Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sinning - a non-hockey one shot!

Okay, so this one isn't hockey-related... I mean, the guy's name is John/Johnny, so it could be like Tavares... or Tazer if I spelled it wrong on purpose... LOL
But this wouldn't leave my head.
I had started it awhile ago... and I finally finished it.
Hope you like it, but if you don't... well, that happens*


Her name was bellowed from the rafters of the church and she squealed as two arms wrapped around her waist and hauled her around in circles as a raspberry was blown against her cheek.
“Johnny, you put me down right now!”
Maddie found herself placed back on the ground and spun around before she was back in those arms. He smelled like fresh cut grass and gasoline.
“Someone’s been working’ on the farm today!” He laughed as he finally released her.
“Ha, yeah. Crap. I still smell like gas?”
“Just a little. No worries. So how have you been?”
The two started catching up on the past few months since they’d seen one another, relaxing in one of the pews as others came in and out with things for the talent show this weekend. They had just gotten into the details of a plan for dinner together when Emma burst into the sanctuary, duct tape in one hand and plastic in the other.
“Awesome! John, Mads, I need you two! Some of the windows need re-plasticized before the opening tonight.”
“Is that even a word,” Maddie asked her, grinning from ear-to-ear.
“Funny. And yes, I believe it is. So… hop to it peeps!” Emma threw the duct tape at her, John caught the plastic, and before they knew it, the two of them were outside the church, blacking out some of the basement windows for a more dramatic look. Walking along the inner wall, Maddie pulled the ruined piece of plastic off one of the windows and held up a newly cut length.
“Ok, I’ll hold it in place, you tape it up. Deal?”

“Sounds like a plan.” She could feel his body heat as he stepped behind her. She’d always had a bit of a crush on her farm boy. Ever since the day she first laid eyes on him. But, being three years older than him, she couldn’t even voice those feelings to anyone until last summer. Then he’d turned eighteen, and she let loose all those dirty thoughts, writing story after story about the two of them.
Ones where he took control and showed her the man he had become. She wasn’t normally a submissive person, her previous lovers could attest to that, but there was something about John that made her want to be dominated… wanted to be his. She couldn’t stop the images from playing over and over in her mind. And now he was so close…
“That dang spider from yesterday better not be here again. Thing gave me the creeps.”
“Uh-oh… you better not move then, because I see it.” Maddie tensed, her entire body going stone still.
“Right here,” he whispered as he blew a breath gently across the back of her neck. Maddie gasped.
“Maybe you sh-should get it f-for me.” A shiver raced down her spine as John traced a path from the nape of her neck, down over her collarbone, and down the front of her shirt. Her hands stayed splayed against the plastic, her head tilted gently.
“I think I lost it Maddie. Maybe we should go find a place where I can look for it better.” His fingers were resting right under her bra. As John held himself close behind her, his thumb grazed over the side of her breast, causing a momentary hitch in her breath.
“Have a spot in mind?”
“M’hmm, if you’re interested in letting me take a closer look,” he whispered in her ear. Take a closer look, I’ll let you look and touch anything you want! Maddie turned and faced him, squinting up as the sun peeked around the building. She traced a finger down his chest until she came to a stop at his belt buckle.
“I’m very interested.”
She didn’t get a chance to say anything more. Johnny grabbed her hand and they practically sprinted back into the church. He motioned for her to go upstairs, into the balcony area, and then he’d follow. Maddie knew there were a couple rooms up here, her excitement over the danger of getting caught adding to the fire that he’d already lit inside of her.
God, what am I doing?! He’s practically a child! I’m going to Hell for this.
She was still having a war or words with herself in her head when she felt hands on her waist. At first she thought it was someone else, but then one of those hands slid down the front of her jeans and cupped her wet mound through her panties.
“Wet for me already Maddie?”
“I’ve been wet for three years.”
“Why didn’t you say anything?!”
“You were only sixteen. I was away at college a lot. Can you say scandal?”
“And what do you think would happen if anyone found us right now?”
