Sunday, March 7, 2010

Melting A Heart of Ice: The Second Period

“Would you like to come over and watch the game today?”


She sounded like she had been asleep. Alex looked at his clock. 7:45.


“Oh, ummm, yeah… good morning…”

“What time is it?”

“Almost 8a.m.”

“I’m going to murder you,” she told him. He chuckled.

“This is the third time you’ve threatened me since the night we met. Some people might think that you really wanna do me bodily harm.”

“Hey, last night was not my fault. You were the one cheering for the Slovakians and their damn Hossas. I told you it was going to be the Finns with the Bronze! Now you wake me up before eight o’clock in the morning. What do you expect?”

“Ok, well, now you should be awake. So think, do you wanna come over for the gold medal game?”

“Is it just us this time? Or are the guys coming over again?”

“Just us… if that’s alright.” Say yes, that’s fine he pleaded silently.

“M’kay. I’ll be there around one thirty or two. Okie dokie?”

Alex wanted to jump around and fist pump the air. But he didn’t. Instead, they talked a little longer as he headed off to practice. The smile seemed plastered on his face and Gronk finally called him on it after hip checking him into the boards didn’t completely wipe the smile off his face. He crawled on top of Alex and sat on his chest.

“Man, what is wrong with you?”

“Right now, not much. Just you cutting off my air supply with your giant farm boy ass.”

“You’re seeing her again aren’t you?”


“When, when, when? Tell me!”

“What are you, five?”

“I can pretend to be… I was really, really annoying at age five.”

“You’re annoying at age twenty-one.” Jordan stared at him and then sighed.

“I swear by the hockey gods I will start bouncing on your chest if you don’t spill all the details in the next three seconds. One – Two – Thr”

“She’s coming over for the medal game… Now get the hell off me!”

“Are we invited again?”

“Hell no!”

“Trying to shield her from our corruptive ways?”

“Staalsy, get off of me.”

“You just better hope Max doesn’t find out,” he practically yelled as he lifted off of Alex and started to skate away.

“That I don’ find out about what?”

I’m going to fucking murder that guy, and no one will miss him. We’ll just get that youngest brother who’s in the Western Conference. No one will even know Gronk’s gone.

“Ugh… Maggie’s coming over for the game… and no, you guys aren’t invited to this one.”

“Ok mon ami. We aren’t invited. I understand.”

The rest of the practice went smoothly and before he knew it Alex was driving back to his place. He pulled in the drive and checked the clock on his radio. He had at least forty-five minutes to kill before she arrived. He made his way into his house, making sure that everything was at least presentable. There was food in the kitchen and drinks, both alcoholic and non, the place smelled good, he smelled good, he’d even taken his hockey bag outside just to be sure.

Alex found himself fidgeting against the counter, wringing a towel back and forth. He couldn’t explain it, but he was nervous. It didn’t make sense. They were just going to watch the game. How much harm could that be? Then he pictured her smiling at him like she’d done at the restaurant, and the last time she’d come here. That smile did wonders for the bruised ego that had moved in when she had moved out.

No rushing this.

Right now, they were just friends. He was ok with that. Really. So what if he was picturing her naked, in his bed, her body flushed from a round of love-making. He wasn’t going to act on it, even if he had changed the sheets. He’d take her out a couple more times, see if that spark he felt at the signing session was something that would turn into a roaring fire, or taper out like a melted candle.

A knock at the door ceased his wandering thoughts, and Alex practically jogged to the door. He opened it with a smile on his face. It died instantly.

“Awww, aren’t you happy to see us Goose?”

Max stood there, his arm around Maggie’s shoulders. Behind them Tanger, TK, and Staalsy were piling out of Kris’s truck like it was some kind of clown car.

“Marguerite and I were just getting to know one another.”


What kind of bullshit was that? Was that even her name, and if it was, why was he calling her that? Alex didn’t even call her that. He looked at Maggie.

“Have you listened to this guy say my name? It sounds, no he sounds idiotic. So I finally broke down and told him what ‘Maggie’ was short for. Gotta admit, I like the way it rolls of his tongue.” She added, glancing at the dirty Frenchman with his dirty Frenchman smirk.

