Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Massage

Okay ladies... this is a little different from what I normally post. I hope that you will enjoy it. It's been consuming my flippin' brain ever since a conversation between Mere and myself! I don't even remember what started it, but once the idea was there, I couldn't get it out of my head!! So, this is the other reason there's been no new update of A Lucky Shot... I'm sorry! But I'm hoping you'll like this, and I promise that I'm writing ALS!!!!
She stood in the doorway to the suite. Should she just follow him in? Should she leave before he got the wrong idea? Fuck that. She knew what he thought about her already. Knew what had been said in the locker room before the game. He thought she was a whore. She wasn't. Well, she got paid, but not because she slept with the men. She didn't always. And because the time spent working out the kinks in their muscles gave her visions as to what else they'd like her to rub down, sometimes she got carried away.
Most of the time she really did just give them the massage and then leave, but if they asked her to stay, if they put their hands on her and looked up at her with those burning eyes… well, she couldn't say no. She would let them have their way with her, and she would walk away feeling refreshed and sated. She didn't do it because they asked and she didn't do it because sometimes they demanded it. She did what she did because she loved it.

The feel of a man's arms holding her in place as he used her body for his own pleasure, the times when a bead of sweat would roll down their face and drip onto her over-heated skin and the way they played her body like a well-tuned instrument instead of just getting off after a loss -those were the moments she relished in. That, and the pleasure that always came from the punishments.
These men, these behemoths; they were strong, had stamina, but for all their on ice violence, they had never caused her any kind of harm. Sure, they would say things sometimes, call her names. But it was never meant to actually hurt her. And yes, she'd walked away the next morning with her fair share of bite marks and a few finger bruises on her hips, but she'd never actually been scared.
Not until tonight.
The game had ended badly for these guys; very badly. And she couldn't help it, her pussy practically dripped at the thought of how she could help him get rid of all that frustration. But she would just do what her job description asked. If he wanted more, then she would gladly accommodate him but it had to be his choice. Sixty minutes and then she would grudgingly walk back out this door, unless he asked her to stay.
Even if his mind was playing a nonstop slideshow of things he wanted to do to her, she would only stay if he asked. The drawback to being a healer like this… she saw what they wanted, saw the hunger that they kept at bay. There had been many a night where she had gone home to get off by herself, using those mental images as fuel for the desire that was in her already. And while her fingers and vibrator-of-the-week were pleasing, it was nothing like the real deal.
He watched her walk through the door and set her coat on the back of one of the chairs. He'd poured himself a highball full of whiskey on the rocks and he stared at her from over the rim of it. She wasn't painted up like a whore. She wasn't wearing skimpy clothes or six-inch heels. In fact, she was wearing a polo shirt and jeans. What kind of hooker wore that?! Maybe the locker room talk was a lie. Maybe she really was just a masseuse.
Fuck it, as long as she can work on my shoulder and try to lessen the pain, I'll send her on her merry way, right to Sid's door. He could use a little stress relief too. Max swirled the liquid once more while he watched her set up a table, a towel resting on top. He took one more gulp and set the glass on the coffee table.
He watched her throw her hair into a messy ponytail and his eyes flashed as he pictured holding onto it as he pumped into her from behind, someone else using that little heart-shaped mouth of hers. Then he flashed back to reality and saw her staring at him with wide eyes, almost as if she knew what he was thinking.
"Do you wan' me to take off everyting? Or should I leave my boxers on?" She still hadn't said a word and he was dying to hear her voice. That way, when she was touching him, he could imagine his name coming from her lips as he thrust into her over and over. I need to stop thinking like this or lying on my stomach is going to be fucking painful.
"Whichever is more comfortable for you Mr. Talbot. I'm just going to go run to the bathroom while you get ready. Just lay on your stomach with the towel over your butt. I'll move it around if I need to." Then she was gone and Max didn't think he'd ever stripped out of his clothes so quickly. He practically choked himself with his tie as he tried to rip it off.
Deciding to forgo the boxers, he hopped up on the table and gently laid himself down, wincing as his weight pressed his cock into the cushioned table. God, I hope she really does more than just massages, my hand isn't going to be the same after feeling hers on me.
He put his head in the slot and tried to relax when he heard her footsteps. He could smell her perfume but couldn't pick out the exact scent. It was citrusy, juicy… made him want to nibble all over her flesh as she was pummeled by…
"Mon dieu! Das fucking cold!"
"I'm sorry Mr. Talbot, I thought you heard my warning that it would be a little cool until I rubbed it in." She heard his grumbled an apology for yelling at her and felt a little bad for lying to him. But she hadn't even touched him yet and the visions he was conjuring up made her spill some oil on his back. She'd never been shared between two men before, the idea always making her wary.