His voice had dropped down a couple octaves and made her squirm almost as much as his questing fingers did.
“I’ve wanted you forever Maddie. And I’m going to thoroughly enjoy this… Now, get in that room and get those pants off.”
He had definitely grown up through the years. This bossy, adult version made her bit her lip to keep from moaning out loud. They had to be extremely quiet. Sure, there was music playing as people went over dance moves and lyrics, and the kitchen in the basement was bustling, pots and pans making noise… but the room they were going in wasn’t sound proof. And she knew, from past experiences, if the guy she was with hit the right spots, she wasn’t a quiet lover. Not in the least.
Maddie turned once she walked through the door and was about to tell him that maybe they should drive somewhere… his barn, a hotel, an open field for fuck’s sake! But before she could open her mouth he pressed a finger to his lips. All she could do was nod.
She watched him stalk toward her after locking the door. He tore his t-shirt off and was already working on the buckle of his belt as he stepped in front of her. He stopped and brought his hands up, cradling her face between them. He leaned in close and she tilted her head up, expecting his lips to fall on hers. But he chuckled and turned her head, nuzzling his nose against her cheek.
“Do you know what gave me the courage to do this,” he murmured against her skin. She shook her head. She couldn’t breathe, and he was asking her questions. Couldn’t he feel her shaking against him, her heart beating to the extreme against her chest?
“It was all of those stories.”
Maddie froze in his arms. She stopped breathing, her heart stopped beating… she was pretty sure the blood boiling through her veins had stopped moving.
“Wh-what stories?”
“The ones you wrote… about me… and you.”
He doesn’t really know about those… he must… he wouldn’t bring that up if he didn’t.
“I remember when I got this random e-mail with a link to the story site. And there were instructions to read a certain story. It was very explicit. Very in-depth. Very dirty. And although the names were different, I knew it was you and me.”
“Who sent you the e-mail?”
“I don’t know. I always thought it was you…”
“No! I… you were never supposed to find that!”
“But I did. And do you want to know something else?”
“I don’t know if I can handle another something.”
“Oh,” he chuckled, “I think you can… I read all of those stories, one by one, and I got off in the shower after each read through. Do you know how many showers that is? The guys on my floor at school thought I was the cleanest guy around.”
She shivered at the thought of him in the shower… naked… wet…
Fuck, I want him.
Finally unclenching her fists from her sides, she ran them both over his waist. The skin was so smooth, so warm… she wanted to touch him forever. Just caress his flesh. But John gasped, the shock of her touch must’ve been a complete surprise. He growled and moved his hands to her shoulders.
“I know how you want it Maddie. And I am prepared to give you exactly what you want. Now, get down on your knees and take care of this aching hardness.”
She stifled a moan at his words and his fingers gripping her gently but forcefully as he pushed down. Dropping to her knees, Maddie ran her fingers over his belt buckle. Then she pressed her face against the front of his jeans. She rubbed her lips over the bulge and then, in quick movements, she had the belt unclipped, the button undone, and the zipper pulled down.
“Now, take me out baby. I wanna feel those fingers wrapped around me.”
Doing as he asked, Maddie went a little farther, pulling his pants and boxers down to his ankles. His cock jumped out and bounced in front of her face. Licking her lips, she brought her hand up and circled his girth with her fingers. John moaned quietly and she looked up into his eyes.
“Now your mouth. Suck me off.”
Obeying his command, Maddie wrapped her lips over the head of his cock before taking a deep breath and sliding her mouth down. John let out a guttural groan and his hands let go of her shoulders to fist in her hair. He grunted as her teeth scraped along the underside and she moaned as his hold tightened.
“That’s it baby, just like you wrote. Take it all.”
She looked up at him as she swallowed his length and the pure lust in his eyes made her heady with want. Tracing the indentation at his right hip while she worked him over, Maddie sucked harder to make him come faster. She wanted her own turn and the faster he came now, the longer he’d take when he was between her thighs.