“That’s not the only thing my tongue is useful for,” Max said with that charming Talbot smile and a wink.

“I’ll take your word for it,” she told him. Then she moved out from under his arm, linking her arm through Alex’s, and headed in the direction of the living room as if she knew every inch of the house. As if she was already at home. “I thought it was just us today,” she whispered as they stepped into the room.

“So did I.”

He shot a dirty look towards Gronk and then looked down at her apologetically, but she just shrugged her shoulders and smiled.

They all converged on the living room, picking out their seats for the game. Maggie had gone to the bathroom, and when she returned, Jordan was sitting in the spot she had previously claimed, next to Alex.

“Hey. Staal. Move.”

“You didn’t call seat-check.”

“What are you, twelve?”

“Why do you people keep asking me my age? I’m pretty sure we all know how old I am.”

“Well, how am I supposed to talk with Alex if your butt’s in my seat? Never mind, I know how to deal with this.” And with that said, Alex stared at her as she curled into his lap, stretching her feet out over Jordan’s legs.

Forget a spark; she’s a damn lightening storm.

Alex started thinking of sweaty jockstraps, the showers after a game, anything but the woman nestled against his crotch.

The problem was she looked wonderful and her skin was soft and her hair smelled like vanilla. Her arm was lying over his shoulders, her fingers kneading his muscles gently as she talked with him and the guys. He couldn’t ever remember a time when Rachel had just sat with them, let alone held a conversation with any of them other than him. Thinking back on things, Alex didn’t think there was ever a time when she wasn’t complaining about the guys coming over. Maggie poked him in the chest, giving him a pointed look.


“Where’s your head at Goose?”

“Just thinking of… the past.”

“How ‘bout stickin’ with us here in the present? The game is about to start, and we haven’t picked sides yet.”

“Picked sides? What do you mean? They’re all Canadian,” he swept a hand at the guys sprawled across his living room, “and you and I are the good ole’ U.S. of A.”

“Well, actually, I’ve been Team Canada from the beginning of the Olympics…”

The guys all hollered their appreciation. And the finally took off her jacket, revealing a CROSBY shirzee.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” he sighed, not sure whether to laugh or cry.

“Oh c’mon Alex, it won’t be so bad to be the lone guy here rooting for the losing team.”

“Pretty damn sure of yourself aren’t you?” he asked with a smile.

“I just have a feeling. I’m gonna call it like this. USA ties it up late in the third, and a game-winner from none other than your captain during OT.”

“Well, then I’m gonna call it as a USA win with a two goal lead in the third, no OT,” he countered and Maggie looked back at him thoughtfully.

“Would you care to make a small wager?” she asked breathily in his ear. 

Hell yes.

His brain enjoyed the idea, but the only things he could think of wagering had to do with her ending up in his bed, naked and handcuffed, entirely at his mercy.

“Dinner?” he managed, forcing his thoughts back to Sid’s grody, disgusting jock strap, Talbot’s shoulder pads, TK’s locker….

The rest of the guys made bets, Max even going so far as to call out the number of goals. And while Kris was obviously cheering for Canada, his prediction had the Americans as the winning team. Jordan finally moved over to the chair opposite where he’d been sitting and Alex wanted to pout when Maggie moved back to her seat, and out of his lap.

The game was fierce, Canada had a 2-1 lead in the third and Max was feeling pretty sure of himself. This was his prediction after all. And then, with Miller pulled, somehow Zach Parise managed to find a spot to put the puck, and Alex jumped out of his seat in a burst of energy. He realized he was making a fool out of himself, but he didn’t care at that point. After a couple dance moves, he plopped back down. Maggie was laughing at him.

“What? I’m excited. Don’t judge me.”

“Oh, I’m not judging you… but right now, Kris and I are the only two left in the bet. The rest of you are out. We called the OT.”

“There’s still like thirty seconds, you might still lose it now… instead of later.”

“I told you, overtime win by Sid. Just resign yourself to that fact now, babe. He’s due.”


No one had ever called him that, ever. He liked it coming from her.

Wow, I’m falling hard… god dammit.