But each new thought that popped into his head had her sandwiched, literally, between him and one of his teammates. She couldn't be sure which one he was thinking of when the images came, but whichever one it was, he had a cock that was the same as his, and together they made her scream like a banshee. Don't think about it, don't think about it. Just ask him what's sore.
"Do you have any specific areas that need worked on sir?" She knew instantly that it was a bad choice of words. She saw herself on her knees in front of him and a man with shaggy hair. They both had the playoff beard going on and they were holding their cocks out for her to take turns sucking. God he's very imaginative.
"Hmmm," she replied, a little dreamily.
"I said, my righ' shoulder `urts like a beech," he said with a chuckle.
"Right. Of course. It may hurt a little at first. I always work the muscles hard."
"Wit da pain I feel righ' now, you touching eet can' `urt anymore."
She wasn't so sure about that. But she applied a little more oil to her hands and rubbed them together quickly before digging into the knotted muscles in his shoulder. He tensed up briefly but she coaxed him to relax with the soft, sultry voice that had been many men's downfall. She'd been working on his arm for about fifteen minutes when he let out a soft moan and a new picture popped into his head, and so into her head at the same time.
She was kissing his shoulder, her lips feeling cool against his flesh. And then she was tracing the lines of that tattoo on his arm. With each flick she heard his breathing grow more rapid, saw his pulse jump to life at his throat. I've never had a customer who wanted my body so badly. And if he keeps this up, I'm liable to kiss him and throw all my rules out the window. And god do I want to meet the friend that keeps popping up in these visions.
Shaking her head, she tried to get her mind out of the gutter but it was no use. Her touch was gentle now, soothing away the pain from an injury that would no doubt need surgery after the playoffs were over. She could reduce the pain for now, but it would come back. For some reason the thought of him in any pain made her very sad.
Max had almost fallen asleep from the soulful ministrations of her fingers. It was heaven, pure and simple, and he never wanted her to stop. But he was getting harder by the minute as his brain sent the pleasurable shocks down to his groin and his dick was started to hurt from the weight of his body jamming it into the cushion.
He wanted to roll over and ask her to help massage his cock until he was begging for release, but he kept his cool and stayed like he was. She obviously had other plans though.
"Can you flip over for me Mr. Talbot?" Max turned his head and looked at her, a smirk playing on his lips.
"Ummm… I don' know if dat's da smartest ting righ' now Miss… what ees your name?"
"Chloe." He saw himself lying in his back on the table, hands fisted in her hair as she sucked him off and when he glanced up at her again he swore her eyes widened. But then she looked away from him.
"Well, Chloe… per'aps we could take a break. I need to… geet comforble."
"Is there something else that's bothering you sir?" Yes, and you won't be helping me with that, I bet.
"Dere's just a… I have a certain area dat's… fuck eet. You've got me rock hard and eef I don't geet off my stomach soon I'm going to make myself pass out from lack of blood flow. So eef you could jus' geeve me a few minutes to geet my `ead on straigh'…"
The fingers stopped their magic on his shoulder and he heard her gasp. He hadn't meant to be so blunt, but now that she'd worked most of the kinks out of his arm, all the sensation was going south and he was almost certain that he could do push-ups with his dick if he really wanted to.
"Why don't you flip over and I'll see if I can't make all your troubles disappear." He heard the words, heard her voice whisper across the back of his neck as she leaned down close. But he couldn't believe his ears. Sure, some of the guys mentioned a masseuse who believed in `happy endings,' but he hadn't believed that he'd gotten that one! He needed to make sure they were on the same wave length.
"I'm sorry… did you jus' offer to geeve me `ead?"
"For starters," came her breathy reply. Max wasted no time flipping over for her to see how she affected him. With his elbows propping him up slightly, he watched her gaze roam over his torso, down his stomach, and land on the hard length that was practically pulsing with need. A need to feel her lips, either set, wrapped around him.
"Please, don' let me stop you Miss Chloe. I've wanted no'ting more dan d'ose pouty little lips on my dick since you walked trough da door."
"You're very crude Mr. Talbot," she said with a smile.
"You jus' wait. Eef I start talking in French, you'll know dat I'm being very crude." Then he winked at her and saw her blush as she climbed up on the table with him. He was a little unsure about the table holding both of them but she seemed comfortable enough. Max was so caught up in his own thoughts that he didn't see her staring hungrily at him until she bent over, her tongue coming out to lick a trail from the base of his cock to the tip.