“Such a good little cocksucker, aren’t you? Do you think of me when you’re getting off at night? Does it make you wet right now to think about how I’m going to slide inside you, make you scream my name, make you cum all over my cock?”
She moaned and the vibrations must’ve traveled all the way up his spine because he gasped and thrust harder, hitting against her throat, bringing tears to her eyes as he humped against her face.
“Fuck your mouth is so good.”
Maddie moaned in appreciation and he jerked hard against her once again. She had both hands on his hips now, her nails scouring half moons into his flesh as she willed his body to give in and to pour himself down her throat. Hearing his breathing pick up, his thrusts become jittery, she slipped one hand down to caress his balls. They were high and tight and she toyed with him for a few more minutes until he gripped her face and held her still, jamming himself as far into her mouth as he could.
“Yes… take it all my little slut… swallow every single drop.”
The pulsing between her lips intensified and she felt the first spurt of jizz hit her throat. he filled her mouth, and she did as he commanded. She swallowed, twice, feeling him shudder as she kept him inside. IT was only after he was done, and she continued to run her tongue over the sensitive tip, that he pulled her mouth off.
Licking her lips, Maddie tilted her head and stared up at the man who stood before her. He broke out into a big grin and then he was down on his knees as well.
“Now it’s my turn,” he growled. She bit her lip to keep from screaming as he tackled her to the floor completely, his thigh nudging between hers and his fingers pulling the hem of her shirt up until he could see her breasts, encased in purple satin and lace.
He wasted no time, gave her no chance to react… he just dipped his head and buried his face between her cleavage. She ran her fingers through his short, semi-curly hair and then gasped as he bit down on her nipple. He nibbled on her through the material of her bra and his hand pulled the other cup down, fishing her creamy flesh from its silky prison.
“Johnny,” she whimpered.
He moved his mouth over and suckled as much in his mouth as he could at one time. His teeth bit down on the hardened tip, drawing a strangled yelp from her throat. he just chuckled and sucked hard. Tiny pinpricks of light danced behind her closed eyes.
He mauled her chest, his mouth and fingers twisting and playing with her, making her hips rise, her pussy rubbing against his thigh through her pants. John slid down her body, giving her breasts from sweet relief as he licked a path over her stomach, dipping his tongue into her belly button.
She giggled and arched as she felt the tip of his tongue run along the waistband of her jeans. He unsnapped them and then tugged the denim down over her hips. He didn’t stop there though, he pulled them all the way off, leaving Maddie panting there in her panties. He’d discarded his pants as well and she still felt over-dressed.
He must’ve thought so as well because he pulled her into a sitting position and flipped her shirt up over her head before practically ripping her bra from her body. Seemingly pleased with that for now, John pushed her shoulders backwards again and she felt each coarse piece of the shag carpet press into her back.
Lifting her head and staring down at him, Maddie watched as John slipped one digit under the elastic of her underwear. He pulled at it, not dragging it down. No, he lifted it away from her juicy little peach and just looked at her. She started to squirm after a moment, not used to someone gazing so intently at that portion of her anatomy.
Drawing the satin to the side, he leaned forward. Sticking out his tongue, he licked her slit from bottom to top, not paying any special attention to her clit. An unfamiliar growl escaped as he tortured her slowly. Keeping her panties to the side, he spread her open to his gaze and his mouth, burying his lips against her, his tongue seeking out as much of her sweet nectar as he could.
“Johnny… oh my god! When did you learn to do this?”
He pulled himself away and tore the scrap of material down as he blessed her with a killer smile.
“Found myself a teacher up there at school. Wanted to make sure that I pleased you.”
Then he winked at her and dove back between her legs. This time he attacked her clit right away. He sucked it between his lips, nibbled on it with his teeth, slid his tongue around and over it. Maddie made little mewling noises as she tried to keep from screaming out and bringing attention to them, and what they were doing.
John pushed her legs up and apart, spreading them wide, before hooking them over his shoulders. Her toes curled and she tried not to squeeze his head off with her thighs, but he was bringing her to the point of no return pretty quick.
