Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fiction Group Challenge, Part Two: What Happened Next, a Mike Green One Timer

Well, because some of you *COUGH MER COUGH* felt like there was some 'unfinished business' at the ned of my last one timer... This was what I came up with today. Hopefully it doesn't offend ya'll as much as the Ovi one!! ;)
Love you ladies, and I can't wait to get the feedback on this one!!!
Mike sat in the living room of his apartment. He was staring at the photo in his hands. Elle was sitting on his lap, a paper turkey on her head like a hat.
The Caps had gone to a couple schools before Thanksgiving. They were doing a reading program, blah blah blah. But Elle had insisted on going with him. The WAGs never really joined in on things like some other organizations. And he didn’t want her going.
Why? Not because he didn’t want her doing things with him. No, he didn’t want her going because the school that they would be at… it housed the living memory of a drunken one night stand from two months ago.
Crystal had been at the bar he’d gone to the night he and Elle had gotten into that huge fight. She’d told him he could fuck off and walked out of his apartment. So he’d gone out and gotten wasted. Completely wasted. And he’d woken up next to a blonde haired nightmare.
She wasn’t bad looking, but he couldn’t believe that he’d done that. He’d done the one thing he’d told Elle he’d never do. Cheat on her.
It had eaten away at him for days, but in the end… they were on a break that night, right? She’d left him. No worries in the end. Two days after that night, they’d gotten back together, work out their issues. No need to tell her what he did.
And then he’d walked into that school in October for the reading program and ran, literally, into Crystal. Awkward City! But they’d both danced around the issue nicely, considering the rock on her finger that night was still there. Obviously she hadn’t told her parent either.
So what had made him tell Elle, as they were driving back to the house, that the nice lady she’d talked with all morning had slept in their bed two months before??
“FUCK! I was such an idiot!”
“For what you did? Or for how long it took you to tell me?”
Mike’s head shot up and he stared at the woman in the doorway. Her hair was a mess, her clothes rumpled, and there was, if he wasn’t mistaken, bite marks on the one side of her neck.
I’ll fucking kill him.

She’d watched him for about five minutes, wondering if he realized she was even standing in the doorway.
Obviously not, or he would’ve kicked me out by now.
After hearing him yell out to no one, she couldn’t help but ask in a very hurt voice. Just looking at him there, all forlorn and red-eyed, made her want to crawl into his lap and apologize. But he’d brought this on himself.
Okay, maybe what she’d done was worse. It was pre-meditated, calculated, menacing… After the pounding had stopped though… she’d looked down at Alex and seen the smug smile on his face. She’d thought she was going to vomit. She’d scrambled off the bed and ran into the bathroom amidst his laughter.
At least he’d brought her all of her clothing and her phone. And offered to call her a cab.
But then, before she had gotten out the door, he’d grabbed her, pulled her close and pressed one more kiss to her neck. When she’d tried to pull away he’d growled and nipped at her skin. Then he’d chuckled harshly as she ran for the yellow car.
So now, she stood at Mike’s door, wondering just what the hell she was supposed to do. They had both cheated, did that make them even?
He was staring at her, not moving, but she saw his fingers tighten around the frame he was holding. That fucking photo. It stared back at her ever visit, reminding her of a day she wished had never happened. She didn’t understand how he could keep that photo up on the main mantle.
“Elle? Are you really standing here?”
Pulling herself out of her reverie, she looked into his eyes. They were filled with pain, distrust and what looked like a glimmer of hope.
“Yes Mike, I’m really here.”
He stood up and took a step toward her, the picture now shaking in his hand. He stopped and with a disgusted sigh he threw the picture against the wall farthest from her.
“Fuck Ellie!! WHY?!”
“Mike, I jus…”
“Why him? Why did it have to be Alex fucking Ovechkin??”
“I don’t kn…”
“Don’t fucking tell me you don’t know why! You do! You have to!”