He didn’t want to like her so much, after such a little amount of time. This wasn’t how you did things. He had learned that from before. A relationship with a hockey player was difficult. It took time. It took effort. Maggie seemed like she was a pretty put-together person but there were things that had to be talked about, rules laid out, plans made.

But then again, maybe he didn’t know how to judge people’s character properly. Alex wanted to just stop thinking about it so much and give in to the feelings that were coursing through his veins right now. Even sitting this close to her made his blood boil. How did no one else in the damn room feel the tension? Was it just in his head? He put a hand on her leg and felt her jump, her eyes going to his hand and then his face, showing him that at least she was in tune with what he was feeling. Hell, by the look in her eyes, he felt like she wanted him just as badly as he wanted her.

“Let’s make a little more in-depth bet now,” he said, staring at her. He watched her eyes twinkle as she grinned at him.

“Alright, name the terms.”

“You keep your bet, Sid with the winner. I’m going to say it’s Jamie with the winner. And the loser has to do whatever the winner wants.”


Anything,” he replied, feeling a wave of heat fill his body at the thought of the many, many things he’d already imagined doing to her.

“What if our team wins, but it’s not the player we’ve designated?”

“Has to be the player you’ve chosen. Anyone else and the bet’s off.”

Alex watched her while she thought about the offer. He was fairly confident that neither of them was actually going to win this bet. It wasn’t that he didn’t love and respect Sid, but he hadn’t done an absolutely amazing job in the series. A couple goals, and a couple assists. Nothing that lived up to the hype, not that he blamed Sid either. The kid was taking his lumps and keeping his mouth shut out there, and he knew that wasn’t necessarily easy for Sid to do.

He wasn’t the only one keeping his mouth shut. The guys were all sitting there watching, waiting to see if she’d take the challenge. He stuck his hand out.

“Do we have a deal Maggie?”

“I say you’re on,” she purred as she thrust her hand into his. There’s that damn spark again. Alex could tell she felt it too. He looked down at their hands and back up. He could tell she wanted to say something more but before she could open her mouth and tell him whatever it was that was on her mind; the announcers came back on, and overtime started. Maggie was cheering and moaning every five seconds, either because of something good, or something bad. But no one was scoring. Then Sid had a chance and Alex held his breath. But he was pushed off and so Alex sat back in relief. And that was when Maggie leapt into the air and screamed. And he watched as Sid threw his gloves and stick in the air and was tackled by the members of his team.

You’re shitting me, right?

“I want to make the decisions for the rest of the day.”

“Excuse me?”

Alex couldn’t believe what had just happened. And while all of the guys were dishing out money to one another, they’d taken bets on who was going to win the final bet, Maggie had calmly sat down and faced him.

“I said… I want to make the decisions for the rest of the day. I want to decide what we do from now until I leave tonight.”

“And I have to do whatever you say?”


“I don’t think that--”

“Reneging on our deal already? I thought you were more honorable than that Goligoski.” She smiled as she said that, taking the sting out of the comment. But it still got to him.

“I am!”

“Then shake on it, you made the deal. Honor it,” Maggie stated as she stuck her hand out. Alex looked at her hand and then at the guys. Kris was looking at the wall, Jordan stared at his hands as he tried not to laugh, Kennedy had popcorn in his lap like he was watching a movie, and Max was relaxed, smirking at him.


He clasped her hand, sealing the deal.

Maybe she’ll go easy on me.

He stilled as Maggie leaned over and whispered in his ear.

“Tell them to leave.” Alex smiled.

So far, so good.

“Alright guys, I think you’ve worn out your welcome long enough.” They all started complaining, but Alex stopped them short. “The boss here said to tell you to leave. I’m just following orders.” With that, they all started making kissy noises as they gathered their coats and started walking toward the door. One by one they shuffled out. Max stopped in the doorway and turned back toward Maggie.

“You might want to be gentle with him, it’s been a while,” he said with a wink. She burst out laughing and Alex shoved him out the door before slamming it shut and twisting the locks. He wasn’t upset at her, she already knew about Rachel and stuff. He hadn’t planned on telling her anything, but last night they’d been on the phone and it had just spilled out. Maggie had told him she was a great listener, but he didn’t realize how much better it felt to finally get it out there. No, he was going to kill Max tomorrow at practice for that comment.