Chloe heard him hiss through clenched teeth as she used her tongue to cover him in saliva before she took him in her hand, her fist closing around him before slowly moving up and down a few times. Her free hand reached down to get a squirt of the lube she always kept on hand. In an un-labeled bottle, it looked like it could be lotion or hand-sanitizer. But it was better, and smelled like strawberries. She loved strawberries.
With the little scoop of lube, she switched hands, her moist fingers now cover him and toying slightly, jacking him off as she thought of the most recent image he'd placed in her head. She wanted to feel him pulsing in her mouth almost as badly as he wanted to feel it. And she'd thought about teasing him until she heard his plea, thickly accented with desire and being raised in Montreal.
"Ah, ma chérie, pleeze don' torment me. Whadever you jus' used feels fantaseec and eef ess edible, put d'ose lips to use."
"As you wish," she answered him with a smile. And then, holding him straight up with her hand, Chloe slid him into her mouth. She twirled her tongue over the mushroom head a couple times before working as much of him between her lips as she could. She heard him moan her name as he acted out his fantasy and his fingers tunneled in her hair on either side of her head.
"Your mouth ees so sweet," he whispered reverently as he guided her head up and down at the pace he wanted. She sucked him harder as his hands made her move faster. He was so smooth yet so hard, and he tasted like strawberries and male. And it was a heady combination. A couple times she gagged when he jerked too quickly, but each time that happened he would growl and Chloe got the distinct impression that it turned him on. His words just confirmed it.
"Mmmm, yeeeesss. I love seeing dat liddle mout drool all over my cock. Ees eet too much for you to `andle? Good ma chere, dat sound ees like music to my ears. I love feeling you gag on eet. Such a goo' girl…"
All she could do was moan in response. His words were so smooth compared to his actions and Chloe found herself wanting to please him, to hear words of praise come from those pouty lips.
He murmured things to her as he manipulated her movements. She didn't know what he was saying, but the words sounded sensual and erotic and Chloe wanted nothing more than to move up his body and take him with a reckless abandon that she hadn't felt in a while. She tapped his thigh, silently asking him to let her lift up for a moment.
"Oui? Am I `urting you?"
"No. I was just… I would really like to fuck you right now."
She watched his eyes blaze and he grabbed her shoulders, pulling her up his body. Being careful not to put too much weight on his private parts, Chloe leaned down and felt his lips on hers for the first time. He moaned into her mouth as his tongue slid along her lip.
"Mon dieu you taste delicious! Is dat what you put all over me?"
"No, just over the important part Mr. Talbot," she told him saucily.
"Ah, well I love eet. And pleeze, call me Max."
"Mmmm, whatever you say Max. Now kiss me again."
"Greedy woman," he chuckled as he pulled her mouth down to his once again.
She had been so beautiful with her lips wrapped around him, looking up at him through those thick bangs. But seeing her now, resting above him and tearing her shirt off… that was something else completely. Max let his gaze roam over the hot pink thing covering her chest and he whistled.
"Ees dat de required work attire Chloe," he asked as he tried to gulp down some air. She had released her hair from the messy pony it had been in and now she sat astride him, dark wavy hair falling down her shoulders and her breasts still covered in that pink piece of sin.
"No, it's my fun work attire. Don't you like it Max?"
"Oh, I like eet. And I will like eet even more when ees lying on my floor." He watched her smile and then she lifted her hands, placing them at the top of her corset. She was about to pop the first clasp when he stopped her. Wrapping an arm around her waist Max lifted himself into a sitting position, rising so that they were facing one another.
"Lemme do dat for you." He ran the tips of his fingers along the top of the material, smiling as he felt her shiver beneath his touch. "Did dis cost a lot?"
"Well," she laughed, "It's not the cheapest piece of whimsy I own. But it's not too bad. Why?"
"I'll buy you a new one ma chere." And then before she could comprehend what he was going to do Max grabbed the two top edges and ripped hard, the material parting before him and bringing her tits into view.
"Maximus!" He heard the breathy exclamation and pulled her tight against his body, her breasts rubbing against his chest.
"Yes chère?" It came out a whisper against her ear and he felt her nipples harden against his skin. So responsive. Max slid his tongue along her ear, taking the lobe between his teeth and nibbling on it as he listened to her breathing pick up. "I like dat name, Maximus. Eet fits, non? You smell wonderful. Do you taste as good?"
He pried himself away from her just long enough take one of her breasts in his hand. He took hold of her flesh and ran the pad of his thumb over the hardened tip a couple times before taking it in his mouth and suckling like a babe.
