Friday, September 25, 2009

You Belong With Me -- Joffrey Lupul

June 25th, 2009 – One day before the 2009 Draft
“I’m being traded where?”
“Back to Anaheim.”
Joffrey couldn’t help but smile and feel a pang of excitement when he heard where he was being sent. It wasn’t that he didn’t love Philly, but he’d never gotten rid of his place out in Cali; and he loved being a Duck. And it wasn’t like there was a lot to tie him here. He’d had a few girlfriends, but nothing serious. And while he’d miss a few of the guys, they all knew that something like this could happen. It’s the way of things in the NHL. Then he thought of Annabelle, his Annie. She’d been the one constant since he’d moved here.
The day he moved into the complex downtown she was going up the elevator as well. She had introduced herself as Annabelle and by the time they’d hit his floor she promised him a welcoming dinner and to help him unpack if he needed it. His first thought was that he was gonna get some as a ‘Welcome to Philadelphia’ present. Then she followed him off the elevator and walked down the hall to the door he knew led to his teammate, Jeff Carter.
After that he did nothing but treat her as a sister, but he always had a soft spot for her down deep. He promised himself that he would never go after a mate’s girl, but she tempted him like no other. And she never once did anything inappropriate! They became fast friends and she would come over weekly to just hang out. ‘Getting away from Jeff’s insanity’ she would say. He knew that Jeff had a temper, but it hadn’t bothered him until this past April.
After losing Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals, and being knocked out of the playoffs once again by the Penguins, the entire team had gone home in a sour mood. Joff went straight to his place to drink alone. He had no need or want to go drown his sorrows at a club. Just him, a bottle of Jack, and a glass. Three hours later he woke up to the sound of someone knocking on his door. Pulling himself out of the chair he went over and opened it to find a brown-haired, crying woman with her hand on her face.
“Joffrey! Are you listening to a word I’m saying?”
“Not really. And I need to start packing. Thanks for the update though.” Click.

