Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fireworks -- A Simon Gagne one-shot

“Babe, if you don’t hurry up I’m coming in there and dragging out!”
Annie giggled and shook her head at Simon’s exasperated tone. He would appreciate the extra minute it was taking for her to slap her lip gloss on. Like they weren’t going to be there earlier than everyone else anyway.
Smacking her lips together once more, she adjusted the top of her dress and made sure the curled ends of her long, dark hair fell smoothly across her back. She could hear him muttering to himself on the other side of the door. No other man had ever been so concerned about time, in the history of the world. And she did enjoy pushing his buttons from time to time. It was always fun to watch that handsome face get a litt…
“Annie Johnson! Woman, you try my patience!”
“Simon Gagne! Stop freaking out! It’s a Fourth of July picnic… and you’re Canadian!”

She heard the chuckle as she pulled the door open. He turned extremely fast on his heel and pointed out a finger, probably about to give her hell. But instead, his mouth opened and closed a couple times, reminding her of the beta fish she’d had in high school, Tuna. Doing a small pirouette, she let him see the new purchase completely.
His eyes traveled down the flowing, floral sundress before glancing down at her dusty, brown cowboy boots. Then he climbed her frame again and by the time he was looking in her eyes she felt like she needed to go grab a new pair of panties. Somehow she found her voice.
“So… let’s go to the picnic, eh?”
“Where did you buy that?”
“Shopping with my mom and sister the day after we flew in. You were golfing with my dad.”
“And the boots?”
“Sugar… I’m from Texas. These are a must.”
“Why have you never worn them??”
“Boots aren’t exactly common place in Florida.”
He stepped forward and lifted one hand, snaking it around her waist and pulling her close. He leaned down, nuzzling his face in her neck.
“I want to see you in them, and nothing but them. Right now.”
“You said we needed to go.”
“We don’t need to leave right now.”
“I want to get a good seat for the fireworks,” she teased.
“I will show you fireworks,” he murmured as his lips ran over her skin and his fingers tugged down the zipper of her dress. Then he slipped the straps over her shoulders and let gravity take control. She heard his breath catch and innocently batted her eyelashes at him.
“You okay Simon?”
“Were you going to tell me that you were going commando… everywhere?!”
She giggled and opened her mouth to give him a sassy comeback when he lifted her from the material pooled at her feet and tossed her onto the bed. She squealed once, then again as he dove on top of her.
“Oh my god, you’re a beast!”
“Rawr,” he growled, nipping her ear and moving down to bite softly at the pulse point on her neck. Her hips bucked against him involuntarily and she moaned. He wasted no time, snaking a hand between them and testing the waters. She had been soaked since she opened the door and he had to be able to tell.
“God, you’re wet,” he groaned. He slipped two fingers inside her channel, pumping them in and out quickly. She threw her arms up, wrapping them ach around one of the metal pipes of the headboard. Digging her heels into the mattress, she bit back a cry.
There was a rustling and then she felt the heat of his hardness as it slapped against her thigh. He didn’t remove anything, his shirt pulling taut across his chest and the button of his jeans digging into her hip as he grinded against her. She choked on a sob as he curled his fingers and rubbed that special spot.
“Let go baby, just let go. Come for me Annie.”
Just hearing him say her name could make her burst into a million pieces, having him twisting his digits into her snatch just made the orgasm roll over her like a wave at the beach. She arched off the bed, pulling hard at the poles as she moaned his name.
“Good girl, my turn.”
He spread her legs and while she gasped for breath, he guided himself into her depths. His hands rested on her hips and he started thrusting right away, his body working hers like a well-oiled machine. He brought one leg up, hooking it over his shoulder and turning her slightly. The new angle drove him deeper, filling her completely.
“Ohmygod yes! Just like that, just like that baby!”
She watched his face as he fucked her. His eyes were screwed shut and his teeth dug into his bottom lip. She moved with him, bouncing her body against his, listening to their skin smack together each time he plowed forward.
“Touch yourself Annie. Make that hot little pussy come all over my cock.”
She shivered at his tone, low and slow, his accent coming through more when he was speaking this way. She released her grip on the headboard and slowly brought her hands down her body. Her fingers brushed over her nipples, her body jerk, before winding down to where their bodies met. The noise she made when her hand found her wetness…
“Yes, that’s it, let me feel it mon cher.”
He slammed into harder as she played with herself. He was getting closer. She could tell because his one hand came down, roughly pawing at her breast. He grunted and dipped his hips once more, letting out a guttural cry as he pumped her full. His orgasm set her off and, with stars behind her eyelids, she cried out his name as her body tensed in pleasure.
Simon collapsed on top of her, his still clothed body brushing against her sensitive parts. He groaned and placed another kiss on her chin before bringing his hands up and holding her close. They stayed like that, still joined together and letting their breathing and heart rates cool down. She took a deep breath and smoothed her hands under his shirt.
“Mmmm, are we still meeting my family for food and fireworks?”
“The ones I just gave you weren’t bright enough? I must be losing my touch,” he said with a smile.
“Maybe you should give me an encore then,” Annie replied, pulling his shirt up as he laughed.

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