"Oh my god, that feels so good… mmmm… bite me Max." He didn't want to disappoint so with a groan he bit down, pulling with his teeth as he continued to suck. His tongue stroked over her nipple and he wanted to devour her whole as he listened to the gasps and little noises that were coming from her throat. This was exactly the stress relief that he'd been looking for.
Wow, his mouth is amazing. And that start of a beard. Chloe felt her pussy getting wet as her scruffy Frenchman continued to molest her breast. He moved after a while, paying the same attention to the other one while tweaking the nipple that had previously been in his mouth. Se pictured the images he'd given her before. The different positions, the rough taking from behind, the strange man he'd shared her with.
That was the one she almost wished would happen. The man was muscular. She knew he was a teammate but couldn't, for the life of her, remember who he was. He had shaggy hair though, dark and straight, that fell almost to his shoulders. And in her mind's eye she saw him flip it back with his hand as she took his, long, thick cock in her mouth.
She didn't realize that she'd been moving against Max until she felt his free hand move in a caress down her back. He trailed over the waistband of her jeans and then slid inside and under her panties, his palm running over her ass before dipping lower. When his fingers brushed her pussy from behind she jumped, her fingers gripping the back of his head as she tried to pull him closer.
"Maximus… you are a naughty man."
His only response was to suck harder on her nipple and spread her some with his fingers. She felt one digit push between her lips and Chloe couldn't help but buck against him as he began to slowly fuck her. Wanting to please him some more she ran one of her hands down his chest and took his hard length in her hand again. She started jacking him off at the same pace he was using on her. His mouth went slack against her tit. Taking this opportunity she bent her head, running her tongue up his neck until she got to his ear.
"Oh my god, do you know how good that feels? I can't wait to feel this big, hard cock deep inside of me. Do you want that Maximus? Do you want to fuck me with your cock? I bet you do, I bet yo--"
The words were stolen from her lips as he growled and turned her head, crushing his lips against hers. His tongue pushed inside and he dominated her mouth, plying her tongue with his as he mimicked a ritual old as time. She was engulfed by the feelings coursing through both of them.
Tearing her mouth away she let out a ragged breath as they both continued to toy with one another, their foreheads pressed together.
"Gah, you are so wet for me, eh?"
"Yes, wet for you…"
"You canno' wait for me to fuck you, no?"
"God I want you to fuck me!"
Max let out the breath he'd been holding when he asked his last question. He heard her response and immediately sprung into action. Bringing his hand out of her pants Max held onto her as he twisted his body until his legs were hanging over the side of the table. Then he slid off and landed on his feet, turning them around once more so he could let her sit on the table.
He heard the handle of the door and grabbed Chloe's breasts to distract her. Tanger popped through and stood there staring at the two of them. He motioned for Kris to stay quiet and shut the door with the least amount of noise possible. His friend nodded his head and Max reached down to grab his tie that was on the floor.
"Do you trust me Chloe?" He barely recognized his own lust-filled voice but he saw her nod her head as she looked at the tie. Max smiled wolfishly at her as he put the piece of silk over her eyes, tying it behind her head as a blindfold. Then he brought her up, standing her in front of him before he proceeded to paint a trail down her body with his tongue, licking each new area of skin.
When he reached her pants he found himself almost gasping with his need to feel her naked against him. Tanger was over by the door, shucking off his clothes quietly as Max continued to tease his little masseuse.
"Max, please… I want more. I need more."
"Tell me wha' you wan' me to do."
"I want to be as naked as you are. Get my pants off."
"Az you wish Chloe."
Max unbuttoned her jeans and started to pull them down. He couldn't stop himself and he bent forward and took the little strip of fabric on her hip into his mouth and used his teeth to pull her panties down to her knees with her jeans.
She was beautiful. Toned and firm, yet soft and curvy. Just like a woman should be. Glancing at Tanger he could see the approval in his friend's eyes. He motioned for Kris to come over and join them. He had no idea if this would work or if she would run screaming from the room, but he was going to try.
"Do you wan' me to fuck you now ma petit?"
"God yes," she moaned.
Max turned her slowly, his hands on her hips. As he looked down at her creamy flesh he was sorely tempted to give her ass a couple smacks. Giving into temptation he brought his palm down firmly on her right cheek. The smack echoed off the walls and he waited for her response.
"Fuck me!" She's at least a little kinky, good. He promised to do just what she asked.
"Spread your `ands out against da table. Yes, jus' like dat. Mmmm, you are bent over so nicely. Are you ready Chloe?"
