Monday, January 3, 2011

WCSC: Ringing in the New Year

So, our group site held a Winter Classic Smutfest Challenge* LOL
And I have entered it with this piece* I hope you guys like it!
And I'm working on the next chapter of ALS as we speak!!


She brought her hand up and clutched at her forehead that had just been smacked with a door. The rush left her off balance and she started to fall. Flailing her arms and letting out a frantic scream she tried to keep herself upright but tumbled down. Instead of the pain of hitting the floor though, she felt two hands keep her from crumpling down onto the tiles. Opening her eyes, she stared up into a pair of bright and amused blue eyes. Eyes that had been flirting with hers all night.
“You should be more careful.”
“Fucking douche bags should not swing doors open wide when it’s fucking packed in here.”
“Such a dirty mouth,” he tsked. If only he knew what she was thinking right now. He’d probably smile and drag her away so she could put the fantasies in her head to the test.
“Got any of that Orbit stuff, I’m sure that would clean it right up.”
“Sadly, I do not. But how about a glass of champagne. It’s almost midnight you know.”
“I suppose that would work just as well. But is alcohol something I should drink with a possible head injury?”

“I will just have to keep you close and watch you for any signs of a concussion.” She shivered.
“What do you know about concussions? Are you a doctor?”
He looked down at her, surprise written all over his face. Like she didn’t know who she was being held by. Let’s see how he plays this.
“No, I’m not. But in my line of work. You see head injuries more than you’d like to.”
He set her upright and she held onto his arm that was around her waist for support. All of the blood rushed from being held almost upside down and she fought off the wave of dizziness. He cupped her cheek in his hand and stared into her eyes. She briefly wondered if he would be able to see the lust hidden in the depths of her own green eyes. She watched as his eyes widened a fraction and his grip on her side tightened almost imperceptibly.
“How much time is there until midnight?”
“Ten minutes.”
“It’s a shame really…”
She waited until he took a drink of his ‘bubbly.’
“Well sir, you’ve been eye-fucking me all night.” He choked on his champagne. A few people looked over but she just mentioned the bubbles tickling his nose and making him sneeze. “As I was saying… You and your friends have been watching us. I believe one of your friends is currently chatting up mine. It’s too bad you don’t live around here.”
“And why is that,” he asked with a smile. She leaned in close, feeling herself practically drip as she smelled his cologne.
“Because, if you did, instead of shoving your tongue in my mouth like I know you’re planning… you could be shoving your dick in my…”
She didn’t get to finish because he grabbed her hand, twisted himself around and started leading her toward the door. She laughed and kept her eyes on the floor, making sure she didn’t trip over anything. There was a shout from the other side of the bar, someone yelling ‘TALBO’ but he just threw a hand in the air and kept pulling her along.
When they exited the bar he looked down at her shoes, noted the fact that she was in flats, smiled, and said ‘Let’s go chère’ before he broke off in a run. She laughed and kept up with him as they came to a stop one block over, in front of a house that she had seen a couple weeks ago on the episode of 24/7.
As he faced the door and started to unlock it, she came up behind him, sliding her hand around him and rubbing the growing length in his pants. He growled, but covered her hand with his, pinning it to that spot.
“Bad girl,” he said.
“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet baby.”
The door finally swung open and he pulled her inside, shutting the frame and pushing her back against it. His hands were on her waist, his thumbs tracing small lines over the skin that was visible between the hem of her shirt and the waistband of her jeans. It was a light touch, like a feather, and she tried not to giggle as he brought his lips to hers. She failed.
“Ahhh, Max stop that!”
“So you do know who I am. Now you have me at a loss. I don’t know your name.”
He didn’t really seem bothered by that though, as he leaned forward and brushed her earlobe with his tongue, making a path down her neck, nipping gently where her pulse was beating wildly. She moaned as he pressed a kiss to her collarbone and then traced a path between her breasts, his tongue feeling rough against her smooth skin. As he left more tiny love bites on her exposed skin, one of his hands dove down her pants. She heard him groan as he slipped behind her panties and felt how wet she was for him.
“And just think,” she gasped as he tweaked her clit, “you’ve barely touched me. Imagine what a hot mess I’ll be when you really pour on the… fuck!”