He stared at the phone and held his finger over the number that would connect him to her. They hadn’t talked since the morning after she’d knocked on his door. And maybe it was for the best that way. She’d gone back to Carter’s place after the sun came up without a second glance. And it had hurt to see her choose Jeff over him.
“Annie! What happened?!”
“Can we not talk about this in the doorway please?” She let go of her cheek and used her hands to move her hair behind her ears. That’s when he saw the red mark and what looked like a bruise forming high on her right cheek bone. Reaching for her, he pulled her inside, shut the door, and locked it tight.
“Talk to me Annie? Did Jeff do that?”
She nodded her head then ran into his arms, shaking with sobs and drenching his shirt in her tears. He held her for what seemed like forever until the sobs had turned into whimpers and she pulled back to look up at him. He slid his hand up to cup the left side of her face and she leaned into him. Without another thought he leaned down and kissed her.
She pulled away in shock and looked up at him, a rush of emotions crossing her face. And then she smiled and jumped back into his arms raining kisses all over his neck and face. Neither of them said a word as their lips met and their tongues dueled in a kiss that had them both coming up for air a few moments later and trying to catch their breath.
“Annie, are you sure tha--” He never finished that sentence because she put a finger to his lips and shook her head.
“I need you J,” she said. Then, grabbing his arm, she led him back to his bedroom.
After walking through the doorway she turned around, gazing into his eyes to try and figure out if he wanted this too. He just smiled and she gave him one back, confirming that they were on the same page.
She pushed him backwards and he landed, in a sitting position, on the bed.
She backed away and starting undoing the buttons of her shirt. After fumbling with the first one she grabbed the two bottom pieces and ripped in an upwards motion! Buttons had gone flying everywhere and he started to tell her about the mess she was making. But he became mesmerized by the sight before him.
There stood one of his hottest fantasies and she was really there, her breasts covered by nothing more than a lacy black bra. Shucking out of her shirt she went for the button of her jeans. This one came open much easier and she continued on, slowly sliding the zipper down. After finishing she turned around and started sliding the denim slowly down over her body. As her flesh came into sight he wanted nothing more than to touch it. To run his hands up and down her legs, to smack that panty-covered bottom, to push the underwear down to keep the pants company and throw her onto the bed.
Instead, he sat there with his hands clenched in the blankets and stared as she stepped out of her jeans and sauntered toward him in nothing more than black lace. When she was just within an arm’s distance she stopped, one hand on her hip.
After staring blankly in her direction for a moment he came to his senses and grabbed her, pulling her down and on top of him. She let out a laugh and held onto him. After he had her in his arms he flipped them over, coming to rest on top of her, his cock ready to burst through his jeans and pressed against her.
“J, I just wan--”
“No, don’t tell me. I’ve wanted you forever Annie. Don’t ruin it. We’ll sort it out in the morning. Tonight… well, tonight I don’t want to hear anything other than ‘YES,’ ‘OH GOD,’ ‘DON’T STOP,’ ‘HARDER,’ dirty talk, moans and screams. Got it?” she nodded and he leaned down, capturing her lips once more.
Her arms, still around his neck, started tracing a path over his body like she was trying to memorize every inch of him.
Joff shook his head to clear the thoughts and jogged over to the door. He opened it and there, hands in the pockets of her jeans, stood Annie. She had her bottom lip between her teeth and he wanted nothing more than to grab her and pull it between his own. But he just stood there, crossed his arms over his naked chest, and stared at her. “Annabelle.”
“Were you going to tell me that you were leaving?!” How did she know about that already?? I just found out five minutes ago!
“I just found out! Why are you really here?”
“I just got back from… I had an appoin… god, stop looking at me like that!” She practically screamed the last part as she pushed around him and stomped through the door. Joffrey shut it behind him and turned.
“Like what Annabelle?”
“Like you can’t decide whether you want to kill me or kiss me! And stop calling me Annabelle! You haven’t called me that since the first day you met me.”
“Well, I don’t feel like I know you. After that night… I thought you knew how I felt and you just left. You walked out and back down to his place without giving it another thought. He doesn’t deserve you! You deserve to be treated with respect. To be cherished and loved. You should be with someone who doesn’t just like having you around when things are good, but wants you there when things are bad so that you can help. Maybe its better that I’m being traded to Anaheim. I couldn’t handle another season of watching you with him.”
“What do you mean? It was one night! Nobody can get deep feeling like that in one night!”
She gasped and her eyes went wide at his outburst.
“What are you saying?”
“These past two months have been hell. After you left, I didn’t know whether to run after you or not. But you didn’t turn around. You walked out the door and down the hall and out of my life it seemed. I didn’t see you in the elevator anymore. It was like you disappe--”
“I broke it off with Jeff.”
“What, when?”
“That morning.”
“Then why didn’t you stay?”
“I thought you just… I thought that we just… I figured you thought I was crazy, or a slut, or worse.” He laughed a little at that. She did drive him crazy, but he loved that about her.
“Why did you break it off with Jeff?”
“Do you remember that day we walked around town while I was waiting for Jeff to get his new car. I never did that stuff with him. I could never just go wander and have fun. And you and I, we sat on that park bench for like three hours just talking. I thought to myself, this is so easy. It was too. It was easy to just be myself around you. You never treated me different depending on your moods. If you were angry, you never used it against me…”
