Friday, July 8, 2011

Nothing Wrong - Kevin Bieksa

I had a test done yesterday to make sure there wasn’t anything weird going on with ‘my girls.’ Ultrasound showed that there’s nothing there to be worried about, and I was so elated that I started writing something. It ends a little differently than my true story, but hey… this is a fiction place, right?* Enjoy!!!
She threw open the door, calling out his name as she practically hopped over the threshold and into his place.
“JUICE!!! Kev? Where are you?!”
As she took the stairs two at a time, she was still calling his name. She saw him pop out from the bathroom and ran to him, jumping into his startled arms. He coughed out the mouthwash he’d been swishing around and she smiled at the minty smell in the air. As they crashed against the wall, he wrapped his thick arms around her to protect her as they slid to the floor.
Pressing her lips to his, she grabbed at the towel, wrenching it open and smoothing her hand over his cock. Feeling it twitch she stroked slowly, burying her face in his neck and nipping at his skin. He let out a grunt and his hands held her close as he lifted his hips to her touch.
“You must’ve known I was coming home with good news,” she whispered and felt his entire body go rigid.
“There’s nothing wrong,” he asked. She heard the trace of fear and blinked back a rush of tears at how much he cared.
“No. Nothing wrong. So… you can stop treating me like I’m a china store and you’re a bull, and give me what I’ve been missing!”
With that said she bit his neck and gave him a harder squeeze before sitting up and straddling her big, bad defenseman. He chuckled as she fought to get out of her crocheted shrug and then she was whisking the simple, peasant sundress over her head. She settled down onto him and his laugh stopped with a gasp. It was her turn to giggle.
“Cat got your tongue baby?”
Her nails scoured his chest and she bent down, pressing her now very naked body to his. He growled and his meaty paws palmed her ass as he began to drag her up higher, moving her slippery slit against his cock.
“How did you have time to take off your bra and underwear as you ran in the house? I watched you dress this morning!”
“Seemed pointless to put them back on at the doctor’s after the good news. Just shoved them in my bag an…”
One hand combed through her thick hair, pulling her down so he could kiss her again. The other held his now hardened shaft and he bent his legs, pushing himself up toward her heat. She moved her hips, slipping the head of his cock inside herself. They broke the kiss and moaned simultaneously. Placing her palms on his pecs, she sat up better and sunk down over his length.
“Jesusfuckingchrist,” he groaned.
It had been a while since he’d done more than hold her, and she hoped that it felt as delicious to him as it did to her and she made as if to start riding him when he gripped her hips tightly and hissed out a plea.
“Don’t move yet baby.”
“What’s the matter Kevin?”
But she knew. She probably felt ten times tighter than normal and because of her train of thought on the way home she was completely drenched. He tipped his head back and bit his lip as if he was concentrating on something really hard. She pictured his concentration snapping and him guiding her up and down. She clenched around him and he sucked in a breath. His fingers dug into her skin and she was contemplating how many fingerprint bruises she’d have the next day when he swore and lifted her slightly, letting her crash back down and take him entirely.
Crying out as pleasure sparked in her belly, she smiled as he brought one hand over, sneaking it between her lips and brushing over her clit. She quivered on the edge instantly and he rubbed harder as he thrust up on her downswing.
“Oh god Kev.”
Another bump as his thumb twirled circles over the bundle of nerves.
“Yes baby, make me come.”
She put one hand on one of his legs and arched her back. Her body pulled taut like a bow and her other hand gripped his wrist as he flicked her button.
“Kevin… That’s it, just like that.”
He held her against him and rolled his hips. She fell apart with a scream and before she could sink into the joy of fulfillment he grunted and flipped them quickly, her back pressed against the cold, hardwood floor and her legs wrapped around his waist.
She watched him bring his hand up, sucking her juices off his thumb before he dropped down, bracing over her like he was going to do a push-up. Then he gave her one stroke. One thrust. And then he turned into that guy on the ice. The guy that fought to win every battle.
His face was a mask of intensity and she gloried in his powerful movements. Her hands went to his arms, holding his flexing biceps as he pounded into her. Every ounce of fear and desire he’d felt recently was poured into his sure, deep thrusts.
She heard his breathing become more erratic, his hips push out of the steady tempo he’d created. His eyes stared into hers and she slid one hand up, cupping his jaw and drawing him down for another kiss. He groaned and nuzzled his face into the crook of her neck and she heard his ragged, indrawn breath as he buried himself as deep as possible and held stone still.
As he burst inside her, she felt those flutterings of a softer, milder orgasm than before and she let out a contented sigh as he collapsed on top of her. They lay there, sweaty and connected, until he managed to lift his head up to smile at her.
“I’m glad there’s nothing wrong with ‘the girls’ by the way.”
He punctuated his statement with soft kisses to each of her breasts. She ran her hands through his short hair and tilted his face toward hers.
“Nothing wrong,” she repeated. “They said that sometimes things like this happen. The soreness, the little bumps. It’s all a part of a nine-month process. By the calculations, we’re about three months in.”
His brow furrowed in confusion for a few seconds before it gave way to a giant, surprised smile. Then he stood quickly and tugged her to her feet before giving an exasperated sigh and lifting her into his arms. She squeaked out his name and slapped his shoulder as he started toward the bedroom.
“What are you doing??”
“Putting you to bed. You need plenty of rest and relaxation.”
She struggled to jump out of his grasp but he held her close and burrowed them both under the covers. Pulling her flush against him, he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her into the mattress. They were both panting hard when he finally lifted his head.
“How is this relaxing,” she muttered as she felt his hardness pushing against her thigh.
“Trust me baby. I know exactly how to wear you out,” he said with a grin.
Sometime later she lay there in bed, her fingers smoothing his hair into place as he rested it on the soft skin of her stomach. There wasn’t visible proof yet of what was going on inside her, but she had just shown him the picture that they had taken at the office. He puckered his lips and moved them almost reverently against her flesh.
“Sorry I was kind of rough with your mom earlier, but it was kind of your fault for making us scared that there was something wrong.”
She smacked the back of his head.
“Don’t give our child a complex already.”
“Don’t you worry,” he whispered softly. “Daddy won’t let anything happen to you.”
Then he moved swiftly, collecting her in his embrace and rocking her slowly until she fell asleep, protected in his arms.


  1. Oh do I know all about the soreness... thank god that part is over with. Haha. I'm even starting to show a little, in the right shirts. I liked the story.