“So, what are we gonna do now?”

“Come here,” she told him as she crooked her finger at him. Alex moved like lightening, coming to a stop in front of her. “I want… you… to give me a tour of your house.”


“A tour, of your house. You and me, walking… ring a bell?”

And so, taking her hand, Alex proceeded to show her the entire house. They still had two rooms left when they walked into his bedroom. It was the first place he had revamped after Rachel left. He didn’t think he could’ve gotten more macho with the décor if he tried. Earthy tones, a giant wooden bedroom set. It was his haven.

“Take off your shirt.” Alex blinked a couple times but didn’t move. “Hey, Alex, earth to Alex.”

“Sorry, I thought you said something.”

“I did. I said take your shirt off.”

Maggie was staring at him from the edge of the bed, and Alex could tell she was waiting to see if he actually did what she asked.

Well, a deal is a deal.

With that thought, Alex lifted the hem of his shirt and dragged it over his head, balling it up and throwing it in the hamper in the corner. He stood there, feeling like a piece of meat as her eyes roamed over his chest.

“Stop staring at me like that.”

“Like what?”

“Like you’re going to pounce on me and devour me at any second. I feel like a piece of meat.”

“You don’t want my mouth on you?”

Alex literally gulped at that statement. He wanted to take this slow. He wanted to get to know her more. Hell, he wanted to take her out on an actual date. But she was looking at him like she was dying of thirst and he was a mountain spring. What guy would deny himself that? Add on top of that the fact that it had been, oh, close to four months since he’d gotten any and it was no wonder that all of the blood left his face and traveled south. He tried to keep a level head.

“I didn’t want to rush things.”

“How about this. You come join me on the bed and we’ll take it nice and slow for you. And if you feel uncomfortable at any time, we’ll stop.”

“Isn’t that what I’m supposed to say to you?” Alex asked with a chuckle.

“Normally. But I know what I want already and I won the bet and that means I call the shots, so…come here.”

He watched as her eyes honed in on his crotch and Alex had to bite back a groan. Maggie beckoned for him to come closer, and with a look heavenward, he sauntered over and came to a stop before her. He leaned down and captured her lips in a heated kiss. He felt like he was the thirsty one now, and so he drank from her lips, listening to her mewling as his tongue sparred with hers. She used her hands to push herself into the middle of the bed and Alex followed, crawling over her. She was propped up, her hands on the bed, keeping her upright.

Alex found himself dying to hold her, and he wrapped his arms around her, his fingers splayed against her back as his chest pressed against hers. Then she brought her hands up and wound them around his neck and they both fell. He wanted to make sure that he hadn’t hurt her, but her hand was running through the short hair at the base of his skull and it was heaven and torture at the same time.

Maggie pulled her mouth away from his finally and they both tried to catch their breath. She was looking up at him with the sexiest bedroom eyes he’d ever seen, and Alex wanted nothing more than to plunge deep inside her and never leave his bedroom. Never in his life had he felt such strong feelings for someone he’d barely known. His muscles were practically straining to pull off her clothes. But she was in charge here. He laid his forehead against hers, his eyes closed.

“I don’t remember telling you to kiss me,” he heard her say.

“Ha… I apologize. I guess I just lost my head for a moment. Tell me please, what would you like me to do now?”

“Hmmmm… I should punish you for getting carried away. In fact, I think I will.” Alex opened his eyes and stared at her, her eyes dancing with laughter as she tried to suppress a grin.

“You won’t make it too rough, will you? I don’t have a high tolerance for pain.”

“Bullshit! I’ve watched you take a hit plenty of times.”

“You watch me, do ya?” He watched the blush rise up her throat and color her cheeks.

“From time to time. I yell at you a lot too.”


“You make me angry, or you do something that I think was wrong. I’m very critical. But then again, I don’t actually play, so I shouldn’t judge anything you do.”

“When do I make you angry?”

