Monday, June 27, 2011

Just Friends - Max Talbot

So, a fellow hockey friend and I have been messaging one another on facebook and she put this frickin' idea in my head... Because she's the devil, and wants to torture me by making me think about Max. This is what spawns from 'harmless' chatter*


She stumbled down the sidewalk, her heels clicking unevenly as she swayed with each step. The music from the club was getting softer and softer, the bass thumping less and less in her head as she made her way toward the house she knew so well.
There was a part of her that knew this was a bad idea… that she should've stayed indoors with the rest of her friends. But that other side, the side that had little horns and a tail, that side was telling her that come Hell or high water… Max Talbot was going to get an earful of what she had to say.
Turning left, she walked a few more paces and stared at the building opposite where she was. Squinting, she noticed his bedroom light was on. She pulled out her phone and sent a mass message to the girls, letting them to let them know of her plans, now that they couldn't stop her. Then she silenced her ringer and dropped the device back in her bag.
"Iss now or ne-*hiccup*-ever," she said with a giggle. Then she turned her head both ways dramatically, making sure no headlights were coming to injure her and she crossed the street. She tripped up the flat sidewalk and almost fell into his door. Righting herself, she brought her hand up to the wooden frame.
She heard the quick footfalls of someone running down the staircase and a muffled curse. Thinking maybe she should knock again, she lifted her fist and was about to hit the door once more when it flew open inward. The momentum she'd been putting into the knock threw her forward and she let out a small shriek as she fell into the arms of a scruffy-looking man.
"Shannon?! What are you doing he--"
"You have been a very nau-*hiccup*… a very naugh-*hiccup*… you're bad."