He was now standing right in front of her. Elle looked anywhere but at him. The words were forced out, the heart-wrenching pain laced with each syllable. His hand came up and she felt the slight pressure as he forced her to look at him. When her gaze collided with his it damn near broke her heart. Tears were in his eyes, a couple had already fallen.
“I understand why you did it, revenge is a powerful motivator… but of all the guys in D.C., you had to find the one guy who would rub it in my face for the rest of my life.”
“Mike I’m sor...”
“You fucking should be! I apologized a million times for what happened that night! I told you it wouldn’t happen again! I promised to do whatever I could to make it up to you! And what do you do?? YOU GO AND FUCK THE CAPTAIN OF MY TEAM!!!!!”
Mike pushed her back against the door. He pressed his body against her. As angry as he was, as much as he wanted to hate her… seeing those eyes staring back at him… he wanted her. Badly.
“M-Mike? What are you doing?”
“Was he good Ellie? Did he make it good for you?”
Leaning forward, he touched his cheek to hers before burying his face in the crook of her neck. She smelled like she always did… like apples, even after the night she’d had. At the thought of Alex touching her…
“Was. It. Good.”
“Yes,” she whimpered.
He roared as he pulled away and grabbed her hand. He started through the apartment, sidestepping the magazines and pillows and things he’d thrown last night when he returned home from the incessant pounding. He didn’t stop until they’d reached his bedroom.
Starting with the buttons on her coat, he ignored her questions as he methodically peeled each layer of clothing from her body. After she was standing in front of him, naked as the day she was born, he picked up everything but her shoes and coat and with a threatening ‘don’t move’ he took the pile of clothing and threw it in the washer. After adding soap and turning the dial, he marched back to his bedroom.
Then he grabbed her hand once more and pulled her into the adjoining bathroom. Opening the glass door, Mike turned on the water, testing it and making sure it was hot but not scalding before he pushed her inside. Shutting the door, he debated what to do.
Get inside… stay outside… what is the right thing to do??
He looked up and her eyes called to him. His decision made, he pulled his shirt over his head and pushed his sweats down, stepping out of them and pulling the handle on the shower door. Stepping in, he nudged her under the spray of water.
She was drenched in no time and he snatched her bottle of shampoo, squeezing a dollop into his hand before lathering it up and starting at the top of her head. Running his fingers through the tresses, he made sure that the fruity goo was sudsy through all of her hair. He massaged her scalp and listened as she moaned quietly. Placing her hands on his waist he tipped Elle backwards slightly so he could rinse all of the suds from her hair.
Mike grabbed that clip she always had on the shower nozzle and handed it to her, letting her twirl the clean strands up on her head. While she was busy doing that he wet the washcloth and soaped it up, liberal amounts of gel soap causing bubbles to run down his arm. He didn’t care.
“Turn around Ellie.”
“Mike I can d…”
“Turn. Around.”
Dropping her head, she did as he asked and turned her back to him. Placing the cloth on his shoulder, he guided her hands to the tiled wall. He slid his hands down her arms and then skimmed over the sides of her breasts, her ribs, forward across her stomach.
Elle clenched her teeth as Mike’s fingers splayed across her skin. She felt her stomach muscles tremble and hoped that he’d think it was nerves. But it wasn’t. No, the feel of his touch, the rough hands pressing gently over her flesh was driving her nearly to distraction.
She released an unexpected moan when he stepped behind her and she felt every inch of him pressed against her backside. His cock was throbbing and hard as steel. His lips pressed in-between her shoulder blades and one hand slid down to run between the folds of her heated flesh.
“Was he better than me,” she heard him whisper.
Oh god, how do I answer that?!
IT wasn’t that Alex had been any better than Mike. Mike could pleasure her for hours. But it had been a while since he’d spent more than the necessary time with her in bed. They had sex, but it wasn’t like it had been when they’d first hooked up.
“Ellie, answer me.”
“N-no… he wasn’t better. He was different.”