He’d pushed two fingers inside her. she didn’t know how he managed it, not with the tight denim she’d worn tonight, but here he was, fucking her against his door, and they were both still fully clothed. He really is a master at this. As he moved in short thrusts, his palm pressed against her clit, sending shocks of pleasure coursing through her veins.
“How much time do we have Max?”
“Not nearly enough.”
“I meant until midnight.”
“I didn’t.”
But he pulled his hand out, licking his fingers. Before he could finish, she grabbed his hand and slid one digit into her mouth. She slid her tongue over his finger and sucked hard as she brought her head back. He growled and swept her up in his arms before carefully, but quickly, carrying her up the stairs. They entered his bedroom and as he set her feet back down he barked out ‘Naked. Now.’ command.
They both pulled at their clothing, sending it flying around the room. She glanced at the clock by his bed. 11:58. Cutting it close. She had just bent over to slide her jeans and undies off when he came up behind her and smacked her ass.
“Mmmm, yes. You should do that again once you’re inside me. I like to play rough.”
Max just grinned and picked her up again before turning and tossing her onto the bed. She bounced a couple times, laughing as he threw open his side table drawer. He fished out a foil packet and ripped it open, covering himself before crawling onto the bed to join her. 11:59. She could smell strawberries. Of course he has flavored condoms.
Grabbing the remote from the table, he turned on the TV and found one of the many New Year’s Eve shows. Someone was counting down, there were fifteen seconds left. She gasped as he spread her legs and lined himself up. he pushed just the head in and she bit down on her lip. He leaned over her.
“Look at me,” he said. She did as he asked, her eyes staring up into his. Three, two, one, Happy New Year!! As the music started to play, and the people on the screen were celebrating, Max brought his lips down to hers. After the first touch, he twisted his hips and slid deep inside her. his mouth swallowed her scream and his hands held hers by her head.
She brought one leg up, curling it around his body, resting slightly above his ass. He started moving inside her, his hips rolling against hers. She gasped and rose up to meet him with each thrust. Their fingers were entwined, their mouths molded together.
It was unbelievable. He fit inside her perfectly. His hardness set off by her softness. Each movement brought her closer and closer to the moment of completion. His mouth left hers and he buried his face in her neck. He was whispering things in French, things she didn’t understand. He picked up the pace and released one of her hands, sliding his between them so that he could flick his finger back and forth over her clit.
“Fuck.. Max…”
“So tight… so perfect…”
“Harder,” she begged him.
“If I move faster or harder, this will be over too soon for my liking.”
“I’ll make it up to you,” she said and then licked her lips.
He groaned and then stopped moving at all. Lifting himself up, Max placed both hands on her hips. She watched his eyes shut as he bottomed out inside her depths. She wanted to shout from the rooftops at the exquisite pleasure of feeling him trying to hold himself in check. She lifted her hips in a silent plea for him to give her what she wanted. He begged her not to move.
“Hold on baby.”
She lifted her hands up, but could find no purchase on the headboard. She settled for the mattress and bit her cheek to keep from smiling as his eyes followed the movement of her breasts. He muttered something in French and then he pulled out to the tip.
The force of his next thrust shot the air from her lungs. He began to move quickly, the deep movements reaching places that she hadn’t felt reached in a long time. Clearly she just hadn’t been fucked properly in a while. The music on the TV was drowned out by the roaring in her ears as he pounded himself into her.
Her head tilted back her back arching up as she moaned for him to continue. She could feel how the frenzied pace was costing him the stamina that he probably prided himself on. they could work on his stamina later though. She wanted to feel him explode, to lose himself inside her. sliding one of her hands slowly, she brought her fingers over her mound.
“Are you going to give me a show while I fuck you?”
She just smiled and started rubbing herself as he bucked against her. the dual stimulation made her scream out his name and she tightened around him. he cursed and shoved harder, bouncing her off the top of the mattress.
“Cum for me you little slut. I want to feel you rippling around me, hear you scream my name.”
She brought her other hand down, spreading herself and sliding her fingers through her wetness before moaning as she played with herself. His nostrils flared and he jerked against her. He whispered words of encouragement as he fought to stave off his orgasm until she got off.