“How many times had he done that before you came to me?”
“Never, it was the first time. He used to yell a lot, but he never physically hurt me.”
“Why did you come here today?”
“I… I wanted to tell you something important. And then I saw Jeff and he made some snide remark about a goodbye fuck before you flew off to Cali.”
“I can’t do anything about leaving. It’s a done deal. And to be honest, I’m excited.”
“I can see that. You always hoped that you’d get a chance to go back. I was just hoping that I could be a part of your life still.”
“I can’t just be friends with you Annie. I told you, you belong with me. So you need to decide. I love you, and I’ll gladly move you out to California with me. No ‘taking things slow.’ I want the whole package. You get me like no one else. I know I’m not as flashy as Jeff was, but I promise… if nothing else, I’ll do my best to make sure you’re always smiling. What’ll it be?”
She stared at him for what seemed like forever. And then she walked past him and toward the door. He clenched his fists but didn’t turn around. He couldn’t. If he had to watch her walk out on him again he’d go crazy. Then her arms were coming around him from behind. He jumped.
“I was just making sure the door was locked. This is Philly you know.” As she said the last part he felt her smile against his back. All the tension left his body and he smiled too. One of his hands came up to grab one of hers. With his covering hers he slid it down his body, only stopping when it rested over top the growing bulge in his jeans. He felt her smile grow and then her other hand came down and she started undoing the fly on his pants. After the button and zipper were taken care of she came around to stand in front of him.
Annie smiled up at him, nothing but love and desire in her eyes. His hand came up and caressed the side of her face as he smiled back down at her.
“We should move this into the bedroom sweetheart.”
“You said no taking things slow. That would be slowing me down from doing what I want to do.”
“What do you wan--” he stopped mid-sentence as she dropped to her knees and pulled his pants and boxer-briefs down. If he wasn’t completely hard before, he was now. He let out a groan as her hand wrapped around him. That groan turned into a drawn out moan as he felt her lips slip over the tip of his cock.
Encouraged by his moan Annie slid her mouth over more of him, taking in as much as she could. As she pulled back she sucked on him like a lollipop and when only the head remained in her mouth she plunged back down, tilting her head and taking all of him this time, moaning herself as her lips pressed against the base of his cock.
“Fuck Annie!” Joffrey exclaimed and he felt his knees start to buckle. “My god, woman, warn a guy first! Where did you learn that??”
She brought her mouth back and kept her hand around him, jacking him as she looked up. “I’ll never give away any of these secrets,” she said, giggling before holding her tongue out and sliding it up and down his hard length. She heard him suck in a breath as the tip of her tongue ran down once more and continued on, running over his balls.
One of his hands slid into her hair, tangling in the strands as he clenched his teeth. He pulled on her hair, wanting to feel her lips wrapped around his dick again. She obliged him, sealing all of him in the warm confines of her mouth. His other hand twisted a chunk of hair and he started moving her head back and forth, controlling the pace. She moaned around him and he thought it was possible that he had died and gone to heaven.
“This isn’t going to last long if you keep moaning woman!” She just moaned against, sucking a little harder and making him see stars. He jerked and pulled away from her. “Annie, seriously! I haven’t done anything more than jack off since you left. I don’t want to do something embarrassing.”
“Shut up and let me go back to enjoying myself!” Well, he warned her right?
“At least let me lean on something so I don’t pass out while you ‘enjoy yourself’ okay?”
She pushed him backward and he stopped against the door. She crawled toward him with a very predatory gleam in her eyes. He nearly came right there. “Don’t you like what I’m doing J?”
“It’s fucking fantastic! But I’m ready to blow like a 15-year-old virgin…”
“That just means you’ll last longer when you have me bent over the bed. Now, grab my hair again,” she said as her mouth engulfed him once again. He could do nothing more than what she asked. With fists full of her hair he guided her mouth over his cock faster and faster until he could feel the cum boiling in his balls.
“Annie, oh god, my Annie… I’m gonna come baby.” He felt her lips curl into a smile as she brought her hand up to toy with his balls, still sucking the life out of him.
She felt him tense and his grip tightened almost painfully on her head. With a primal scream he jerked once and she felt his cum start to fill her mouth. She swallowed once and let the final jets stay on her tongue before swallowing once more. He pulled her completely off his dick and with a groan slid down the door.
Annie turned and sat as well, leaning her head on his shoulder. He twisted his head, placing a kiss on top of hers. “Do you think you’ll like living on the other side of the country?”
“I belong with you, remember? I’ll be happy wherever you take me.”
“In that case, I’m taking you to bed.”
“That’s a wonderful idea. But shouldn’t you start packing?”
“I don’t have to be there tomorrow Annie.”
“Yes, but I shouldn’t be flying much longer.”
“What on earth are you talking about?”
“That’s what I came to tell you…”
“What?” He stared at her, but couldn’t figure out for the life of him what she was going on about. She took his hand and placed it over her stomach. He looked down, then his eyes widened and his gaze shot back up to her face. “Is it mine? Oh god, that was horrible! I’m sorry!” He closed his eyes, waiting for her to yell at him, to hit him or to stand up, shove him out of the way and walk out. All he heard was a snort and a giggle. He opened his eyes to find a rueful grin on her lips.
“No, I wouldn’t expect you not to wonder. Jeff and I hadn’t done anything since late February and I’m only two months along. So yes, it’s yours. How do you feel about this new information Joffrey?”