"Yes I'm fucking ready, so fucking fuck me!" Max took hold of his dick with one hand, the other gripping her hip hard as he fought for control. Placing the head of his dick at her entrance he felt the warmth and wetness that beckoned him to just bury himself balls deep. But he was better than that, he could do this slowly, he cou--
"Mmmm, please Maximus, I want to feel you deep inside. Please…" That did it. With a growl he thrust himself inside the tightest pussy he'd had in a while. She squealed in excitement and pushed herself against him. As he felt his balls slap against her pussy lips he thought his eyes were going to roll back in his head.
He stayed like that for a second, relishing the feel of her, before pulling out almost completely and shoving himself hard once more. He picked a frantic pace, pummeling her tight little twat with punishing thrusts that had her screaming his name in no time.
Chloe felt as if she was being split in two, but it didn't hurt. No, it didn't hurt at all. Instead she felt that glorious pressure that started to build almost from the moment he started fucking her. Max certainly knew how to work her body to his favor. He played her like a finely-tuned machine. His fingers played with her nipples, the tingles heading straight between her legs.
"Max," she gasped," Oh god Max. You feel so good!"
"As do you chérie, as do you."
"I need… I need… mmmm"
"Wha' do you need, tell me Chloe." He murmured the words against her ear as he pinched her nipples again, twisting them until she was crying out from the painful pleasure. She couldn't get the words out though. The sensations too much for her. So she showed him what she wanted.
Moving one hand from the table she took his left hand and brought it up to her hair.
"Ah, I see. You wan' a liddle tug, no?" Chloe wasn't sure if she answered him or not but he must've understood because he wrapped a good chunk of hair around his hand and pulled tightly, her head snapping back as he continued pumping into her with controlled thrusts. "Anyting else you need righ' now?"
She heard the amusement in his voice and smiled. Switching hands, she grabbed his, still tugging her nipple, and slid it down the front of her body. She shuddered as his fingers ran over the smooth skin of her freshly waxed pussy and delved between her lips. He sought out her clit and he began to rub back and forth in quick movements.
"Mon dieu, you are so damn wet. I bet eef I looked down you'd be dripping onto da floor, no?"
Chloe wanted to answer him, she really did. But about the time she planned on responding Max pulled her hair again, bringing her flush against his body. He bit her neck playfully, his teeth nipping at her skin, as he stayed balls deep, pinching her clit between his thumb and forefinger.
Bright white light burst behind her eyes and Chloe opened her mouth to take in some much needed air. She was twitching around him, could feel her body tightening around him as he brought her to what she hoped would be the first of many orgasms. Her arms went up and backwards, clasping behind his neck as she shrieked and screamed his name.
"Ahhhhhhhhh! Yes! I'm coming! Do you feel that? Do you feel my little pussy coming all over your dick? Mmmm, you dirty Frenchman! Keep fucking me, yes, just like that! Oh my god!"
Max held himself still, grinding his teeth as he fought not to come with her. She certainly had a body made for making love. He motioned for Tanger to come stand in front of him. Then he licked a path up her neck to her ear again before he started to whisper.
"Such a goo' liddle slut. Coming all over me like dat. You liked eet, non? You wan' more of eet? Answer me Chloe."
"Yes, I want more of it."
"Mmmm, don' you wish dat dere was more for you? Could you imagine eef dere was anudder `ere? Den you could `ave double da pleasure." Her only response was a moan. He looked at Kris who was now standing there holding his dick in one hand, staring at Chloe's tits.
"Don' you wish dere was someone `ere to play wit `dose hard liddle nipples while I fuck you?"
"I do," came her quiet whisper. He smiled against her skin.
"Imagine eet. I'll start fucking you again and just tink about `ow it would feel to be shared wit two men. You would love eet, no?"
As he said the words he started to move against her again. He fucked her with slow, deep thrusts as he kept up pressure on her clit. He had her moaning again within seconds and he kept whispering things about sharing her with someone. A shiver ran down her spine and he nodded at Kris. His friend leaned forward, taking one of those sweet nipples between his teeth.
"Max, what the fu--"
"Don' move your `ands. Keep dem around my neck. Dis ees wha' you wanted… eez eet not?" Max slowed his movements as he looked over her, seeing what his buddy was up to. Tanger had both of her breasts squished together and was licking and sucking to his heart's content.
"Oooo, Maximus, I want to tell you something," he heard her say as she moaned again.
"Do you feel how much wetter I've gotten? I can't see him, but your friend has a wonderful tongue. He's biting my nipple now Max… oh, it feels so good. I want him to feel good too. Like we do. Do you want me to help him feel better?" He heard the words but he didn't think he could respond. She was okay with this. She wanted to be tag teamed. Max's mind was reeling at the possibilities when he heard Kris' choked response.
"C'mon mon ami, let `er pleeze me!"
