Friday, June 24, 2011

S.E.X. -- Richards/Stoll for Flyerfly*

I know she's hurt and confused right now, but we were talking, and hopefully this will help her out, and soothe her tortured soul*
The club was hot. Not as in the filled-with-unnaturally -hot-women or music-totally-bumpin’ hot. It was temperature hot; had to be at least fifteen to twenty degrees warmer than the temperature outside, and he was pretty sure that it had hit triple digits even though it was now night.
Where is this guy? He said meet him here.
Suddenly he was there, standing right in front of him. A hand clapped him on the shoulder and a drink was thrust into his hand.
“Hey man, great you showed up! A couple of the others are in the VIP already, wanna go head up there? It’s quieter!”
Mike nodded and the wound their way through the sea of bodies, up the stairs, and to an area that was roped off and, as promised, slightly quieter.
“So, what do you think of L.A. so far?”
“Only saw the arena and my hotel room. But both of those were nice,” he said with a smile.
“Well, me and the boys will show you how to do it up right out here. No worries man!”
“Thanks Jarrett.”
Stoll grinned and walked over to the private bar. Turning around, Mike leaned against the railing and stared down at the crowd. He took a hearty swallow of his drink and as the glass came down he spotted her dancing close to one set of speakers. He watched her hips sway to the music, her hair falling down her back in waves. She had on a short, black skirt and a shimmery, backless shirt. He hadn’t seen the front yet, but from this view alone he was hooked.