“I’m going to come Max. Feel that baby? Oh god, so close… come with me…”
She moved her fingers once more and felt the pressure that had been building release like a steam valve that has been turned. His name left her lips in a scream and she felt him become still as stone above her. as she fought to keep some of her brain intact as her body shook with an orgasm, she heard him shout out something in French.
Even through the condom she felt himself lose himself. He let go inside her and after a few more small thrusts he slipped out of her, collapsing onto the bed beside her. his hand slid down her quivering stomach, resting over top her hand. His index finger moved between two of hers and she jerked as he touched her sensitive little button.
He chuckled and moved between her legs quick as a flash. She put her hands in his hair to stop him but as his tongue slid between her folds she froze, the plea to stop him dying on her lips.
He threw her legs over his shoulders and dove in, drinking from her like a man denied of water for too long. She jerked and twisted in his grasp. The sensation was too much after what had just happened. But he wouldn’t be stopped.
Tears formed in her eyes and she cried out as he nibbled and licked and sucked. She started to tighten her legs, the anticipation of what he was bringing her to making her thigh clench. He chuckled as his tongue delved inside. his hands batted her fingers from his head. He used his strength to push her legs up and back.
As he continued to torment her, his tongue lapping up her juices like a juicy peach that he’d taken too big of a bite out of, she fisted her hands in the sheets on either side of her body. She ached from tensing up, she pleaded with him to end her misery. He tilted his head and the whiskers on his face rubbed against her flesh. It was like sandpaper and just added to her torture.
She started to shake, her body strung together by one small thread. When Max nipped her clit again, it was like severing that string. Her body convulsed, her muscles pulled taut and released. The tides turned, the world was spinning, stars were bursting. The noise that came out of her mouth could’ve have been human. She wasn’t even sure what she said. Tears flowed freely down her cheeks.
Her entire body was Jell-o. No, that wasn’t true. Jell-o had a sort of stability to it. She was boneless, a puddle, something like that. She was just lying there, twitching slightly. She heard the pull of latex over flesh. Felt his slightly cooler body wrap around her over-heated skin. He kissed each eye, the tip of her nose, a soft and chaste kiss to her lips.
“Happy new year…”
“Happy new year Meredith.”
“Happy new year Max.”
“What are your plans for the holiday?”
“I’m relaxing for the first art of the day. then I’m going to some hockey game or something at a football stadium.”
“Oh yeah? It’s supposed to be a pretty big game. Important players on both sides. I’ve heard a few things about it. who are you cheering for?”
“Oh, I’ve got a favorite player on my team. He’s taller than me, kind of scruffy, has this sexy accent and is a total goofball. Oh, and now I can say that he’s dynamite in bed.”
He laughed and pulled her tighter against him.
“And after the game?”
“I currently have no plans.”
“That’s a shame. I would be more than happy to occupy your time.”
“I don’t know… another night like this might kill me.”
“I’ll be gentle,” he murmured against her neck and she shuddered as a sexual chill ran up her spine. His idea of gentle would have her in another puddle. Hell, anything he did would reduce her to a fucking puddle.
“I’ll pencil you in then.”
She stretched against him and groaned as all of the aches seemed to hit her at once. He suggested a shower and she followed him in after sending a text to her friend.
Not dead. Well, not yet. With a Superstar. Will text later. Don’t wait up.
The response she got back made her laugh.
Trying to learn Russian. Stop bothering me. Breakfast at the hotel. Be there or be square.
She threw her phone on the dresser and sashayed into the bathroom where her Frenchie was currently standing under the spray of dual showerheads. She sighed as she stared at the water cascading down his well-defined body. He turned and smiled mischievously at her, crooking a finger and beckoning her forward.
Opening the door, she stepped in with him and thought that win or lose tomorrow, she’d have a good time with him. With a win, there’d be celebratory sex. With a loss, frustrated ‘goddammit’ sex. She honestly couldn’t decide which one she would prefer. Then Max slid his arm around her and she figured the decision was inconsequential. He growled her name in that sexy accent and she lost her entire train of thought.

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