"Wha' do you wan' to do to `im ma chere?" Max asked her with a chuckle.
"Hmmm, well… If you would be so kind as to let me remove this blindfold… then we could move into a more comfortable position and I could take care of the hardness that is pressing insistently against my thigh." Max heard her gasp and figured Kris was still nibbling on her chest as he listened to her idea. "You're busy with my lower half, but I could find some way to help end his torment. You seemed to like my mouth well enough."
Max jerked as he remembered her mouth drooling all over his cock. Yeah, he'd liked that. And he knew Tanger would as well.
"You `ave to keep da blin'fold on for now. But I like de udder part of your idea," he growled as he pulled out from the sweet heat.
Chloe moaned as she felt Max move away, feeling sad at the sudden feeling of emptiness. Then she felt a hand on her arm, guiding her somewhere. She figured they were taking her down the hall to the bedroom.
"Will you grab the strawberry lube for me?"
"Ahhh, oui!"
She let the person holding her lead her away from the area she'd started in and she smiled as the hands pushed her forward against a mattress. It was the friend who spoke. The friend with the same sexy accent.
"Up on da bed pleeze."
"Yes sir," she responded with a smile. Chloe crawled up the bed, feeling a strong pair of legs as she moved up. Her fingers roamed over his body, getting acclimated with the new expanse of flesh for her to play with. She felt around, the muscular thighs, the hip indentations. Her mouth followed the path her fingers had just taken. She heard him moan as she nipped his thigh and then again when she licked along the indent. She was about to start moving again when one of his hands gently grabbed her chin and guided her head toward the hardest part of him.
"Je suis désolé ma chérie, but I need to feel that mouth of yours on something else. Now." She heard the catch in his voice and briefly wondered how long she could tease him. Then, thinking better of it, she grabbed her newest `toy' and ran her tongue up and down the underside of his cock a couple times. She had just put him in her mouth when she felt a slap on her ass. With a cry of surprise she choked, this Kris' dick lodged in the back of her throat.
He said something rapidly in French that she didn't understand, and then his hands were in her hair roughly moving her head up and down at a frantic pace. Loving his treatment she angled her head differently so he could slide down easier. Then she felt the cool presence of the lube as Max, who was standing behind her, spread it all over her asshole, his fingers dipping into her pussy a couple times as well. Then the bed dipped and Chloe moaned around Kris' dick as Max slid inside her once again.
"Are you enjoying yourself ma chérie? Because we are loving every minute of zhis!" She nodded her head and attempted to say yes, but with her mouth full, she wasn't sure it came out properly. They stayed like that for awhile, Max steadily pumping into her pussy as his friend fucked her mouth. He had moved at one point, coming up on his knees so that he could get a better grip. She wondered how she must look right now, on her hands and knees with Max's tie over her eyes, both of them thrusting into her.
Max had been playing around her back door ever since he resumed fucking her and right now he was pushing two fingers inside while he ground his body against her. Chloe was thinking about the last time she'd had someone interested in that hole when she saw what Max was planning. The image was clear as day and she clenched her fists in the sheets, fighting not to show that she knew what he wanted.
And also, she didn't want him to know how badly she wanted it too. He must've been watching her though because he removed his fingers and asked her if she was okay. Tanger released his grip and pulled her mouth off with an audible pop.
"I'm fine. I was thinking that we could really have a party if you continue to toy with me like you were just doing. Do you want to put something else up my ass though Maximus?" She felt the grip on her hip tighten and smiled as she nuzzled her face against Kris' cock. "I think Max has a new plan baby. I think you're going to like it though. May I please take the blindfold off now?"
She heard Max chuckle and felt someone rip the tie from her head. She blinked a couple of times before looking up at the man in front of her. it was the same one from the vision. He let out a breath as he ran his hand through that long hair. She got to see his naked chest as well as the throbbing girth that had previously been trapped between her lips.
"Hello, I'm Chloe," she said with a laugh. The man laughed as well.
"Kris Letang, but you can call me whaddever you wan' as long as dat mout or someting eez back on my cock soon."
Max looked up from where he'd been staring and saw the desire blazing in Chloe's eyes.
"Oui, ma chere?"
"May I ride him? Pleeeeaase?"
"Oui," he said huskily. He pulled himself out of her with some reluctance and tossed the bottle of lube at Tanger. Max watched as he smeared some of it on his cock and stretched out on the mattress before beckoning to Chloe to join him. She crawled up his body, her ass swaying back and forth before she sat down on him, her pussy swallowing his buddy's entire length in one movement. He heard Tanger groan and knew exactly how he was feeling.
