Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Come In With the Rain

I’ve been trying to write different stories, work in some ideas… nothing was really working. Then I thought, why not write a little something to vent some frustrations and maybe clear your head?!
So… this is a one shot to show how Lexie got her man!
You may remember Lexie from my first story, A Lucky Shot, and how she was with a certain defenseman of the Penguins*
I hope you enjoy it!!
I’ll leave my window open,
‘Cus I’m too tired at night to call out your name.
Just know I’m right here hopin’,
That you’ll come in with the rain.
I’ve watched you so long,
Screamed your name,
I don’t know what else I can say.
But I’ll leave my window open,
‘Cus I’m too tired at night for all these games.
Just know I’m right here hopin’,
That you’ll come in with the rain.
Come In With The Rain – Taylor Swift
June 22, 2009
The sun was bright, the rays bursting through Lexie’s bedroom windows and lighting the entire room. Squinting at her night stand, the red numbers of her clock read 8:27. Why am I awake?!
She hadn’t gone to bed until almost four o’clock in the morning, and that was only because she and her friends had completely ran out of alcohol. Twisting over so she didn’t need to see the glaring numbers anymore, her eyes focused on a photo on the opposite stand. She was standing between two men. One was dead now, killed the previous year in a motorcycle accident. And the other one… she stared at the summer photo.
Kris Letang had been everything she’d ever wanted. She’d grown up with him some, watched him play hockey with her brother, and spent time with the two of them during off seasons. And right after Luc died… he’d come home, during the Stanley Cup Final, to attend the funeral.

Emotions had gotten carried away, grief had trapped them together in an intense embrace. That summer, once Detroit had stolen Lord Stanley from the Penguins, Kris had come back to Canada… back to her. She had gone to Montreal to visit him, spent two months with him, in his bed. And through the grief she’d fallen in love with the long-haired defenseman.
They were together almost constantly. She met a couple of his friends, hung out with them occasionally. But mostly it was Kris. The two of them had made promises, forever-and-always types of promise. And then… she had returned to his condo one morning with a bag of groceries and Kris had dropped the bomb.
“Alexis, you’re very special to me. I care about you so much. But I have to get out of here. I can’t stay any longer. I’m going back to Pittsburgh.
She had dropped the bag, heard the tomatoes squish as the other things fell onto them. It had probably made a mess. But all she could think was that he was abandoning her. She locked herself in his bathroom and cried. He had tried to explain, tried to make her see that things didn’t need to change, that they could still ‘be together.’ But what would it be like if she was back home, and he was in Pennsylvania?!
And so she packed up her things and drove back home. And she had refused to answer his calls, his texts, emails… she even burned the few actual handwritten letters he’d sent. But she didn’t forget about him. She couldn’t.
Her dad ordered the hockey package so they could watch as many Pens games as possible, and her mom was still in touch with his. no matter what, he was still surrounding her. And like a drug, she couldn’t stop herself from getting her Tanger fix every chance she got.
She woke up now and then, crying out for him and drenched in sweat.
First came the vivid dreams about things they’d done together. Then the nightmares of him dying in a freak accident like Luc. Those came after the handwritten letters. They were so personal. She couldn’t listen to what he had to say though. He’d left her. he didn’t understand. Didn’t care. He broke her heart.
And last night her mom had informed her that he was back. Not only back in Canada, but he was in her hometown. Probably to see her parents… just what she needed. So she’d called up Cam and Jess and requested a night out. They partied until the bar closed down, then took a cab back to their house and drank every drop of liquor they had. So why was she up four hours later?!
Knowing she wouldn’t get anymore sleep, Lexie tossed back the coves and slowly made her way from her bed, to the hallway, to the bathroom. She finger-combed her hair, brushed her teeth, and zombie-walked down to the kitchen to find something for breakfast. Cam was already there, standing against the counter with an ice pack on her head, waiting for the coffee pot to kick off.
Lexie managed a snort and quirked an eyebrow. Cam yawned and shook her head, moaning at the pain it caused.
“I said, what are you doing up?”
“Dunno… just couldn’t sleep.”
“You should talk to him Lexie.”
“Don’t make me start screaming in here.”
Cam threw her hands up in a defensive motion. But she kept staring with that pointed look that said ‘you know I’m right.’ And she was. They needed to talk, find closure, reignite the flame, whatever. She couldn’t avoid him. it wasn’t healthy.
“I saw him at the bar last night…”
Cam jerked her head up and winced at the motion.
“What do you mean? Where??”
“He was over by the darts, in the dim area. I felt someone looking at me, like someone was staring at me… really staring. I looked out over the rim of my glass, and I scanned the crowd until I saw him.”
“How did he look?”
“Gorgeous. Like always. It’s going to be so hard to stay away from him.”
“Then don’t.”
“he doesn’t wan…”
“You don’t know what he wants. You sped away from him last year. Didn’t listen to anything he had to say.”
He was the one who said he couldn’t stay any longer. He was the one who wanted to end it.”
“No… he never said he wanted to end it.”
“Well, that’s what he meant. What else could he have been thinking?”
“Maybe he wanted you to go with him.”