He must’ve been satisfied with that answer because instead of cursing or yelling again, Mike just pressed his forehead against one shoulder and sighed. Then he pulled away. She didn’t know what he was planning on doing, but she didn’t risk turning around and angering him right now.
She jumped as the soapy washcloth scrubbed gently against her back. He moved in circular motions, a very soothing pattern. He ran up and down both arms and the n swiped it across the back of her neck. Pulling it around, he moved it painstakingly slow across her breasts. Her nipples were hard, diamond-like tips and when the coarse material of the cloth passed over them her knees buckled.
“Oh Jesus… Miiikkkee… Please don…” *SMACK* “Owww, fuck!”
Ellie wanted to cry as the sting on her ass cheek pulsed through her entire body. But she said nothing after the initial outburst. Not even when he smacked each cheek twice more did she cry out. She just stood there, taking this little punishment of his. Mike must’ve enjoyed his actions because instead of letting up or finishing the washing he’d been giving her, he pulled her hips out more.
“You’ve been very naughty Ellie. A dirty little slut. You need to be punished. You know that, don’t you?”
“Yes,” she said in a very low whisper.
“You deserve this, don’t you?”
“Yes, I deserve this,” she repeated quietly.
“I said you deserve this, don’t you?!”
“Yes, I fucking deserve it!”
“Good girl. You’re sorry for what you did, aren’t you?”
“Yes. I’m sorry that I went out and fucked your teammate.”
Obviously she’d used too much attitude in that statement, or he didn’t like that she’d said it at all, because he released six more slaps in rapid succession to one ass cheek. Tears were in her eyes, but the heat in the fleshy mounds was moving low in her belly and she felt like she was on fire.
Before she could blink, the cloth was back to tracing that pattern over her wet skin. He methodically washed all of her, all but the juncture between her thighs. When he had scrubbed every other inch, Mike moved back behind her, pressed against her
“You’re almost clean now. Just one more area to wash him away from. Are you ready for that Ellie?”
He didn’t give her time to answer. Instead, Mike slid the washcloth between her legs, rubbing the material over her juicy little peach, smiling to himself when she shuddered against him. He cleaned her then, washing away the memory of Alex from every inch of her body. Sliding his cloth-covered fingers between her pussy, he cleaned her, making her pure for him once more.
It was stupid. He knew that she was truly sorry, knew that this was embarrassing and insulting for her… but he needed her to be just his once more. A few more swipes and he felt like he’d washed away any evidence of Ovie’s presence on her body. He was now close to his boiling point and wanted to feel himself buried deep inside her.
Pulling the cloth away and rinsing it under the spray of water, Mike returned it to the juncture of her thighs and rinsed the soap off of her pussy. Then he dropped the washcloth and the pretense and slid two fingers inside her.
She let out a strangled moan and pushed back against him, grinding her ass against his dick. He slid his fingers deep, keeping the heel of his palm mashed against her clit. Jerking back and forth quickly, Mike listened to her ragged breathing, heard the hitch in her breath as she got close to release.
But this wasn’t about her. Wasn’t about forgiving her. This was a punishment. He stopped his movements, pulled his fingers from her sweet honey pot and heard her groan. He grabbed the shampoo bottle with his free hand and flicked the lid open. Spreading her cheeks some, he squeezed the bottle and watched the liquid slide down the crack of her ass.
Tugging on his cock a couple times, he held it steady and felt the cool soapy liquid run over his length as he positioned himself at the one hole he didn’t think even Alex got to try out. They’d only done this once before, but he knew no other way to really punish her. Pushing slowly, Mike heard her grunt and then whimper, but she stuck her ass out more, her legs spreading to give him better access to her tightest hole.
“Punish me all you want, but please go slow.”
“I promise baby.”
And he did. He wanted to punish her, but he didn’t want to hurt her. As he moved his hips experimentally, he listened for any sign that he was causing her pain. But she just moaned out a long ‘yeeessssss’ and laid her cheek to the tile.