Max propped her up against the now closed door and chuckled.
"Ma petit… I think you have had one too many drinks, no?"
"No! And don' you give me that ma petit bullshit!"
"Would you like a drink then? How about a glass of wine?"
"That would be lovely thank you," she slurred with a smile. "You got some serious `splainin' to do missser! I don' know where your head is but… "
"But… But what?"
"You didn't finish your sentence."
"What sentence?"
"Just how many drinks did you have tonight?"
"I only had… I don't remember really… Thasss NOT the issue though!"
She glared at Max as he grinned and handed her a glass. She took a sip and let the half sweet, half tart flavor fill her mouth. This was always her favorite wine that they would drink. He imported it from Italy. It had an aftertaste of apples, almost a fizz to it, and even though it was red, it wasn't really dry.
He grabbed her glass and took a big gulp before handing it back to her. Then he led her over to the couch. Oh that couch. It held so many memories. And not just sexual encounters when they couldn't make it from the door to the bedroom… There were movie nights, game nights with the guys, long talks with his head in her lap.
Don't lose the focus; get it out before he distracts you.
She said it so quick that she wasn't even sure if she understood what she said, let alone Max. But his eyebrows furrowed and his face went from that trademark smirky-smile, to a frown. Max never frowned. She didn't let him interrupt though.
"I mean, that's an amazing chance! Three more years with the Pens! I thought that was what you wanted… I thought that you would be happy to stay here… in Pittsburgh… with the guys! I mean, how can you be so selfish? How can you live with yourself? How can you leave me like this?!"
She clammed up immediately. She hadn't wanted him to know that this hurt her… perhaps he hadn't caught the slip up at the end of her tirade. They weren't in a relationship. They shared things, things that they would normally only tell an extremely close friend, and they had great sex… but Max wasn't a settling down kind of guy. And she… she never made a relationship work. That's why this `Just Friends' thing had worked for them.
"Shannon… Maybe you should go lie down. You're not making any sense."
"I'm making perfect sense."
"You're confused."
"I'm not confused. I'm extremely pissed off. There's a diff-*hiccup*-rence."
"Fine, then you're drunk and you don't know what you're saying."
"You turned down a chance to stay here and be a part of this team. It was a prime offer. The guys are going to be heartbroken."
"And what about you, how will you handle the fact that I'm probably going to a different team?"
She sniffed and shrugged her shoulders, sinking into the couch cushions and drinking deeply from her glass. Let him think whatever he wanted.
"Wouldn't you miss me chère?"
"I'm sure the guy who takes your place on the ice could take your place in my bed just as easy. I mean, how different can you all be from one ano--"
She never had a chance to react. His mouth was on hers so quickly that her gasp of shock was captured by his lips. Her wine glass fell to the floor, the final few drops splashing onto the carpet. She should make sure it doesn't stain, but his tongue was down her throat and his hands were pawing at her breasts. When he pulled his head back enough to duck down and nibble on the exposed skin between the buttons of her shirt, he mumbled out a threat.
"No one takes my place… No one."
"You're all the same, just a muscular package with slick moves an--- Ow!!"
She cried out and tugged on his short hair as his teeth sunk down over her shirt and bra, probably bruising the sensitive skin surrounding her nipple. He let go and buried his face in her cleavage, his tongue licking a path down into the valley of her breasts and his cheeks rubbing against her flesh, giving it a rosy hue.
"You haven't been with anyone since I fucked you on my kitchen table ten months ago," he countered.
"And you haven't gotten your dick wet in any of those fucking puck sluts since I blew you in your car that the way here to that table!"
She pulled his head up and devoured his mouth in a searing kiss that left them both panting. With a growl, Max brought his hands down to the two ends of her shirt and ripped hard. She heard buttons fly across the room. Then he was pushing the shirt over shoulders and down her arms. When it was off, he threw it backwards over his head and pushed her back onto the couch, leaning over her and popping the front clasp of her bra open and letting her tits spill free. He dropped his head and drew one hardened nipple back into his mouth.
"Yesssss," she moaned as her back arched. He brought one hand up, roughly mauling the other breast in his hand, tweaking the tip between his thumb and finger and making her squeal with delight. He took turns, his mouth and hands varying between both pale globes until she was yelling his name, and more.
"Let me suck your cock Max."
He released her and leaned back, settling into the corner of the sofa as she rose up and bent forward, her breasts swaying softly, the aching tips rubbing against the material of his flannel pants. She quickly un-did the two buttons and shoved her hand into his pants, grabbing hold of her prize and gripping it tightly in her hand.
A few drop of pre-cum dribbled from the end of is dick and she slid the palm of her hand over it before grabbing him again and giving him a few strokes, enough to whet his appetite and make him groan as his hips flexed toward her. Tossing her hair over one shoulder, she dropped her head down, swirling the tip with her tongue before taking him into her mouth.
"Ahhh, that's good ma petit… yes… swallow it all baby."
She bobbed her head a few times before taking a deep breath and swallowing his entire length down her throat. He gasped and his hands tunneled through her hair, holding her down, taking his pleasure before letting her come up for air. She took in a couple gulps and then licked him like an ice cream cone, her tongue leaving a wet trail for her hand to use as lubricant as she started jacking him off once again.
Max grabbed her arms and hauled her up his body, letting her continue her fun while he took turns suckling one tit then the other. She moaned and rocked against him, her lower body, clad in tight denim, moving back and forth over his thigh. The friction against her over-heated center made her jerk and grind against him.
"You want to come, don't you," he murmured, mouth full.
"No, I want to stay here and dry hump your damn leg all night," she countered.
He chuckled and slid one hand down between them, working it down the waistband of her jeans and behind her flimsy little panties. His fingers felt the wetness there and she moaned as her body bucked against him. Back and forth he rubbed over her clit, the confident pressure over the bundle of nerves making her eyes roll back in her head as he pushed her toward the brink. She was almost there, almost calling his name, when he stopped.
The hand not down her pants cupped the back of her neck and forced her lips to his. He ran his tongue over her bottom lip. She responded by sucking his into her mouth and nibbling on it. He moved both hands to her waist, pushing the fabric down roughly. She wiggled on top of him, helping him get the material over her ass.
Max moved quickly, flipping their positions and pulling her beneath him while simultaneously ripping her jeans from her legs. She helped kick the final leg off and he whisked her underwear off as well, leaving her practically naked, and completely ready for him. She watched him fish himself out of his pants again and he maneuvered himself between her thighs.
"Tell me what you want Shannon."
"You. Inside me. Now."
He laughed and gave her what she wanted, what she was craving. As inch by inch he sunk inside her, she wrapped her legs around his waist locking her ankles together so he was buried deep inside her. They both let out a moan and he brought his hand up, cupping her cheek and twisting her head to reveal her neck.
"Hold on sweetheart," he whispered against her skin, and then he began to move. His hips rolled against her, his shaft bottoming out in the depths of her pussy. It was fast and hard, this round of lovemaking. He moved almost violently and she wondered if his punishing thrusts were meant to do just that, to punish her for the things she'd said before.
"God Max, yes, fuck me harder!"
"No one fucks you like I do."
"No one."
"No one makes you come like I do."
"No one."
"And if I leave no one will take my place."
"No one."
"Good girl," he growled as his hips slammed into hers.
She yelled his name as he switched angles and his cock nudged her g-spot again and again. The flutter in her stomach built quickly and he rode her through first one, then two orgasms. Her pussy sucked at him as she fell apart in his arms and she watched him bite his lips after that second time.
"I love it when you come all over my cock," he whispered in her ear. "Where do I get to come tonight?"
"God, I don't care just keep fucking me! Yes, just like that. Make me come again Maxime!"
She screamed as his thumb swiped over her clit. It was like pressing the buzzer on a game show. Her body lit up and every muscle tightened as he pounded himself into her again and again.
"Yes, come for me my little slut."
"Oh. My. God. It's. So. Gooood."
Max pumped into her a few more times and then pulled out and stood up, his hand gripping his cock hard as he commanded her on her knees. She scrambled down into position and watched his hand fly over dick as his breathing grew ragged and his stomach muscles clenched. She opened her mouth and heard him grunt as the first splash of semen hit her chest.
With a few more grunts and moans, he jerked himself off onto her tits, some of it arcing higher and shooting onto her tongue, dripping off her chin. Max fell backward into a chair opposite the couch and watched her with hooded eyes as she scooped up as much of the gooey liquid as she could, putting the fingers in her mouth and sucking her them dry.
"Yummy," she purred and watched his dick twitch in his lap. Then she made her way over to him, cleaning off as best she could with her ruined shirt before crawling up into his lap. HE stroked her hip and groaned as her fingers trailed down his chest and began fondling him.
"You're insatiable."
"And if you leave, you wouldn't know what to do without me."
"Yes I do."
"Oh, and what is that?"
"Easy… I'd just take you with me."
Before she could come up with a witty retort his lips were on hers and he was carrying her up the stairs.
So you see... I had planned on just a one shot... but I feel like I could go farther... but I don't know if I should. Thoughts?


  1. I think the ending can work for more chapters depending what happens after July 1st!

  2. I definitely agree with Molly. I think that you should continue. It's a great one shot but it could make for a great story depending on what happens to Max.

  3. I vote for more! I love Max stories whether he is playing for Pittsburgh or not!