“Normally it’s something that wasn’t even your fault. A cross pass that gets taken away, a pass on the PP that bounces and you have to collect it past the blue line. Things that you don’t really have control over. I really need to try to stop that.”

“So maybe you’re the one who should be punished.”

“We can try that some other time,” she laughed. Alex’s mind clouded over with thoughts of her tied here to his bed, begging him to stop teasing her.

That’s probably not even close to what she meant, get your mind out of that gutter Goligoski. 

“But for now,” she pushed him onto his back, “I’m dealing with you.”

Alex groaned as Maggie ran feather light patterns across his chest. Her nails scratched gently over his body. He couldn’t figure out what she was doing, but as she crawled over him her tongue began making the same loopy patterns over his flesh. Her tongue felt cool as it traced over the faint red lines he could see when he looked down toward her.

“What are you doing to me?”

“Marking you with my name,” she replied as her tongue swirled again. Alex shuddered as she blew a soft breath of the skin she’d been toying with. He felt goose bumps rise on his arms. Her tongue moved up to his nipple and then she bit down gently. He sucked in a sharp breath. No wonder women like that so much. She moved her mouth over to the other one and gave it the same love bite. Then her body pressed against his as she moved higher and ran her tongue up his neck. As she got up toward his ear she told him that he wasn’t allowed to move during what she planned next. He gasped as her teeth bit down on his earlobe. Then she purred and Alex tightened his hands into fists at his sides.

Maggie sat up and straddled his hips while she tore her shirt over her head. Then she leaned back down and Alex could feel her skin against his. The material of her bra was rubbing against his chest and he ached to reach up and undo the clasp so he could feel her naked against him. She was grinding against him, her groin moving against his and Alex felt like he could feel her heat through both their pants. She was whispering more dirty things in his ear now and he groaned when she promised to be gentle with him, at least with her mouth.

After those words she started placing kisses all over his face. Her lips ran over his forehead from temple to temple. She even kissed the tip of his nose, anywhere but his lips. Then her mouth pressed against his jaw, and she nuzzled her face in the crook of his neck, telling him that she couldn’t get close enough to him and how good he smelled. She bit his neck next, sucking his flesh between her lips. He’d never been one of those guys that got into all this biting but feeling her mouth on his body, she could grow fangs and kill him as long as she kept touching him with those lips. He growled in his throat. Alex felt her smile against his skin and she laughed.

“Is that a growl of approval or are you angry that I marked you?”

“It’s a growl of appreciation.”

“Mmmm, wonderful. I’ll keep that in mind,” she told him.

Then she went back to kissing her way down his body. Her mouth toyed with his nipples again, and he shivered when she exhaled over the one she’d been paying attention to. She nipped at his stomach, his muscles tightening up as she ran her fingers along his skin right above the waistband of his jeans. Then, as her tongue followed where her fingers had just been, those questing fingers were unbuttoning and unzipping his pants. He grunted as Maggie fished inside his briefs and pulled out his cock. She didn’t do anything though, she just held him in her hand and stared hungrily at his hardened flesh. Alex propped himself up on his elbows and looked down at her. She smiled up at him before sticking her tongue out and running it up his length.


“Not just yet,” Maggie laughed. He groaned as he watched her lick up and down, bathing him in her saliva.

He felt like he was going to explode from the short amount of pleasure she’d given him so far. And he prayed to the hockey gods that she never be in his presence when she had an ice cream cone. Alex was pretty sure that would kill him. When her mouth closed over him and she sucked the precum from the tip of his dick, Alex all but screamed out loud. It had been so long since he’d felt something other than his own hand on his cock, and her mouth was warm and wet. She backed off, toying with him and he tensed when he felt a puff of warm breath over him.

“Please Maggie, don’t… don’t torment me. Not this time.” Alex didn’t mean to sound like he was begging, but damn… she probably thought he was pathetic.

“Take control.”


“You heard me. I’m telling you what to do,” she said as she poised with her mouth over him. “Take control. I don’t want it for the rest of the night.” Then her lips closed over him and he was engulfed in such intense pleasure that stars burst behind his eyes. Alex fell back on the bed and moaned as her head bobbed up and down, the suction from her lips making his entire body hum with excitement.