After a few moments of getting her accustomed to his girth and length inside her ass, Mike heard her breathing pick up. He smiled and took her hair out of the clip. Wrapping the tresses in on hand, he brought the other one around to her clit. Feeling her jerk and press back made him groan as she pushed him the rest of the way inside.
Sliding out some, he started pumping himself in and out of her ass his eyes closed and his bottom lip between his teeth to keep from crying out at the exquisite pleasure he was getting from her muscles tightening on every thrust.
Wanting to make sure that she was getting something out of this as well, he returned his two fingers to her dripping snatch, pushing them inside and feeling his cock push in beside them, separated by a thin membrane.
“Oh god… yes Mike! Oh yes!”
“Better than the last time we did this?”
“Mmmph, fuck yes!”
He felt her shaking and thrust his fingers faster, his palm pressed against that little pleasure button once more, and he wanted to feel her cum before he broke loose. He was moving faster now, his balls slapping against her pussy with each thrust and she had brought one hand back, wrapping it around his neck and keeping him close.
Each time his hips smacked against her they caused a spray of water. The noises bounced off the shower stall walls and her moans grew louder. He listened to her breathy cries of passion, heard her moan out his name as she clamped down on his fingers and cock.
“Fucking hell Mike! Yes you bastard, make me cum for you!”
Elle pushed herself back against him and felt him hold perfectly still as her ass milked his cock and her little cunny tightened around his fingers. He growled and bit down on her neck, ripping his fingers from her convulsing flesh.
With both hands on her hips now, he let loose a torrent of hard, deep thrusts. As he bottomed out repeatedly she brought a hand down, diddling her clit on her own, wanting to reach that pinnacle of pleasure once more while he fucked her senseless.
He was breathing hard and as he pistoned in and out, Elle heard his breathing turn ragged.
“God yes, oh you little slut. You’re so dirty. So fucking hot. I’m going to cum soon.”
“Yes baby. I want it. I’m so sorry Mike. Punish me, show me what a bad girl I’ve been.”
Her words must’ve gotten to him because he unleashed a series of brutal thrusts that literally had her screaming for him. She was so close now, just seconds from finding fulfillment again. With two more thrusts she felt him tense up.
His grip on her hips grew to an almost painful intensity and he cried out her name. Elle pinched the little nubbin between her fingers and cried out as well. She felt each splash of his release hit her inside and seconds later they both felt like they were made of jell-o. As he pulled himself from her depths, they both sunk down to the floor of the shower.
She let out a new whimper as he ran the washcloth over both holes, cleaning her up and making sure he hadn’t hurt her. When he was satisfied, he leaned over her and turned off the water. Still, neither of them made an effort to get up.
Finally, Mike stood and stepped out of the shower, wrapping a towel low on his hips and holding one up for her as well. She pulled herself up and walked into his arms, smiling as he tucked the towel around her body.
She let him lead her into the bedroom and then she stood quietly as he unwrapped her and dried every inch of her body. When he was finished he pulled the blankets back and motioned for her to get in bed. Elle watched him dry off as well and then he slid in beside her, pulling her back against him.
“Where do we go from here Mike?”
“I don’t know, but I don’t want you to leave.”
“I’m truly sorry for what I did. It was worse than your… indiscretion… How do we get past this?”
“I think we did that in the bathroom,” he said with a chuckle. She smiled too and then gasped as he tweaked one of her nipples.
“Again?? Already?”
“Forever,” Mike murmured as he flipped her to her back and sunk himself balls deep in her pussy. Sure, they had problems to work out, but that could wait until tomorrow.


  1. Great, now I have ANOTHER hockey crush. I'd never even thought about Mike Green before. Thanks a lot. :P

    Lol, in all seriousness, great story. That was fucking hot.

    And, um, if you ever want to write another short story, may I kindly request...Joffrey Lupul? I'm a Leaf fan (I know).

  2. I actually already have a Loops story up on here*
    It's the first story that's posted on here*