"Oh Maximus, he feels almost as good as you did," he heard her moan. She turned her head around, facing him as she took Tanger's fingers in her mouth one by one, cleaning them off he supposed. "Aren't you going to join us?" she asked with a deceptively innocent look. He felt his body tense up and he was throbbing almost painfully.
"I wan' no'ting more dan to join you," he replied with a big smile as he got onto the bed with them. He came up behind her, snapping his fingers for the bottle. He put a couple squirts right into her asshole, watching her shiver as the cold lube hit her over-heated body. One more squirt along his dick and he took the base in his hand as he placed it at the opening that he'd been preparing earlier.
"Do you wan' me to bend `er over a lil more for you buddy?"
"Merci, dat would be `elpful." Tanger grabbed her shoulders and pulled her close to his body while he stayed buried deep inside her snug canal. Max watched as Kris made her melt against him with a swipe of his tongue against her lips. He took a deep breath and pushed slowly, groaning as her ass opened up slightly so that she could welcome him inside.
Max was pretty sure that he'd never felt anything so exquisite in his entire sexual life. When he'd first plunged inside her pussy he'd thought it was remarkably tight, but this… this was heaven. Hearing her moan Max slid a comforting hand down her back, resting is on her hip once more. He heard her mumble something and paused, half of him snuggled in her ass, while he made sure she was alright.
"Yes, I'm fine," she gasped. "It's just been a while, and Kris makes me feel full to begin with. Mmmm, I know there's more." She turned and stared at him with nothing but pure lust in her eyes. "Give me the rest of it Maximus," she cooed at him. He took another breath and pushed again, not stopping this time until her ass cheeks were pressed against his thighs and he could practically feel Tanger pulsing beside him.
"Mon dieu," Max groaned as his eyes rolled back in his head. He was certain he was going to shoot his load right then and there. Kris was muttering something in French and he knew that she couldn't understand… but he had to tell her. "'E's right you know… you are one dirdy liddle slut." He smacked her ass twice, watching the cheek jiggle slightly and then turn red from his palm.
He started to saw in and out of her ass, his tempo matching Kris' and their strokes alternating like they did this every other night. He leaned over her to press kisses along the base of her neck and Kris was growling as he suckled her nipples into his mouth over and over. Feeling greedy, Max moved a hand down to toy with her clit some more and he heard his friend curse as Chloe started to bounce up and down on him a little harder.
Jesus fucking… I'm dying! That's the only explanation… they're killing me by fucking me to death. I can't wait to read my obituary from Heaven. Mmmm, he certainly knows, hell, they both know how to please a woman! Her thoughts raced around inside her head but the only thing that came out were gasps, moans and a few screams as Max pinched her clit between his fingers.
She wound an arm around his neck, keeping him close to her like before. His movements were jerky and with each thrust she felt the pull of an orgasm approaching. Kris had latched onto a nipple and was sucking so hard that she was sure he'd bruised the whole thing, and she could feel the tingles of painful pleasure shoot straight to her crotch.
"Fucking hell you two are going to kill me! You both feel so good!!"
"I don' know `ow much longer I can `old out Tanger. She's squeezing the life righ' oudda me!" Chloe didn't know if he was complaining or not, but the punishing thrusts into her ass seemed like he was enjoying himself.
"Less turn `er over den! Finish wit a bang!" She smiled as she stared down at Kris. He was wiggling his eyebrows at her and she giggled when he lifted his mouth for a kiss. She happily obliged and heard Max asking if she'd like a change of pace.
"So, you wanna stay in the same holes, but put me on my back? Is that what you want to do Maximus?"
"Oui, I wan' to feel you sitting completely on my cock, while Tanger pounds away at dat pussy." She raked her nails gently across his neck and then moaned as he pulled himself away from her with great reluctance. While he situated himself on the bed and poured a liberal amount of lube over his dick again, Chloe rose up and felt Kris slide from her pussy.
She felt entirely too empty now. Max was beckoning her to him, and she faced away, her legs on either side of him as she dropped down and felt him slowly slide back into her ass. She didn't stop until her cheeks were pressed against his pelvis and his fingers held her in a vice grip. Kris made sure he was all slick with lube as well, as if he even needed it, and then he spread her legs far apart. She placed her palms backwards on Max's chest, feeling his pounding heart beneath her fingers.
"Max, don' move mon ami. Let me do all da work. I'm close too, and I wan' to see if she can take eet." Chloe wasn't sure what he meant but before she could question either of them Kris was sliding back between her folds and he was soon nestled deep inside her. "Lay back Chloe. Let Max here `old you against `im. Trust me," he murmured as his tongue slid out and moved over her lower lip. Trust him she did, and Max helped her into position. With her back pressed against his chest and Tanger on top of her, she literally felt sandwiched between the two French hockey players.
