he filled as often as possible.

“I’ll make you a deal Alex. You score two goals tonight and I’ll have my ass ready for you when you get back. You get a hattie, and I’ll let Laich join us.”

“I score four?”

“Then we’ll play with Brooks… and Jenna.”


To be continued… Maybe…


  1. Continue, oh please continue!!!

  2. ......why have we not continued? Yes please!