“Ha! That’s rich… if that was the case, why didn’t he ask me that?”
“Because you ignored every little word he tried to get out of his mouth and drove off. Then you refused to speak to him. I don’t know how you could’ve understood anything he wanted to say to you.”
Lexie grabbed a bagel and cream cheese from the fridge. Then she pulled a knife from the drawer and slammed it shut, silently crowing her victory when Cam winced again. She feigned innocence until a dishtowel flew her way. Then she scurried away, taking the stairs two at a time until she was relaxing on the second floor balcony of the house the three of them had started living in before Christmas.
She ate her bagel and relaxed most of the morning, recovering from her bout of drunkenness and catching on a few quiet moments to try and reflect upon the time that had flown by since she walked out on Kris. Was Cam right? Should she have listened to what he had to say before running away? Every now and then she would see an email from him still. She never read them, just put them in a folder to read another day.
I wonder…
Popping the last bite of bagel in her mouth, Lexie crossed the floor and sat down at her desk. She logged in to her email account and gasped at the screen. There was a new message from him. And it was titled “You looked good last night.”
“Well thank you, you creepy man,” she mumbled to herself. Then, against her own will, her finger click on the message.
She skimmed over the small note. He complimented her choice of outfits and admired the way her hair cascaded over her shoulders like gold in the bar light. It was cheesy… but she couldn’t help but smile. It was so like him to say that. Then he asked if it was okay to stop by her parent’s house to talk. Obviously he didn’t know she wasn’t there anymore.
Ignoring the urge to respond, to tell him that she had moved, to tell him that she was still in love with him… she shut her laptop and set about finding something to wear for a day of boring nothingness. She didn’t have to work or do anything more than veg out for the day. by the time she was dressed and walking through the kitchen doorway again, she noticed two dirty mugs in the sink. That meant both her roommates were awake.
They all had the day off, so they spent it being lazy. They left the living room long enough for pit stops and refueling. It was ten o’clock by the time they looked at the display on the DVR and they were all getting ready for an early night’s sleep for a change. The temperature was cooler than it had been. The sun was setting, the winds were blowing… Lexie thought she heard thunder in the distance.
The summer shower hit by total surprise. She left her window open though, the two doors that led to her section of the wrap-around balcony actually. The awnings they had, and the step for the door, were enough to keep the water out. She changed out of her clothes and was just about to crawl under the covers when she heard a muttered curse.
Grabbing her bat from under the top of her bed, Lexie crept over to her double doors. She saw a shadowed figure crawl over the top of the balcony. She was just about to swing down hard when the unknown person spoke to her.
“Alexis… don’t swing!”
She knew that voice. Remembered every word he’d ever spoken to her. Sometimes that fun, laughing voice while they were out.. or the moments where it dropped an octave and he fell into his native Quebecois, disintegrating her panties with one sentence. Right now, she really did feel like swinging at him.
“Kris?? What the fuck are you doing?!”
The question came out in a harsh whisper. She didn’t even know if he could hear her over the sounds of the rain. But she didn’t need to wake up the girls with this. She’d send him right back out the doors, down the balcony and… how had he gotten up here?!
“How did you get up here?? Why didn’t you just knock on the front door like a normal human being?! How did you know where I lived…”
“I climbed, obviously.”
“Don’t be smart with me Kristopher. I still have the bat.”
“Yes, you do. And I’m still standing here. May I please come inside?”
The lightning cracked and she memorized his features in the quick flash. He was wearing one of those plaid ‘camping’ shirts. The top two buttons were open and it was plastered to his skin. The sleeves, rolled up because of the nice temperature it had been all day, were stretched taut across his biceps. He had dark jeans on, jeans that had turned a deep indigo from all of the water they had taken in during his escapade.
And his hair. It was still long, not trimmed after they had won the Cup. And it was dripping water from the ends. He ran a hand through it to move it back from his face. Then he looked directly at her and she saw his eyes widen.
“Never mind, I like the view from here chère.”
Then, as she realized the soft light from her room probably made her satin nightie look see-through, he crossed the threshold without asking and pulled her into his arms. His rain-soaked clothing quickly transferred to hers and the material rubbing her skin caused an instant reaction. Goosebumps raised on her arms and thighs, her nipples puckered against his chest, a gasp escaped her lips.
She never got a chance to yell at him. His lips came crashing down on hers. The rain and thunder were drowned out by the roaring in her ears. He tasted sweet and salty, like those little yellow butterscotch candies. And the energy in the room was charged, crinkling like the wrapper as you untie both ends to pop the treat into your mouth.
His motions dominated her, his tongue spearing into her mouth without permission. Then he pulled away and attacked her neck with nips and kisses, his hair dripping down her chest, his breath hot against her skin. As if on autopilot, Lexie brought her hands up so she could tunnel her fingers in his hair. She made gentle circles on his scalp and he purred like a kitten.
“I’m so sorry Alexis,” he whispered. His breath blew over her ear and she shivered.
“I’ve missed you mon amour. So much. Every day.”
“I was stupid, and selfish, and I’ve been miserable without you. I tried to tell you a million times. You ignored me every time though. I need you with me. We will make it work. Say yes.”