"You bedder `old tight to me mon chere, ees going to be fast an' `ard!" And then he almost pulled out completely before jamming himself back in to the hilt. She saw stars and heard the moan she let out as she wrapped her arms around his neck and held on while he let loose a series of punishing thrusts. Each time he shoved himself inside of her the motion pushed her against Max.
He was nestled inside the tightest ass in the world, and with each thrust Max could feel himself getting closer to the end. He was harder than he'd ever been, his body had a fine sheen of perspiration from keeping himself in check and he felt like the grip he had on her hips would leave fingerprint bruises by morning.
Kris kept fucking her against him, and with each thrust her muscles tightened around him and he had to bite his lip to hold back the moans of pleasure. She was gasping for breath and he could feel her starting to tense up.
"Are you going to come once more for us? I wan' to feel dat ass tighten around me again and `ear dose screams when he makes you come. Are you almos' dere chérie?"
"So close… oh Max… thank you for having him join us. God you two are amazing."
"Maybe `e could `elp you. Would you like `im to rub dat sweet liddle clit until you cream all over `im?"
"Ask `im nicely den," he whispered into her ear.
"Ohhhhh fuck… will you Kris? Will you play with my clit until I come? I wanna feel you come with me! Feel you come inside me… and Max… oh god I want to feel you both come in me together. Do you want that too boys?"
Max didn't know about Kris, but he personally wanted to shoot his entire load up her ass. When the night started he'd planned on seeing jet after jet splash across her face, but this was better. He wanted… no, he knew what he wanted.
"I wan' to come in your pussy as well."
"Oh do you? You want to fill me up do you?"
Kris was pistoning in and out of her at almost a blinding speed and she was bouncing on top of him like a rag doll. He gripped her hips and thought of something else, anything other than the feel of her holding him snug inside of her. Anything other than Kris' groan as he bottomed out inside her and he could feel his friend pulsing as he spilled himself deep within her cunt.
"I can feel him coming inside you. Tell me Chloe… where do you wan' mine?"
"God… I'm coming too Max! do you feel it?! Fuck Kris, yes keep rubbing my clit! Oh sweet Jesus, YES!"
"Pull out Kris… I'll finish her off," Max said with a smile. His friend pulled out of her and he fell onto the end of the mattress, gasping for breath as he kept his eyes screwed shut. Max pushed her up and bent her over, sliding inside her soaked pussy and pounding into her, his hips smacking against her with each thrust. She was still insanely tight and he knew he wouldn't last much longer.
Grabbing a handful of hair he tugged her head back as he fucked her. He could feel the slippery combined juices around him but instead of being freaked out he just grinned at the thought of both of them depositing their loads in her freshly fucked pussy.
Chloe screamed out Max's name as he drilled her from behind. He was bucking against her and she knew he was about to come, Her body was almost wrung out from pleasure but when his fingers found that little nub once more she damn near fainted on him. Kris was sitting up, staring lazily at them with a big smile on his face.
She noticed his cock still hadn't gone down completely and she leaned forward a little more, grabbing it and licking him, the sweet scent of strawberries mixing with her juices and his cum made her shiver with pleasure. Max tugged her hair once more, pulling her away from her prize.
"Bad girl Chloe. I didn't say to clean `im off. I wanted you to do dat to both of us. Just… wait… fuck you're so goddamn tight!"
"Come for me Max, give me all of it! Oh god, yes pull my fucking hair…"
She heard him growl her name, felt his fingers tighten on her hair and hip. She closed her eyes and a silent scream left her lips as he thrust hard twice more and bellowed as the cum poured from his body and into hers, mixing with her own and his teammate's.
After a few jerks he pulled out with an audible `pop' and she fell to the bed in exhaustion. Max fell back against the headboard and she turned her head, eyes him through her lashes and bangs.
"Come `ere chère."
"I can't move Max."
"Please?" She smiled briefly and lifted herself onto shaky knees, crawling up alongside him. He pulled her into his arms and placed a sot kiss on her lips. "Do you `ave anyone else to work out tonight?"
"No, you were my last client of the night."
"Den stay wit us. Or, if Sleeping Beauty down dere stays out, stay wit me."
"I'm not supposed to… I should stay and… stop looking at me that way! It makes it impossible to say no!"
"Den say yes," he laughed as he pulled her close for another kiss. Chloe growled against his mouth but settled her body in line with his, wrapping an arm around him as she thought of ways to wake up Kris. It's going to be a long night!



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