Then she turned around. Her eyes were blue. He could tell from here. A smile broke out on her face from something that a girl beside her said and he felt his dick twitch in his pants. He brought his drink up to his lips again, trying not to stare as she threw her head back and laughed, her body still moving with the beat.
“See something you like already?” Jarrett asked as he slid back beside him.
Mike nodded ,his eyes glued to a bead of sweat that was rolling down her neck. He wanted to lick it. Then he wanted to untie the string holding her shirt up and bury his face between her bouncing breasts before….
“You’re staring at Rachel, aren’t you? Want me to have her brought up?”
Turning, he saw the devilish grin Jarrett had on his face and chuckled.
“You and I are going to get into a lot of trouble together, aren’t we?”
His new teammate laughed and went over to talk to one of the bouncers. Then he came back and they both watched as the man made his way over to the woman, leaned in close, and asked her something. Her eyes widened and she tilted her head up. She stared at the two of them for a second and then a very naughty looking grin spread across her lips before she turned and followed the bouncer up the stairs.
“What did you tell him to say to her?”
“Something I knew would get her attention. I hope you’re an open-minded guy.”
“Open-minded… how?”
“Because Rachel is a dirty girl. And she likes to…”
“Hello boys,” came a throaty greeting behind him. Mike swung around and willed his jaw not to drop. She was beautiful up close, her eyes were definitely blue, and she was grinning at Jarrett.
“Evening Rachel. This is Mike. He’s new around here.”
“New, eh? Well, you should be welcomed to L.A. properly, don’t you think?”
Mike’s voice had left him. He was pretty sure his brain had as well. All of the blood in his body was quickly heading south as he watched her mouth move. He wanted those red, pouty lips wrapped around his dick. Now. She stepped up close to him and leaned in toward his ear.
“Cat got your tongue Mikey?” she murmured as her hand slid down and cupped the bulge that was quickly growing. “Let’s go.” And then just like that she turned and started to walk away, pulling Mike by the hand. They had made it three steps before he heard Jarrett behind him.
“What about me Rachel? I thought I was your King?”
She stopped and peered around him, a knowing look in her eyes. Then she glanced up into his.
“What do you say Mikey? Can Jarrett come play too?”
“The more the merrier, if you want.”
She smiled and Mike wondered what the hell he’d just agreed to. She hollered for Jarrett to hurry up and the three of them made it outside, into Stoll’s car, and to his hotel in what felt like thirty seconds. On the ride up to his floor, Rachel leaned over and ran her lips over his ear, promising him a good time. He watched in the warped metal as she palmed his new teammate’s crotch as she spoke.
The ding of the elevator was a blessing and a curse. She stepped out first and Mike glanced over at Jarrett.
“Hope you’re okay with this Richards.”
“Not my first rodeo Stoll.”
They both laughed and joined her outside the car, making their way down the hallway to Mike’s room. He slid the key into the lock and saw Rachel jump in Jarrett’s arms. Opening the door, he stepped out of the way and let the two of them through. Turning every lock into place, Mike turned around and silently thanked the heavens for Jarrett Stoll.
Rachel was walking toward him, her hands tossing her hair up into a band and Mike could see the strings of her shirt hanging from her sides. Mike stared at the expanse of flesh and wanted to press his lips over every inch.
“Could you untie the top Jarrett,” she purred as she faced Mike. Her hands slid up, clasping around Stoll’s neck and then her top fell to the floor. It was all Mike could do to keep from sprinting over to the two of them. High, firm breasts with dark rose coloured, hardened nipples were calling to him. He made the journey in three strides and covered both of the pale globes in his hands as he noticed Jarrett’s hands dip down and start to remove her skirt.
Mike buried his face in her ample cleavage, his lips and tongue moving over both breasts before he latched on to one of her nipples and pulled it between his teeth, biting down and tugging gently. At her small cry he moved his fingers to the other nipple, pinching it between his thumb and finger. She sighed his name and Mike lifted his head. As she leaned in to kiss him he twisted both of the hardened tips and was rewarded with a moan before his tongue slipped between her lips.
Rachel bucked her hips in Mike’s direction as Jarrett slid one hand down the front of her skirt and pressed two fingers over her pussy. The scrap of lace was doing nothing but being soaked with her juices. His fingers moved in circles as Mike’s tongue dueled with hers. She slid one hand around his neck to keep him close, the other one already wound around Jarrett and his lips pressed hot kisses to her neck and shoulders.
She felt her skirt hit the floor and pulled her mouth from Mike’s dropping down to her knees between the two of them. She undid first one, then the second pair of pants, and then took turn dragging them and the briefs down two set of muscular, hockey players thighs. Wrapping her fingers over both cocks, she slid both hands back and forth slowly, glancing up at both men.
Mike’s head was thrown back in bliss, his eyes closed. Jarrett was staring at her, his eyes intense as he watched her lean over and take the head of his new teammate’s cock between her lips. She heard Mike groan but her eyes stayed on Jarrett’s as she watched his nostrils flare. Her fingers worked over him at the same speed as her mouth moved over Mike. Then, in the blink of an eye she had switched and she felt the familiar veins and ridges of Jarrett’s hardness with her tongue.
She felt one hand rove over her head, twirling the tail of hair around his hand before he jerked her back and in a silky, sexy voice commanded her mouth on him. She swallowed his length, felt the tug on her hair as he moaned and quickly bobbed her head, her hand still moving steadily over Mike.
“I think we should move this to a more comfortable position,” Jarrett growled and she let him out of her mouth with a pop. She stood up and watched both guys tear their shirts off and kick away their pants.
Oh hockey players.
Rachel smiled to herself and then pushed Jarrett back toward the bed. He chuckled and sat down on the edge of the mattress. Bending over, she took him in her mouth again and felt Mike peeling the lace away from her hips. She he pulled her panties down her legs, she felt his lips against the back of her leg. Kicking the ruined fabric away, she almost choked on Jarrett as Mike spread her legs and slid his tongue over her center.
He toyed with her box for a moment and then she moaned with her mouth full as he pushed himself through her folds. He was the same size as the man in front of her and he filled her nicely, stretching her a bit as he thrust all the way on the first stroke. His hands settled on her hips and his fingertips dug in slightly as he started fucking her.
She moaned as he hit a sweet spot and felt Jarrett’s hands tighten on her head. He loved the humming sensation and she gagged as he lifted his hips up, wanting more of what she was offering. Mike was sawing in and out at a steady pace, the delicious friction combining with a finger that was now drawing lazy circles over her clit.
Tightening her walls around him, Rachel fought the urge to cry out and took Jarrett as deep as she could. He groaned and held her there, and she swallowed, her throat working around him as Mike pumped harder.
“Spank her,” she heard Jarrett say. “She likes it.”
The resounding slap of an open palm on her ass practically echoed around the room and she moaned around the cock in her mouth as her pussy spasmed around the invading cock at her other end. Both men groaned. Mike thrust hard, his pace speeding up, and Jarrett had pulled her hair from the band and now had both hands buried in her tresses as he guided her mouth up and down at his leisure.
“I’m on the edge man, wanna switch?”
Rachel willed Jarrett to agree. She wanted to feel him inside her. Badly. Mike felt good, but Jay knew the right buttons to push to make her see stars. She sucked hard on him and felt his fingers tighten on her hair.
“Be nice Rachel,” he growled and then she was spinning around and dropping down on him, her breath whooshing out as he speared into her and began bouncing her in his lap. She looked at Mike and licked her lips as she watched him hold himself out like a treat. Then she bent forward as Jarrett held her down and opened her mouth.
Mike stepped up and she wrapped her lips around him, sucking him back into her mouth and hearing his sharp intake of breath. Her hands gripped his hips, steadying herself as she felt the fluttering of bliss pool in her stomach. She moaned when she felt fingers slide over her belly and drop down, rubbing hard against her love button and making her body tense.
She was ready in just a few more thrusts and she felt herself pulled away from Mike as Jay held her against him, bucking his hips up hard as he played with her clit. She came in a shower of stars, her eyes closed, hearing his ragged breathing in her ear. She cried out and shuddered, her body humming with sensation.
He let her rest for a quick second and then he lifted her up, letting her fall gently to the ground, and she heard him tell Mike it was ‘grand finale’ time. Opening her eyes finally, she saw them both standing at her sides and she licked her lips before reaching up and stroking them both, her hands moving over them, alternating her mouth between the two.
Jarrett came first, his eyes closing as he let out a string of curse words. She caught some of it in her mouth and the sight of a porn movie finish must’ve been too much for Mike because he followed right after, staring directly at her while she swallowed what he offered.
She watched him stagger back, collapsing in the roller chair at the desk, and Jarrett dropped back down onto the bed. Standing up, Rachel slinked over to the bathroom, grabbing one of the towels and dabbing around her face, cleaning up some, before peeking out around the doorframe.
“Who’s wants to help me get clean,” she asked with a giggle.

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