“Yes, right there… fuck… don’t stop. Jesus!”
Fisting her hands into the carpet on either side of her body, Maddie lifted her hips again to press as close to him as she could. He pushed her hips back down, forcing her heated skin to stay put as nipped at her and dipped his tongue between her folds to spread around the cream from her center. She was twitching and trying to thrust against him, begging him for release.
“Please, I’m sooo close!”
Shaking her head from side to side, her breathing escalating to a breaking point, Maddie grabbed her shirt and bit down on a wad of the fabric and covered her mouth with the rest of it as she screamed out her pleasure. Her hips rolled and her nipples tightened as the orgasm soared through her veins. As she laid there, her back bent and taut as a bow ready to fire an arrow, Maddie felt Johnny’s skin move against hers until he was looking her in the eye.
“You taste delicious.”
To prove his point, he pressed his lips to hers before his tongue sought entrance and she then tasted the lingering juices that he’d wrenched out of her with his talented mouth.
Before long, as his tongue plundered her mouth, she felt his erection grinding against her thigh. Maddie widened her legs, letting him rest in-between her lower body. Then she snuck one hand between them and while she hooked one leg over his, he guided him into her drenched center.
Her brain shut down and her sense of touch took over control as he grunted and slid in deep. She turned her face from him, biting her lip and arching against him in a silent plea for more. He chuckled and bit down on her neck, marking her back below her ear and making her pulse jump inches lower.
Maddie wound her hands around his neck and pressed close to him. Her breasts flattened to his chest, her other leg came up to curl around his waist and she dug her fingers into his shoulders as he thrust again, this time bottoming out and giving her everything he had. She tilted her head back and fought to remember to breathe as her Johnny recognized the pleasure spot and began a slow, deliberate pace.
“Evil,” she gasped. “Complete torture.”
“For both of us sweetheart,” he grumbled. She heard him hiss as her nails raked once down his back. “Bad girl.”
Maddie giggled and as he ground down against her, John held himself up while reaching back to, one by one, grab her wrists and bring them high above her head. Holding both her wrists in one hand, he rested on his opposite elbow and she moaned as his hips gyrated against her, hitting spots that no man had before.
Obviously whoever had taught him all these wonderful tricks, had also taken the time to teach him how to make a lasting impression. The way he twisted against her made her want to simultaneously praise and smack the woman.
“My god, you feel so good. Every time I sink inside you I feel like I’m going to lose it.”
“Mmmm, don’t you want to lose it? Don’t you want to come?”
“I want to make you come. Then we’ll talk about my needs.” He stared directly into her eyes and pulled out slowly. “Tell me how you like it Madeline.”
The force of his thrust took her breath away. Her hands, still held up by his, turned into fists and she beat them backwards into the carpet. He moved twice more and she bit down hard on her lip to keep from hollering and giving away their hidden spot.
“Fuuuuccckk… oh god, oh god, oh god… Mmmm, you know how I like it. You’ve read the stories.”
Maddie watched his face. His nostrils flared out and she saw a steely determination flit across his face. Then the corner of his mouth lifted and he dragged himself from her depths. Then he grabbed her hip and pulled her, flipping her onto her stomach and hauling her hips up. she started to get up on her elbows as well but he grunted and pushed in between her shoulders, keeping her face down.
“Johnny,” she whined, “Let me up so that I can get better purch…”
Her words died as he held himself steady and then jammed himself back inside her. every inch slid back into her pussy and she could feel each ridge and vein slide within. He grunted out a command for her to stay the way he wanted her to, and then, with his hands now glued to her hips, Maddie moaned as he began sawing in and out, pounding into her with rapid, sure strokes.
Her knees burned instantly as he jerked her over the carpet and her breasts hung down, her nipples swaying against the shag and sending tingles straight to her dripping snatch. She tried to stay quiet, made every attempt not to make a sound, but the smacking noise of his flesh hitting hers as he stroked himself deep…
“Johnny… make me come. I want to come for you.”