Take control?

“What if I’m too… rough?”

“I’ll let you know if you become too much to handle. If that happens, I know you’ll stop if I ask. Now, let out those pent up frustrations.” 

Alright, I can do that.

Alex perched himself back up with one hand, the other going down and snaking through her hair. He started to guide her movements, dragging her head at the tempo he wanted. She moaned and the sensation went straight to his balls. Alex loved the sight before him. Maggie was on her knees, her hands on his hips and she was peering up at him through her bangs. He wanted her badly, but he couldn’t make himself stop.

He listened to the sounds of her tongue slurping as he pulled out. Then he plunged her head back down, dying a little as her throat constricted around him. It was the first time he’d ever had someone swallow him completely. He held her head there for a moment, until she tapped his hip, and he brought her back up. He watched as she smiled and gulped a huge breath of air.

“Again,” was all he said as he shoved her head down. It was incredible. After a couple more times he started moving again, his hips rising off the bed as he humped her face. Part of him felt ashamed to use her like this, but Maggie told him she’d let him know if she was uncomfortable. So he kept going, letting out moans and grunts from time to time, hissing once as her teeth gently scraped along the underside of his dick. He got to the point where he was afraid that he’d shoot and he finally jerked her head up, tugged gently to bring her back up into his lap.

He watched as she maneuvered her body and nestled against him, her legs on either side of his, her breasts pressed against him. Alex stole a quick kiss that left her breathless and then he started his own torture, his fingers moving over her body as she’d done before. He ran them over the straps of her bra and then down, pulling at the clasps holding the material together. Maggie was holding his face in her hands, biting down gently before running her tongue over his now slightly swollen lower lip. Alex growled against her mouth as he became frustrated with her bra. He ended up just ripping it apart.

“Alex! That was a new bra!”

“I’ll buy you another new one then,” he told her as he pulled the satiny straps over her shoulders and down her arms. The cups fell away and Alex found himself staring at the expanse of tanned flesh that was now in front of his face. As he stared, her nipples hardened under his gaze and he smiled at the reaction he got just by looking at her. He cupped both breasts in his hands and ran his thumbs over the taut tips. Alex heard her gasp and he brought his head down, his lips closing over her nipple before taking it between his teeth and biting it gently. The gasp turned to a moan and he felt her hands slide behind his ears, holding him against her. He sucked hard as his teeth grazed over her pointed flesh. After a few moments he moved over to the other breast, his eyes locked on the bruise forming from the sucker bite he’d left on the inner swell of her left tit.

“Oh god… That. Feels. Amazing. Mmmm, yes, bite me again,” Maggie moaned. Alex obliged her request, tugging on her heated skin. He wanted more though, so much more. Winding his arms behind her back, he pushed her backward, lowering her to the bed, covering her body and murmuring things he planned on doing to her. He chuckled as the blush on her face wove down her throat and over the tops of her breasts.

Slipping his hands from beneath her, Alex worked on the fastened jeans she wore, getting them undone and quickly pulling them and her panties off in no time. That left her in nothing but her glasses and a pair of red, white, and blue striped knee socks. He couldn’t bring himself to pull them off.

“I see a part of you was cheering for the United States.”

“Shhhh, don’t tell anyone,” Maggie told him. He shucked off his jeans and underwear and practically dove back onto the bed. Alex kissed his way down her body, not stopping until he’d reached the juncture between her thighs. He moved down more, getting comfortable between her legs, and gently ran one finger down her flesh. She was wet for him already, and his mouth was watering at the thought of tasting her.

With their roles reversed, Maggie was now the one propped up and waiting for him to end his sweet torture. Alex spread her legs wider, his face so close. His tongue snaked out and with that first taste he was lost. She was sweeter than honey. He heard her moan his name, listened to her labored breathing as he stoked the fire burning inside her. As her moans started to escalate, Alex threw a couple fingers into the mix, pumping them in and out slowly. Her hips bucked against him and one of her hands alternated between pulling him closer and then pushing him away.

“Oh Jesus Alex! Don’t stop!”