He moved back, his eyes staring at her, pleading with her to give this a chance. She traced the line of his jaw with a finger, felt him nuzzle his cheek into her palm. He brought his own hand up, trapping hers so that he could turn and press a kiss to her wrist. Her breath caught in her throat.
“Répondez-moi Alexis... Answer me.”
“Yes,” she said with a smile. He flashed a grin as well before he captured her mouth in another searing kiss. His fingers spanned her waist as he kept her close to him. She could feel the heat coming off his body now, warming through the drenched fabrics between them. Her fingers busied themselves with the buttons of his shirt as his tongue dueled with hers.
Finally getting the bottom button undone, Lexie opened the shirt and ran her fingers over the new expanse of skin she’s revealed. His body was like she remembered, maybe a little bit harder in places where the muscles were more defined. She tore her mouth from his and licked a trail from his collarbone to his navel. She heard Kris groan and mumble something that sounded like a curse, in French.
“Come here you little spitfire.”
Kris grabbed her arms and lifted her up. Wrapping her legs around his waist, she pushed the shirt of his shoulders, helping him arm-by-arm to get the sleeves off while he held her. Then she tossed it aside, hearing it fall with a wet plop to the floor. He kicked off his shoes and almost tripped over them as he carried her to her bed.
Dropping her unceremoniously amongst the covers, she watched him shuck off his pants, his growing erection bobbing free from its material prison. She had no time to admire the thick length before he dove onto the bed, the mattress bouncing them both as his weight settled on top of her. His hands were everywhere, pulling the loose skirt of her nightie up, whisking the material over her head, tugging the flimsy panties down her thighs.
“Your skin is so smooth baby.”
Lexie sighed as she bent her legs to help him remove the scrap of material. Then he spread her legs, the fingers of his left hand walking up her thigh until it came to the center of her body, the molten core that was burning with need for him. she moaned as he tested her with one digit, heard him growl as he found her wet and ready for him.
She arched up, her back leaving the mattress as he added a second finger, sliding in and out of her folds easily. Her gown was bunched up at her neck and Kris leaned down, taking one nipple between his lips, sucking at her heated flesh.
“I love when you use my full name,” he mumbled as his teeth tugged on the tip of her breast. He continued to probe at her depths, his fingers curling up and massaging her with each thrust. Her fists bunched into the comforter as she fought the urge to cry out again. He knew what to do, what made her fall apart. And just when she thought she could fight off the feelings, he moved down her body until he could slide his tongue over her slippery snatch.
“Oh Christ on a fucking crouton!”
“Dat’s a new one,” he chuckled before sucking her clit into his mouth. Her fingers released the bedspread and went straight into his hair, scrunching the inky strands in both fists and keeping him right where she wanted him. Each swipe of his tongue, each nip of his teeth… every movement brought her close to the edge. Then he pushed both fingers deep, curled and rubbed that magic spot, and while he nibbled on her button, she screamed his name and held on for dear life.
He crawled up quickly, between her slightly shaking legs, and thrust his entire length into her core. They both moaned out loud and Lexie found herself unsure what to hold onto. He fit into her, filled her. She looked up at his face and saw his expression screwed up into a mixture of pleasure and pain.
“Kris, baby, what’s wrong?”
“You feel too good. And it’s been so long… I’m not going to last more tha…”
“Fuck me.”
She held his face with one hand as she said it. And her eyes were linked with his, hopefully showing him that she wanted this as badly as he did. When he stared blankly at her, like she was speaking a foreign language, she giggled and bucked her hips against him. Like he’d been burned by her touch, Kris hissed a breath out through his teeth and growled. He palmed her ass with one hand, pushing her leg up higher with the other.
Then he pulled his hips back. At first she thought he was going to stop, but then that almost feral grin bloomed on his lips and he drove back into with so much force that the air rushed out of her lungs. She clutched at his shoulders, and opened her mouth in a silent scream. He gave her no time to adjust, his hips started pumping and he set a volatile rhythm.
As the rain pounded the roof outside, Kris’s hips pounded against her, his body remembering hers as if they’d only been parted for a few days instead of months. Each breath she took caught in her throat as her hips rolled under his ministrations and her breasts bounced each time he bottomed out.
Lexie’s insides felt like they were on fire as she climbed the invisible ladder to reach the pleasure that only the man on top of her could give. He was in tune with her wants, moved against her like they were one, made her need him in every sense. The bubble that had building burst in a shower of sparks behind her eyelids and Lexie let out a cry like a banshee as she clenched around his cock.
“God woman, I feel you coming for me. So sweet around me, so tight. My turn now mon chère,” he mumbled into her hair as he sunk himself deep once more, moaning her name as he held her close. They lay there together for awhile, a fine sheen of sweat coating both their bodies. He groaned after a few moments, lifting himself so that he could collect her in his arms. She sighed as she toyed with an errant strand of his hair.
“Je t’aime Alexis,” Kris murmured as he pulled the corner of her blanket over both of them, wrapping them in a cocoon of cotton.
“I love you Kristopher,” she said with a smile.