He said nothing for a moment. Then he kneeled in front of her. “Are you happy with it?”
“I’m scared, but yes. I’m very happy.”
He smiled and scooped her up in his arms. He started toward the bedroom. But she stopped him. “J, what are you thinking?”
“I’m thinking that I’m taking the woman I love into the bedroom. Then I’m going to pack up everything I can into boxes. After that I’ll come back to the bedroom and ravish you until we’re both too tired. In the morning we’ll go over to your place and pack up everything you own. We’ll call some movers and have them load all our stuff and start out to Anaheim. We’ll get on a flight no later than Saturday…”
“All my stuff is packed already. You can pack later since most of this isn’t yours. Let’s just go do the ravishing part babe.” She was smiling up at him again and he resumed walking toward the bedroom.
“Why is all your stuff packed? That sure that I love you?”
“Well, actually… My lease was up and I was going to move back to my parents for awhile. Then I found out about the baby and I had to come tell you. I didn’t know how you felt, but once you said you loved me… I knew that everything would be fine. Oh, and I love you.”
Joff let out a laugh. “I know that silly woman.”
“I know, but I hadn’t told you yet!”
“You’ll have the rest of your life to tell me that, and anything else that comes through that brain of yours.”
“I want you to take me like you did that night. I’ve been craving it almost since the morning I left!”
“It won’t hurt--”
“Nope. He or she will be just fine.” They were now in front of the bed. He looked at her and then the bed before letting her go and feeling her body pressed against him. “J, fuck me. I need you.” Those were the same words she’d used two months ago. He started to harden as memories of what they’d done flashed through his head.
“Remember baby? You ripped my pretty lace bra trying to get it off me in such a hurry. And I never did get my panties back. You were like a madman, possessed almost. You only took the time to pull your sweats past your hips before bending me over this spot and fucking me until I was hoarse from screaming your name. I remember feeling my nipples slide over the sheets as you pounded into me. Then feeling you push me into the mattress as your body tightened and you filled me. Any of this coming back to you?” She practically purred into his ear as she asked the last question and he felt his control slip.
“I remember. I also remember the second time. You were flat on your back in the middle of my bed. You hair was splayed all around you and your eyes were closed. I thought you were picturing him instead of me so I told you to open them. As you did I pushed back inside of you and we both let out a moan. Your legs came around my waist and your hands gripped my shoulders.”
The memory flashed through his mind as he grabbed the hem of her shirt and whipped it over her head realizing she had already undone her jeans. He pushed her onto the bed and pulled at her jeans at the same time. She giggled as he finally wrenched them off her legs.
“Good lord woman, do you have nothing other than sexy underwear?!”
“It’s a weakness,” she replied as she watched him stare down at the bright orange plunge bra and lacy orange boy shorts.
“Well, it’s one that I plan to indulge you in then!”
He joined her, sliding her up and into the middle of the bed. He spread her legs, his mouth going to the part of her that burned for him. Using his upper arm strength to keep her thighs open he attacked her pussy, his lips and tongue everywhere. His tongue slid up and down a few time before finding her clit and sucking on it until she was gasping for breath and gripping the comforter for dear life.
“Oh god J! Baby, please… please…” she moaned as one hand moved over from her leg and two fingers slid into her snug cunt. Annie shuddered while he fucked her slowly, still sucking on her clit. He felt her tense and his fingers pulled out. Getting up on his knees he guided his cock into her hot, tight center. Her legs wrapped around his waist like before and he smiled as he felt her nails dig into his shoulders.
“Remember what I did next?” He asked as his forehead leaned against hers, his body not moving above her. “Annabelle, do you remember?”
“Yes! And I want you to do it all over again!”
“As you wish baby,” he ground out. His arms roamed down from her waist to her hips and then towards her legs that were holding onto him tightly. He pulled them up, pushing her almost in half as he placed them over his shoulders. He pulled out until only the tip was inside her and then he pushed in to the hilt, drawing a ragged scream of pleasure from her lips.
He started a fast pace like she asked, loving the feeling of her drenched pussy clamping down on him as she came. “Jesus Annie, you’re so tight!”
He pounded into her over and over, images of April melding with what he saw right now. He thought of coming home to her every night and having her snuggled up against him. He thought of seeing her in the stands cheering for him every game. And he thought of her growing with his child. That last image was his undoing. He roared her name and with a few more savage thrusts he let go inside of her.
After letting her legs down and pulling her into his arms he took a deep breath and expelled it. “I love you, you know that right?”
“And I love you. Think I’ll fit in with the other wives and girlfriends in sunny California?”
“You can belong anywhere Annie.”
“I belong with you Joffrey.” She said the last with a smile as she turned and brought her lips to his.


  1. So I really dislike Lupul but I enjoyed this.

  2. i met him today!!!! such a nice guy :)
    awesome story!!!!

  3. You met him?! Lucky!!
    He seems like a nice guy, and the first time I watched him play the Pens I was like "Oh hai!!" LOL

    And then I started reading about him and I thought to myself, yeah, he neds a story*

    So wehn he got traded, and my friend was doing a story contest, I knewwhat I wanted to do*

    Glad you liked it!!

  4. hahahaha yeah, its been awesome having him here :) and theres not a lot of stories about him (which is weird to me)so it was cool to finally see one!

    Are you gonna right anymore short stories? They're really good :)