“You don’t need my help with that. Close your eyes. Feel me pushing into that sweet little pussy. You’re so fucking tight. And you’re all mine. We’re up here, in the balcony of the church… and I’m balls deep in you. It feels good, doesn’t it?”
“No, it’s feels fucking fantastic!”
“You’re so wet for me. Is it where we are, or the fact that it’s me? What’s got you so hot, so ready to squeeze me as you shudder and cry out my name? Maybe it’s the fact that someone could hear us… maybe hear this…”
Maddie jerked and let out a yelp as he spanked her. His hand stayed there, cupping the fleshy globe of her ass and rubbing away the sting of the smack that his palm had left.
She wanted to tell him no, tell him not to do that… but it felt so good… so fucking good. When he did it again she knew he had to feel how she tightened around his invading girth.
“Yeah… my little slut loves to be spanked. You’re so dirty. I bet you’re dying to just scream out your pleasure right now. You like to scream don’t you? I bet I know what really does it for you.”
John grabbed a hold on her hips and let loose a string of brutal, bone-jarring thrusts that were so powerful they were almost painful. Stars burst behind her eyes, he fingers clawed for purchase on the carpet but she could feel her entire body being shoved forward.
“Oh, you’re gonna come for me now, aren’t you? I feel you grabbing me each time my balls slap against that dripping little cunt. Maybe it’s the dirty talk…. The manhandling… Don’t scream too loud baby… I want to get off too. If we get caught before that happens, I’ll have to punish you later. I may have to do that anyway.”
Maddie moaned. She couldn’t stop herself. She was picturing him tying her up, handcuffing her to her iron bed frame before he spent hours giving her more pleasure than she thought possible.
“You’d love for me to tie you up, wouldn’t you? You want to be at my mercy, unable to stop me from licking you until you pass out, making you cum again and again until your voice is hoarse from begging.”
“Goddammit Johnny fucking stop the teasing and just fuck me!”
He started hammering away once more and she growled and then grabbed his shirt that was lying beside her, biting down on a big chunk of it and screaming his name into the wad of material. She heard the rumble in his chest and as he ripples of pleasure rolled over her in waves, she tried to make out the words he was saying through the orgasmic haze that was settling over her.
“I feel you, I feel what is happening. You’re coming all over my cock. I’m so ready to follow in your footsteps. I could shoot jet after jet of cum into your pussy. Do you want that? You want me to fill you up?”
She couldn’t answer him. It was too much. But the sobs erupting from her throat must’ve conveyed her wishes. She nodded her head as well, wordlessly begging for him to come in her. the thought sent another round of convulsing through her snatch and she heard the hitch in his breath.
“Oh Jesus… yes… I’m gonna come baby. Here. It. Comes.”
Piercing through her swollen flesh once more, Maddie let her knees give out and felt his weight crash down on top of her, buried as deep as he could be, and he jerked as he emptied his load inside her.
They were laying there, neither one of them talking now, both of them breathing heavily. She shuddered when he ran his hand down her body. He turn and fell onto his side, pulling her with him and keeping himself nestled nice and snug inside her still. The questing hand slipped over her boob, cupping the full weight of it as he buried his face into hair.
“We are going to do this again,” he whispered, “aren’t we?”
“Mmmm… definitely.”


  1. Holy HAWT!!!!!! My God......I think..... I need.....Sorry, excuse my lack of being about to form a complete sentence after that.
    This should come with a warning will need cold shower after reading!!!!
    Girly, you are one hot tamale.

  2. holy crap that was hot. I LOVE IT! It was hotter than your hoeckey stories. probably cause haveing sex in a church taboo, but still extremely hot!

  3. that was amazing. i half wish it was a full story bc it'd be sweet to know there past and where they're gonna go from here. but the other half of me knows it was perfect the way it was. :)
    really hot and slightly jealous of a fictional character bc having sex in a church is totally on my bucket list. lol