Like he could’ve stopped anyway. She was like a drug and he felt like an addict who needed a real good fix. He felt her inner muscles tighten around his fingers and he moved his mouth up, latching onto that bundle of nerves and sucking, not too hard, but enough that Maggie fell back onto the bed, a shriek erupting from her lips and her hips moving wildly. Alex pumped his fingers a couple more times and then lifted up, settling himself between her splayed legs, and with a hand to guide him, sunk himself inside of her.

She was heaven. That was the only thing his brain could come up with. Her walls were tight around him, she drenched him with wetness, and as he sawed back and forth on top of her, she was smooth as silk. Alex grabbed onto her legs and kept them spread wide as he pulled out and dipped in again, thrusting harder each time he joined his body with hers. He wanted to be gentle. He wanted to make this last forever. But he knew once he sunk himself in that this wouldn’t last long. As he stepped up the pace Alex let go of her legs, bringing his hands down on either side of her, his forehead against hers once more.

He could feel a bead of sweat running down his face, and knew the instant she saw it because she lifted her head, her tongue snaking out and licking the rolling drop of moisture. He’d never had someone do something so erotic. Alex groaned as he tried to get the words out between the breaths he was sucking in as he pounded deep inside. He felt her nails digging into his biceps and wondered how much longer until she drew blood. The primal side took over and, coming down on top of her body, he really let loose, his thrusts shoving her into the mattress so hard that she bounced up every time he withdrew.

Maggie didn’t seem to mind the pace though. She met him thrust for thrust, moving her body in sync with his. Her nails raked down his back as her tongue ran along his ear. She moaned dirty thoughts to him, things that made his blood boil and his pace quicken, if that was even possible now. A few more moments though and he couldn’t get the images out of his head that she was relaying to him. She was certainly up for many different things. He couldn’t take it anymore and his hand came up and over her mouth, keeping the rest of her thoughts inside her head. Maggie moaned behind his hand as the savage thrusts never relented, her tongue running along his life line before she bit into his palm.

For a while the only sounds were their breathing and the slap of his balls against her ass. One image she had planted wouldn’t leave the forefront of his mind though, so with great difficulty he pulled himself from her depths and ordered her over on her hands and knees, fingers resting on the headboard of his bed. Then he was behind her, one hand on her hip and he plunged back inside. She felt even tighter now, and he used the hand that had guided him inside her tight channel on her hair. Twisting it around his fingers he pulled back as he thrust inside hard.

“Oh yeah! That’s it baby! Fuck me hard! Pull my fucking hair! Yeah, just like that! Oh god you feel so big!”

She certainly likes to let me know what she likes. Let’s see what this does.

Alex let go of her hip and slowly moved his free hand down, finding her clit and rubbing furiously as he pounded against her.

“Sweet Jesus! Don’t fucking stop! Keep fucking me Alex! Yes, do it! Harder, oh lord fuck me harder! Yes, yes, I’m gonna come if you keep that up! Don’t stop! Please don’t stop! Ahhh, Alex, yes!”

She brought a hand down and held his fingers against her body. He felt the moisture dripping out of her and she screamed out his name as her muscles convulsed around him. Alex closed his eyes as a white hot light burst behind his eyes as she grasped his cock almost painfully inside of her. He bellowed out her full name as came, his hips humping against her a few more times as he shot his load deep inside.

Alex was still twitching as he let go of her hair and held her against him before laying them both down and curling against her body. He was still inside her, but she didn’t seem to mind. She grabbed the hand that had been between her legs and brought it up, licking what he was sure was both of their juices off finger by finger. He shuddered at her touch and bit the side of his mouth to keep from moaning again. Maggie sighed and entwined her fingers with his before pulling his arm over her and resting them against her chest. Alex had a million things he wanted to say to her, but when he leaned in close he heard her soft, even breathing and he peered over her, seeing that her eyes were closed.

“I think I’m already falling in love with you,” Alex whispered against her hair. He didn’t see the peaceful smile light up her face as he too drifted off to sleep.


  1. I love short stories. I'm really enjoying this one, it's so sweet and funny. Oh and HOT! OMG I swear I was drooling a little by the end.