Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Untitled, a Sidney Crosby one-shot

I don't know what to call this. Other than probably some sort of sin. That will go to hell for. Whenever I die. Which will hopefully not be for a long time!
“What are we doing here,” he whispered as she turned the door knob. She held his hand as she led him inside the building and up the staircase that then opened into the sanctuary of her church. There was no one else around. There were no lights on. It was eerie. Keeping his hand in hers, she walked up the center aisle until they were sitting in the front row.
Sid tried to ask another question, but she placed a finger to his lips and shook her head. The moonlight, or maybe streetlights, made the stained glass bounce off of his white shirt. She loved that shirt. It was soft, stretchy, and very thin. And it had those three buttons at the top. Taking what she wanted, she flung one of her legs over him, settling herself in his lap.

“Lizzzzz,” he mumbled as she put both hands on the back of the pew. It never ceased to amaze her about how wide she had to plant her hands. His shoulders seemed like they were a mile wide. His fingers were clasping her sides, his heat making her feel giddy. And so she leaned down, her face mere inches from his.
“I’ve missed you Sidney.”
Before he could respond she dipped and pressed her lips to his. She hadn’t seen him since he got back to Pittsburgh. She hadn’t been able to get away from anything long enough to even have dinner with him. But tonight she finally just threw all her ungraded papers into her bag and headed home. And he’d been on her porch. Twenty minutes, and one nice nighttime walk later, here they were.
As she molded her lips to his, as she ran her tongue over that pouty fucking lower lip, Elizabeth Montgomery, 11th grade history teacher, good girl her entire life, decided that she would not stop until this man was begging for release. And she would make him beg right here.
She wrenched her mouth from his and nipped at his chin, licked the line of his jaw, and placed a slur of wet kisses down his neck. He was tense, probably trying to figure out how many ways this was wrong, how he could stop her, what she might actually do. Biting down on his pulse point, she smiled as he let out a groan and flexed his fingers around her waist.
“Let’s go back to your place,” he whispered.
Pulling back, she shook her head while biting her lip. Then she gave him a false smile of innocence and rocked her hips. He gasped out her name and let his head fall back. She took advantage of this and licked and sucked at his skin. It always gave her such a joy to bring this man down. To make him hers.
“You know you want this,” she murmured, nuzzling her face into the crook of his neck. He smelled wonderful. He always did. It made her pussy clench as she inhaled his scent.
“We could go back to your place an--”
“I don’t want to wait. I don’t want to have to walk back before I feel you inside me.”
“We can’t just… we can’t make love in your church!”
“Make love… oh no baby... I don’t want you to make love to me right now. I want sex. I want to feel you pounding my little pussy with your cock. I want to taste you on my tongue when you come.”
“Liz, this is wrong on so many levels.”
“And it’s right on even more,” she told him with a small smile. Then she ran her fingers through his hair and attacked his mouth once again. Their tongues dueled for a few minutes and she was certain that she had him when the clock struck eight o’clock and the bells in the tower tolled. Sid’s hands stilled across her back, where they’d been roaming, and he ripped his lips off hers.
“It’s time we left and got more comfortable Elizabeth.”
“Why are you being such a wuss Crosby?”
“You want to fuck in a church… don’t you see the problem with that?”
“First of all, I want you and I want you now. Second… like we haven’t done it in questionable places before… remember your sister’s game this summer? And third, you just dropped the f-bomb in a church. I think you should get on your knees and ask for forgiveness.”
She watched the emotions fly across his face. Desire, concern, lust, fear, need… She moved off him and then moved close, pressing her breasts against his shoulder.
“On your knees baby,” she whispered.
He stared at her long and hard, and then he slid off the pew and turned to her, kneeling in front of her. He didn’t say anything, but he stared at her intensely, and she realized how hard this was for him. He didn’t bow to anyone. He never lost control of a situation. He was always in charge. He was trusting her and giving her what she wanted.
Liz gave him a smoldering look and slowly unbuttoned her shirt, opening it but leaving the material on her shoulders. Then she undid the front of her jeans and lifted her ass off the pew to slide them down. He helped, his fingers softly trailing over her legs as he peeled the denim down her legs. Then he bent down and kissed one knee, then the other, and started trailing kissed up her legs.
Prying her legs apart with his hands, she bit her lip as she looked down and saw him staring at her lace-covered center. She wanted him, needed to feel him touching her in places that had no business being out in the open in church. But she didn’t care. When Sid grasped her panties, she rose up, expecting him to lean back and slide them off as well. Instead, she swallowed a cry of surprise as he literally ripped the lace from her hips and the fabric fell away.
“Lick me,” she commanded quietly.
Sid smiled and held her hips as he dove in. His tongue slid around her folds, his lips locking around her clit. He didn’t give her a chance, just went straight for the kill. And she cried out her pleasure at the feel of him working her pussy like a newborn kitten suckling from its mother. She tunneled her fingers in his hair, which really needed cut, and rocked her hips toward his face.
God, I missed this over the summer. He needs to not stay away so long next year.
Writhing on the uncomfortable cushion, Liz moaned and tugged on his hair when he stuck his tongue into her honey pot. He didn’t tease her though, he gave her sweet relief, and quickly. Whether it was because she had felt nothing but her own fingers since May, or because he was just that good, Liz screamed his name as she came under his ministrations.
While Sid shook his head to get her to release his hair and then he rocked back on his heels and undid the fly of his khakis. With a wink and a nod he beckoned her forward and she slid to the floor, crawling over him and grabbing the stiff member that was protruding from within his boxers and shorts. She wrapped a hand around it before dipping her head and swirling her tongue over the head.
“Mmmm, I missed this baby… Almost as much as I missed you in general.”
She giggled with a mouthful of cock as she heard him try and make up for saying that he missed sex.
That just means that he didn’t sleep with anyone else while we were apart.
And that made her smile. Made her happy. She sucked harder and heard him gasp as he gripped her head and lifted his hips, pushing himself farther down her throat. Liz moaned and swallowed him entirely, keeping her mouth locked tight and humming. Sid growled and pulled her off his dick, grabbing her shoulders and dragging her up until she was straddling him.
“I need to be inside you. Now.”
Liz smiled down at him and worked herself down his length, moaning as she felt him slide completely inside. When she had taken all of him, she rolled her hips and they both gasped. Then he clamped his hands on either side of her waist and lifted her slightly before roughly impaling her once again.
Taking her cue from Sid, Liz set a fast pace, bouncing in his lap and listening to the sound of her ass slapping against his thighs every time she dropped down. Her nipples tightened into hard tips and she brought her hands up, twisting them between her fingers and crying out his name again and again. Then she started shaking as he released one of her sides and began to brush his thumb quickly over her clit.
He drew some of her wetness around the nub of nerves and set a steady rhythm to coincide with her movements. In no time at all she was coming and before she could come down from her high he had them flipped over, her flat on her back, and was driving into her like a man possessed.
“God baby, you’re so tight. I wanna feel you come for me again.”
His fingers dug into her skin around the underside of her knees as he pushed her legs back. It opened her up to his gaze and his thrusts, and she felt every single millimeter of his cock as it speared into her. She stared at the point where they were joined. The only thing she could picture at the moment was a sewing machine.
In. Out. In. Out. Again and again. Like a needle piercing material. But it felt incredible. She imagined being jabbed with a needle would feel extremely opposite from the euphoria streaming through her body as she hurtled to release once more.
“That’s it Lizzie. Come one baby. Let me see you lose it,” he murmured.
Liz brought her hands up to his biceps. She felt the muscles straining and saw a drip of sweat that slowly traveled down from his forehead. It slid down the side of his face, over his temple and down his cheek. Stretching up, she licked the tiny drop, letting her tongue move over his freshly shaven jaw. He groaned and bottomed out. Feeling him lost his control sent her body into a spiraling tornado of sensations.
With two more bone-jarring thrusts, she opened her mouth in a silent scream and her toes curled as she felt his release fill her to bursting. Sid groaned and collapsed on top of her, his breath harsh and quick in her ear as she shivered and tried to remember her own name.
Five minutes later, she bit back a groan as he pulled his spent body off of her. He laid out beside her, tucking himself back into his pants and tracing an invisible pattern over her arm. Turning her head, she smiled at him.
“Can you not stay away so long next summer?”
“Next summer… next summer, you are coming with me.”
“Amen to that,” she said. Sid chuckled and in the dim light he leaned over and kissed her.
“Amen indeed.”
I know, it's a little blasphemous... but.... I blame QFD!!!! I should never tell her things that I think about in church....

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